Is it bad to want to see Khun Id and Korya again and again? This episode didn’t do much in that department, except for the beginning and middle, while the rest of the time is spent learning clues and Payia determining that she needs to get rid of Korya for good, such as kill her or make her disappear forever, which is quite one and the same, really. So I’m just covering the good bits and key developments in this episode.

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Episode 6

When Korya notices Khun Id from across the courtyard, she is a little shock. Nothing surpasses him. She however failed to see the big smile he gave her the moment they made eye contact. She tries to evade him but he makes her talk to him.

“How are you?” he asks.

“I’m well,” she replies quickly and tries to bypass him.

“I searched high and low for you (I didn’t get any rest while looking for you.) I was so worried about you,” he says, looking painfully at her.

“I’m sorry,” she means it.

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He turns his back to her with agitation.

“Are you really going to stay here?” he questions.

“No- we are not going to fight about this,” she warns him. I do love how she puts him in his place. She doesn’t get that honest or poignant with anyone else.

“Fine. But it doesn’t make it any easier on me,” oh you poor baby. He fumes a bit, “let me ask you something, aren’t you afraid Payia would mess with you again?”

“I am afraid,” Korya answers, “but Aunt Dara has given me her word that she will take care of me.”

Mind you, Payia is currently eavesdropping- it’s her forte- she’s hoping to gather something important.

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Khun Id pouts, “and that Chitsanupong fellow taking care of you as well.”

“Please don’t go there. Khun Chitsanu just wants to help. He has good intentions,” Korya says.

Though Khun Id may beg to differ. “No need to defend him,” especially in front of our very jealous Khun Id!

“Well it’s the truth.”

She remembers the picture in her hands and shows him.

“He brought a picture from Chiang Mai to me. He also mentioned that he has other things that has to do with me, so he’ll bring them.”

She smiles wholeheartedly at Khun Id, and the incorrigible man could only smile back. She is infectious. He peers at her happiness over something so trivial.

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“I’ll be able to remember my past for once.”

Khun Id and Korya make peace regarding her choice to stay at Whang Siwalai and she walks him to his car.

But leaving Korya at the palace doesn’t ease Khun Id’s fear at all. At his office, he tells his assistant that Korya listens to Aunt Dara more than him and now that Chitsanupong fellow is around too.

“He told Korya that he will help her remember her past,” Khun Id says.

“But that’s good right?” his assistant points out, “don’t you want her to heal too?”

“I don’t know..” Khun Id admits.

“What?!” his assistant is flabbergasted.

“I’m afraid that if she gains all of her memory back, then I’m really going to lose her,” he admits selfishly.

“Why do you feel that way?”

Khun Id takes out Korya’s star-shaped ring from his pocket. He remembers Chitsanu telling them the other day that the Korya he knew always wore a ring. Khun Id also recalls the other man saying that they had promised to love each other. So he assumes that Chitsanupong may have given her the ring.

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He speaks his fears out, “what if he makes her remember the promise? That’s why I kept the ring.”

Ooh, he’s pulling sneaky tricks like Chitsanupong.

“Why don’t you try giving that ring back to Khun Korya in case she recalls something,” his assistant advises.

That would be the right thing to do, but at this time, our Khun Id is a little overcome with insecurities and jealousy.

“Now why would I do that? She doesn’t even remember having the ring. Heck- I’ve never seen her wear anything,” he admonishes.

His assistant looks at him with frustration, “Khun Id!”

“And you’ve never seen it either,” he continues. (As far as he is concerned) “this ring never really existed in this world.” Oh that cunning smile. Khun Id, you are bad, so bad..

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Speaking of a ring, Payia and her mom browse through a massive collection of jewelry. After Payia picks one out, Khun Ying gives a simple ring with diamonds on top to Korya as a welcoming gift to Whang Siwalai. Korya refuses at first but is forced to wear it as a respect to the elders. As she slides the ring on her finger, she gets a flashback of her hands playing on the piano, another simple ring resting on her finger. She spots a pale imprint on her finger that indicates she has regularly worn a ring.

This news spread to Mae Cheun and Grand Aunt- Mae Cheun shares her hunch. She believes that Korya is the real heir because of the similarities in nuances and behaviors to Noppadara. She also shares the story about the missing ring. This is all of the ammunition that Grand Aunt needs- all she needs to confirm that Payia is the fake daughter.

As Korya sits in the hallway wondering why it’s so important to wear the ring (she also recalls a time where Chitsanu mentions her ring as well) but Grand Aunt comes around the corner, with eyes blazing, and forcing Korya to remember the design of the ring. She believes that the more she shakes Korya, the more she would remember. Unfortunately Korya doesn’t recall anything, leaving Grand Aunt with a fit of fury. This lady is too funny and a little crazy, but entertaining nonetheless.

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The recent development regarding the ring makes Payia truly afraid of losing what she has. She decides to take the advantage that her Grandpa is out of town to devise a plan to get rid of Korya. She conspires for her mom and Korya to vacation in Hua Hin for a few days.

Prior to their trip to Hua Hin, Khun Id shows up at Whang Siwalai to take Korya to the hospital for a check up. Khun Ying thinks it is a good idea since Korya had a recent headache. This causes Khun Id to be overly concerned (how cute!)

At the hospital, Korya questions the doctor on the meaning of her flashbacks. The young doctor explains that brains have the tendency to block away acute pain and memories associated to it, as a means of survival. So when she’s forcing for those memories to come back, her body reacts to the resistance and thus, she gets those headaches.

Discouraged, Korya asks, “Does that mean I will never get my memories back?”

“There is a way to get your memory back,” answers the doctor, “but the question is, are you willing to risk it?”

Khun Id doesn’t want her to risk it so he whisks her out of the exam room. However Korya wants to pursue it. She tells Khun Id to let her decide, it’s her life. He finally relents. It’s cute how he keeps holding her hands. This pairing is too adorable and so well matched!

Korya asks the doctor to explain the procedure.

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Payia drags her mom to the hospital to learn any condition improvements for Korya. She learns that the doctor advises Korya to undergo hypnosis. They will take her back to the time of the accident to see if her body could handle the onset of memories. If so, she should be able to secure her memories.

This information prompts Payia to call her boyfriend Nop, and hire him to kill Korya- or make sure she disappears from the face of this earth.

Grand Aunt is concerned for Korya’s safety so she phones Chitsanu to protect Korya. Khun Id is also concerned so he drags his assistant with him to Hua Hin.

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Khun Id to the rescue!

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We shall see how Payia and her ex BF’s attempts will unravel. I’m just craving for more of Id-Korya’s adorable scenes. One thing is for sure, when they are together, sparks fly.