They say the bond of blood is thick. Even separated by 20 years, when you meet someone who is inherently so similar to you, the way they walk, the way they talk, this forms an instant connection. Korya meets her birth mother, Khun Ying Noppa-Dara for the first time, but she has no idea that she’s looking at her mother.

Do try not to blink your eyes or breathe in this episode. You just might miss something. Everything is happening so quickly.

The Siwawongs’ are planning a celebratory gathering for Payia, to introduce her to the rest of the family and friendly community. The guest list is stemming with potential drama, we have Chitsanu who recently recovered from a successful eye surgery (so he’s no longer blind and now he’s obsessive about finding Korya,) and the neighbor is also invited, which is consisting of Id and family. We are going to pit the mouse in front of the cat.

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Id is desperate to take Korya with him to the party (which I’m sure he will kick himself afterward.) She tells him that there will only be hi-so people there so she has no interest in going.

“If you don’t go with me,” he threatens, “I must rape you.” What?!

She thinks he’s serious and jumps out of her seat in shock. “No you’re not!”

“So you’re not going?” he confirms with her again and takes a step forward.

“No!” Korya exclaims.

Id comes after her and manhandles her. When he dips down for a kiss, she finally agrees to go. He smiles smugly at her. “See it would be easier if you agree from the beginning,” he teases.

The day of the party arrives and the high and mighty Aunt gives her grand niece the cut direct. She refuses to party with a street urchin, whom she believes wholeheartedly that she’s not her real grand niece. I love her relationship with her brother. They are honest and their banter is pretty funny. She’s going to be the power that will challenge Payia’s lies every step of the way.

Payia thinks the day will go smoothly but much to her chagrin, she meets Chitsanu who claims to know her. She denies their acquaintance and dashes off. Her mother goes in search for her- and we are given a beautiful scene of the mother daughter reunion.

Id’s parents had bullied Korya so she dashes away to hide from it all. She happens to find a nice spot in a terrace where she meets a kind lady.
Khun Ying discovers a young lady by the terrace, alone. She establishes an instant connection the moment the young lady turns to her.

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“What’s the matter, Girl. Why aren’t you at the event?” she asks her.

The young lady look sheepishly at her, “I don’t want to be here. I want to go away. But I didn’t know where to go,” she replies. Then she tries to walk away.

“Wait. Why do you want to go away? Aren’t people nice to you here?”

“There are a lot of people who are insulting other people. No one welcomes me here. No one wants me here.”

“Who says?” Khun Ying asks, “It is my pleasure to welcome you here.” She introduces herself, “I am Noppa Dara.. and this is my home.”

“Noppa Dara,” Korya repeats under her breath and realizes who she’s looking at. “I’m so sorry,” she tries to excuse herself.

“And what is your name?” Khun Ying asks.

“Her name is Korya-“ Id replies in her place, walking into the terrace with his commanding presence. “Korya came with me.” He puts his arm around her shoulder. “But someone was causing her problems so she came to hide here.”

Korya gave him a searing look.

Khun Ying comforts Korya and takes her by the hand to lead her to the party.

And only bad things can happen from here.

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The moment Payia lays eyes on Korya, she freaks out and dashes from the party. But she soon learns that Korya is keeping her mouth shut and not telling everyone the truth. She gets Korya alone with her and abuses the crap out of her, until Korya apologizes for doing anything to piss Payia off in the past. She admits to having amnesia. Payia eyes glisten with greed, because she can continue to prolong her charade. Before leaving the room, Payia tells Korya that she had mistaken her for someone else.

Then we have Chitsanu who doesn’t drop the search for Korya. When he heard her voice, he perks up but Id steers Korya away. Hah, our p’ek is not so perfect. He’s absolutely selfish, no matter how much he’s telling Korya that he’s protecting her. He just wants to keep her to himself- and of course, “protecting” her at the same time.

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Korya speculates that Payia must know her in the past. “I must have done something to really piss her off in Chiang Mai,” she tells Id.

Id agrees, “Well see, it’s because you’re a pain in the ass- you’re surrounded by enemies.”

“I must be a horrible person to have so many people hate me and want to kill me,” she surmises sadly.

Id takes his words back, “I was only joking earlier- you’re really not all that evil.”

“How would you know? You told me that we barely knew each other,” she counters and looks away. “I want to know what I was like before. What did I use to do? Why do people hate me so?”

She just doesn’t realize that the “people” is really just one “person”- Payia.

So Chitsanu is psychotically looking for her. He stalks Id and Korya one day when they were driving out of their home.

Id is taking Korya to a surprise location. She’s frustrated with his sneakiness and tells him so, and that he can’t do anything with straightforwardness like others. Hah.

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He explains that he’s that type of a person and she has to put up with him because she’s his girlfriend.

They arrive at a beautiful church, he thought she would feel more at home since she grew up in a church. Korya smiles sweetly at him, “So you’re like this when you do something good?”

Embarrassed by the compliment, Id shrugs it away.

She prays and smiles.

But in the meantime Chitsanu has been following her (which creeped Id out- he’s both jealous and protective.)

Much to his surprise however, Korya doesn’t remember him. When Id walk in on time, Chitsanu says, “It’s because of him, that’s why you’re pretending not to know me, right?”

Korya couldn’t get a word in as Id is trying to pull her away. Chitsanu’s driver appears and recognizes Korya instantly. Scared, Id steers Korya away until they reach home.

“They know me,” Korya concludes.

“Yes,” he admits and unbuckles his seatbelt.

“Why did you lie to them? How come you won’t let me see them?”

“Because I don’t trust them,” well at least he’s being honest, in a high handed way. “Think about it. He followed you to the church. He could follow you here as well. If you’re just friends, why is he going to that extent?” He continues with his reasoning, “he could be the person who hit you over the head and intended to kill you.”

“But he looks like a nice person..” Korya starts.

And the green monster comes out, lol. “Because you noticed that he’s a handsome guy? Let me tell you something,” Id says, “there are a lot of good looking evil people out there.”

“Like you,” she banters. He walked into that one though. But that’s sort of a compliment- Id you’re good looking. Take what you can.

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For the lack of a better thing to do, Id tweaks her nose. She reciprocates it and tries to run, but Id caught her in a bear hug.

“Remember this. As long as you don’t remember who you are- and you don’t know who’s trying to harm you- don’t tell anyone that you are Korya, an orphan from Chiang Mai.” He waits a beat. “Ok?”

She doesn’t refuse.

“Smart girl,” he says, and blows into her ear. LOL.

Man they are cute together.

Another wrench is thrown in Id’s way. Khun Ying Noppa Dara is inviting Korya to learn how to cook with Payia at the castle. Korya unfortunately could not find a good reason not to go because the mistress is chastising that she’s only eating and sleeping at the house- that she should learn how to be useful.

As she walks Khun Ying out of Id’s house, Khun Ying makes a note that Korya is not happy there. The younger woman admits that Id’s parents dislike her because she’s poor. Khun Ying, after developing a bond towards her, and feeling sorry for her, tells Korya that the castle’s door is open to her any time. Aw.

The following day, the Aunt and Grandpa meet a conundrum. They are introduced to Korya and liked her instantly. The Aunt notices how much she reminds her of Noppa Dara. When everyone files out of the main room, the Aunt speculates to Grandpa the situation with the two Koryas’. She explains to her brother that there is the “missing” Korya after the accident, and now there is this Korya, who walked out with Noppa Dara. Both not piecing together that maybe, just maybe, these two Koryas’ are actually only one. Will the real Korya please stand up?

Oh, I am so entertained by it all. Although our hero is selfish (his reasoning is valiant) he’s just a man who lacks a lot of love and is showering the person he “loves” with lots of protectiveness and highhandedness. I’m sure that will backfire. So can’t wait for more.