Although the dialogues between Tanyong and Uncle Wee are not all that complex and profound, the nuances and body language however, speaks volumes. After all, what kind of a conversation does one expect to achieve from one so little and young?

Grandma’s birthday party closed with a success. Tanyong is being sulky with her Uncle Wee because she’s jealous of his attention to Dr. Neung. Until Uncle Wee asks her to dance and made everything better. Tanyong’s life is more focused on the smaller scale problems these days. And just some attention from her favorite person, makes her day better.

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So she decides to test the waters about how he would handle the truth from her.

They are out by the pool, the night is growing older. She spots him from across the pool.

“Did you have fun today, Uncle Wee?” she asks.

He walks towards her and replies, “I did. I had a blast. And you Nong May?”

“I did too,” she replies hesitantly.

She didn’t know that her uncle is developing some serious suspicions about her maturity. At the end of the birthday party, she even sang a song in front of a bunch of strangers. Nawin mentions that it is as if she’s a professional.

Tanyong looks at Uncle Wee again and asks, “If someone lied to you, would you be mad?”

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He peers at her, “What did they lie about?” She doesn’t respond. “Or are you lying to me about something?” he prods.

“No it’s not that,” she replies immediately, “I’m just wondering..”

He thinks about the question and then finally answers, “I don’t know. Maybe I’ll be mad.”

“Can you forgive that person?” she questions, and decides to remind him. “You used to tell me that people should forgive each other.”

“That’s right,” he agrees, “I did say that. But if that person intended to lie and out right fool the other..” he turns the questions on her, “what about you, what would you do?”

Tanyong in the form of Nong May pales. She’s not the best forgiver in town, if past experiences are any indication.

Uncle Wee scoots in closer and demands, “Do you have something that you’re hiding from me? Tell me this instant.”

She doesn’t tell him.

“Are you going to confess or not?” he asks again. “No?” Then he goes in for the tickle. He tickles her until she pleads for him to stop.


Some development regarding the household, all good revelations. Grandma discovers that Prang’s husband is fabricating the numbers of his profit and decides to call them out. She doesn’t regret the money she loaned, but she hates people who have no morals. Prang is extremely embarrassed upon learning of her husbands discretions. She explodes in front of her kids, further showing what a troublesome person she is. Due to this, she hates Khun Pat’s family even more, a family that is one unit and who’s husband has just closed a construction project with his client.

Khun Metee decides to take his family to the beach for three days to celebrate his accomplishments- and the whole gang is going- allowing everyone some fun in the sun.

Not only does this segment accomplishes many montage- of each couple getting along and playing in the sand- but it develops a relationship growth for the two couples, Nawin-Kru Bie and Uncle Wee-Tanyong. The girls are able to see the heroic side of their men (when they saved a stranger from the beach) and Tanyong also learns how precious life is.

As she and Kru Bie sit on the sand that sunny day, Tanyong says, “Our lives change so instantly. Only seconds exist between being alive and then being dead.”

“We can’t waste our time,” Kru Bie adds.

“I should be happy that I’m still alive,” Tanyong continues. “I just don’t know how long I will stay like this.”

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Little hints throughout this episode further tells us that Tanyong and Dr. Wee are meant to be together. They love the same flower.. orchids. At the family garden Tanyong mentions that she doesn’t like roses or jasmine flowers. She touches a purple orchid and tells her uncle that it suits her. Little did she know that that is Dr. Wee’s favorite flower too. He has been leaving an orchid on his patient’s bedside every day. The Sleeping Beauty who is currently in a coma.. Dr. Wee tells his patient that she is as sweet and as beautiful as an orchid. Aww.

Kru Bie is slowly falling for Nawin- but Nawin, although we know he’s in love with her, he’s still tight lipped about it to his friend. The boys push each other around and Dr. Wee asks his friend if he’s serious with Kru Bie. His friend could only say he’s only flirting around with her for fun (aw Nawin, you don’t mean that.. just the other day, you wanted her to promise to tell you all of her pain and sorrows..) but when Dr. Wee said that he would court her then, Win immediately punishes him.

The girls watch the men push each other around on the beach, and Kru Bie finally questions her best friend if she secretly likes the doctor.

“No!” Tanyong replies immediately, but then adds, “But if it’s a yes, is it wrong?”

Kru Bie says, “You’ll be disappointed. You’re Nong May currently..”

And not long before Kru Bie warns Tanyong about the disappointment, it came sooner than later. Dr. Neung enters the beach scene, all grown up of her, spoiling the fun for the little Tanyong. Reminding her again, just how little and insignificant she feels.

Golly I feel her pain. She’s stuck in quite the predicament.


Some more cute fun in the sun, behind the camera:

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*pics from Pantip