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Seven years after Nai Pued sat atop Chao Guay and regaled the happy ending of his parents, Phu Yai Lee and Malinee, Nai Pued was found at the very spot upon which his buffalo sighed its last breath.  The old girl couldn’t hold on longer than he could make the trek from his university in Krongthep to his hometown in Suphanburi, and she gave out before he could say goodbye.

Such is the case with females, they are so mean; heartless, fickle creatures they are. They make him feel needed and loved but only to fritter away as if he was nothing to them to begin with. At the budding age of nineteen, Nai Pued has developed a severe distrust in females he doesn’t have any relations to. He was beginning to think that he might never understand them at all, humans and animals alike. He used to believe that one day he would find a girl just as sweet as his Mae Ma (Mom Ma) but has resigned to the conclusion that a sweet girl like her is not meant for him.

After all, his high school and college days have attested to the contrary. Females are destructive. To his heart, his mind and flailing self respect.  He was a smart lad, so it only took a few experiences to learn that women always have an ulterior motive. They are sweet but possess a cunning heart. Fake, the whole lot of them.

Nai Pued thought he learned. But the last one really did him in. They met in his last year of his master program at a University in Krongthep. He was finishing up his agricultural management program. He thought she was different. She was able to surpass the barricade he created. So he married her a couple years later, and no more than six months, she couldn’t handle being a farmer’s wife nor deal with her husband being ostracized as an orphan, so she hailed back to Bangkok- and walked away with half of his finances. But at least it was only money. Madam Wan’s land, the beloved, cherished property that deeded over to serve as his trust fund from his Mae Ma, fortunately remained untouched.

So at 29 years old, Nai Pued finally learned his lesson. There will be no more room for females in his home, his mind or in the deepest recess of his heart.

This is an epilogue to “Phu Yai Lee Gup Nang Ma” but a prologue to Nai Pued’s grown up life, obviously inspired by the adorable kid and his parents. I was curious about the premise of a once charming and charismatic hero, whose heart gets trampled and is afraid to love again. He encounters a woman who challenges the very idea of his chauvinistic perception. Ultimately, can our heroine rekindle the ashes from the depth of his burnt heart?

Characters and names are based on the lakorn “Phu Yai Lee Gup Nang Ma.” This is a work of a fan! No intentions to offend or use for monetary gain.