Is there a time in your life where you want to like something, but you just can’t? I’m currently experiencing this. I like Chompoo Araya so I gave Khun Samee a gander (one episode, really) and didn’t find myself drawn. Then I cheated and read recaps for ep 2-4 from DarknessLakorns and it doesn’t sound like something I would continue. Rome’s character, although appearing to be the ideal man, just sounds so boring. Also, Chompoo is turning out to be quite mean, what’s appealing about that?


Speaking of which, Tawanchai Nai Marn Mek is not doing it for me either. Tawanchai, played by Taew, is an aspiring writer who wants nothing more than to write and read all day. Don’t we all? But there is such a thing as finding a means to support oneself so one can pursue writing. Luckily, Tawanchai aka Sun, is a manager at her parent’s resort who shrugs her responsibilities daily. Whenever she is reminded that she needs to “work” she throws little fits. If the resort goes down in flames and bankrupts itself from an irresponsible, obnoxious manager, than the parents have only themselves to blame. So far, Tawanchai is not looking too favorably to me, and if I don’t have to hear Taew shriek one more time, I wouldn’t miss a thang.


As for Boy Pakorn, he plays Nopathee who is the president of a tour guide company. (You can read the synopsis of the lakorn at Lyn’s Lakorn Blog.) I’ve never really been enthralled or go gaga over Boy Pakorn. I prefer reading about him and following his real life. He’s quite interesting in that regard. However in lakorns, he’s just- well, not stirring any interest. Anyway, he and Tawanchai butt heads from the beginning, which sets off constant bickering. Maybe this lakorn is just going after corny comedic reliefs and typical, clichéd pra’nang scenes? I love romcoms, don’t get me wrong, but this one so far is a miss for me. And since the pairing doesn’t do anything for me, I’m going to pass. The same goes for Khun Samee.

I suppose, to inject any positivity in this, I do like the OST in Tawanchai!

Which really, only leaves me to enjoy Nuer Mek 2 for the rest of Dec and early Jan. What are you occupying your time with?

*pic credit to asianfuse and spicyforum