Brought to us by TV Scene, Raak Boon (The Holy Source) which debuted last weekend, featured Mike Pirath as Lapin/Ton and Margie Rasri as Jae, and it explored the idea of a powerful ancient box that could make your deepest desires come true. Much like a genie indebted to you, this “glong raak boon”- this box of holy source- asks you to repay with three deeds, and upon successful completion, it will grant your greatest wish.

The story starts with two people who were chosen by the holy source: Khun Sarat (Ton’s father) and Long (uncle) Tawee (Jae’s mentor.) This happened a long time ago, Long Tawee was a drunkie and his wife had cancer. He wished to abandon his alcoholism and cure his wife’s cancer but he was skeptical of the box’s magic. Until things started coming true: he no longer depended on alcohol and his wife was cured. He also started seeing ghosts and was assigned to help them. However he learned that the wish can never be infinite and people who were meant to die, inevitably die. The box chose Khun Sarat next, who was fighting cancer and simply wanted to live long enough to take care of his family and business. He too cannot outlive fate and dies. Prior to his death, he gave the box back to Long Tawee, who was working for him at the time.

Fast-forward several years later, Jae is interning with Long Tawee for Khun Sarat’s business that specializes in all aspect of funeral home and care. She is the Jill of all trade: a mortician, hostess and coordinator of funerals. She comes from a struggling family; it is her last year of college, her mother is fighting a debilitating disease and her brother is a rebellious teenager. Her greatest desire is to see her mother healthy, cured of all illnesses, and have a long life. She meets Ton upon the death of Khun Sarat, during the will reading. It is beyond her why she, as well as Long Tawee, needed to be present during the reading. But because Long Tawee is a close friend to Khun Sarat- and he claims that Pah Tawee gave him another life- he allotted Long Tawee and Jae a very small share in the company. It is in hopes that the two remain working for the business.

This startles Ton who recently just returned from his studies abroad to help his father run the business. When his father was sick, he could not be too involved because his Uncle was running the show. Ton also has a feeling that his uncle doesn’t want him to meddle and that he is hiding something. The death of his father finally propels Ton to take over the family business. He did not realize that Jae is a valued intern (not quite an employee yet) because she is not only adept in mortician work, but between Long Tawee and Khun Sarat, they believe she could finish or remove Khun Sarat’s work (whatever that may be.) All he sees is an employee who is taking advantage of the fact that she has been given a small share, not to mention her whip smart comebacks at him. As he told her, he prefers female who are docile and quiet, not one who argues vehemently. It appears as though they will have difficulty working together.

Long Tawee imparts the knowledge regarding the holy source to Jae due to her curiosity. He didn’t feel that it would do any harm; after all, the box chooses the person. But her unselfish, forlorn desire awakens the box and it ultimately chooses her, furnishing her with the gift of sixth sense- the ability to see ghosts. Before she could muster a denial, she has been given the task of helping the ghosts tell the truth- their side of the story.

With the knowledge of the consequences of her wish, Jae doesn’t regret it and wholeheartedly pleads to the holy source that all she asks is for her mother to live longer. Long Tawee tells her that she can ask for more than one wish, she would just be indebted to more than three deeds to accomplish. People typically ask for monetary benefits, but Jae merely asks for her mother to extend her life. Her elder warns her though that she cannot extend her mother’s life for infinity – because people’s lives has already been predetermined- therefore, her mother’s extension is only a temporary diversion.

Other side characters include Ton’s girlfriend (who tells everyone she is the future wife of the President), Muat (Jae’s neighbor and police officer), Natee (Jae’s rebellious brother) and her close friend, the social worker. A small ensemble that will open us up to the junction of earth and purgatory. The holy box has offered glimpses of harmless things so far: Jae unveiling the real death of the ghosts. There are interesting suspenses behind the evil Uncle and the relationship between Long Tawee and Khun Sarat, what did they mean by Jae being the person to remove the “work?” Ton is feeling put out by his employee’s demeanor, that she dared argue and challenge him. I am curious to see how their romance develops amidst this horror of a show.

This is the first lakorn that I’ve seen of Mike’s and so far, I can say that I adore his OST! “Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wee-Sayt” (Only A Man Not a Sorcerer) is a dramatic, pretty rendition of the original version. Acting wise, there’s not much to say yet because Ton is relegated to a lot of scowls. Margie is doing a good job, horror themed lakorns seems to be her forte. The lakorn is fast paced and the camera angles are quite different and intriguing. I’m watching it via KissKeepInTouch on YouTube so the video is crisp and clear. No matter, TV Scene doesn’t disappoint with the cinematography.

Story-wise, it will teach us lessons about the lives thereafter, our own lives and the magical elements in between, whether good, bad, black or white. Another take on one’s sixth sense ability and horror, if you will. Although, I haven’t been scared out of my wits yet. Is this your cup of tea? I feel it is a tad too soon to endeavor a weekend horror lakorn, after all, we just saw The Sixth Sense. But I’m intrigued so far and will be following this, albeit slowly. Your thoughts?

*Pic credit to Asianfuse, OST Watch Here, Raw Vids from KissKeepInTouch