Well well well. Not the biggest of progress between our leads, but at least their minimal scenes together are still cute. This episode focuses on the third wheel- Gusuma- who consistently meddles and pesters her friends to fight. But at the end of the day, Non learns that she needs to start believing her friend less and trust her boyfriend more.

Episode 3 Recap

Dekcha’s siblings nurse his wounds but they didn’t seem to realize his near demise earlier. The person who does, Nut, came into the room and helps him tend to his bruises. All is well with them because she couldn’t possibly be mad at him after he risked his life to protect her honor.

He walks her back to her house and advises her to chat with Aroon about the offender but she doesn’t want to- which seems to be the response of many “good” characters because they feel that it would be a bother. You almost got raped! But such is the case with the powerful versus the not so powerful- they know who will win in the end. Dekcha also tells Nut that maybe Khun Whitney could help them too. Nut’s defense walls immediately went up upon hearing the name- apparently Gusuma has implanted the theory of Whitney going after Aroon- so Nut immediately gets angry. Which shows her naïve character very well- I mean, one should base one’s instincts on logic (Whitney helped her and she didn’t have to) not base on an observation by a green monster. But I think the underlying factor is, Nut crushes on Dekcha and gets jealous when she hears that he might fancy Whitney lol.

Speaking of Whitney, she’s doing her best to irritate her step mom. They are carpooling together in the morning and Whitney sits in the front seat, adjusting it so that she’s practically laying on her stepmom. Even if she’s a little immature, I do like that she’d rather play “nice” than to always scream at her stepmom which is prevalent in other lakorns. Then she turns the radio station to Buddhist praying, hoping that her stepmom would like it, lol.

Upon arriving to the company, Kongkaew tells Whitney to pick a car of her choice, since her father has asked Kongkaew to help her choose one. But Whitney has already chosen one and they walk to the “used” Mercedes. Kongkaew says that she shouldn’t be using second hand car (since she’s the President’s daughter), which shows us that Kongkaew if anything, values her face and people’s perception more than anything. Whitney says that she doesn’t like new things like her father.

Before she could test out her new car, she is summoned by her father to his office. His face is livid. He berates her for causing him another problem and throws a document on the desk. She is confused by the document and his anger. He tells her that Sia Cho (the dirty man) has phoned him and explained everything. Whitney asks him if Sia Cho told him what he has done? Her father doesn’t care because Sia Cho is his top customer and he will lose a lot of money if Sia Cho cancels all 20 of the purchase orders. Kongkaew tries to calm him down but he’s still furious, telling his daughter that she has only worked for two days but she has caused him to lose millions- how could he trust her? He even proceeds to bring out the past that she has always disappointed him. Geez, and you wonder why she can’t ever forgive him?

Whitney storms out of the office and jumps into her car and speeds out of the showroom, nearly hitting Aroon’s car in the process. Even Dekcha gets fired from the company due to his fight with Sia Cho. The levelheaded Aroon tells Dekcha and Non to join him in the President’s office. He wasn’t going to let his best sales person leave the company unfairly. He pleads their case to Khun Amnui and the older man finally understands and allows Dekcha to continue working there as well as helping him with his case. Imagine that, patience and calm winning a case! Aroon overhears the employee mention that Whitney may never come back, after the berating she received from her father.

Whitney drives to her mom’s place, where else would she go for some solace? But her mom is currently gambling and chases her friends into hiding thinking that someone else was here to see her. She introduces her daughter to her gambling friends, including her boyfriend (the creepo.) So many creeps in this drama. Her mom adores her new car, showing it off to the neighbors. Whitney looks on with embarrassment.

Khun Amnui tries to phone his daughter to no avail, regretting his behavior earlier.

Whitney stands in the courtyard, remembering her beautiful family when she was younger. But her mom’s creepy boyfriend tries to hit on her again but she’s tough and tells him that she’s not afraid of snakes in the yard, she’s more afraid of villainous bugs who are leeching on her mother. Her mother’s boyfriend has a determined look on his face. After seeing her mother gambling away, Whitney decides to leave. She checks her phone, which indicates missed calls from her father.

At a hotel restaurant by the company, Whitney sits alone. Aroon notices her as he shepherds his clients to a lunch meeting.

“Khun Whitney, what are you doing here? Why don’t you go back to work?” he asks.

“I’ve resigned.”

“But your dad wants to see you.”

“I’m aware. But I don’t want to see anyone,” she says. She signals the waiter for her bill. Aroon is looking awfully concerned for her.

He follows her out of the restaurant.

“Wait a sec-“ he reaches for her hand.

She pulls her hand away, “I’ve told you, I don’t want to see anyone.”

“Why don’t you go back with me,” he pulls her towards the door.

“You have no right to order me around! I’m no longer your assistant. Aren’t you happy you no longer have an assistant that causes so much problems for you?”

“Then why don’t you work it out with your dad that you’ve quit? Don’t just leave your job.”

She refuses and tries to walk away again. Aroon stops her by pulling on her arm. At this time Yoting walks in and Whitney uses him as a tool to escape. She tells him that she’s been waiting for him for a while. Aroon watches them walk away with concern.

Yoting wonders who Aroon is but Whitney doesn’t tell him, merely that he is someone she knows. It turns out, the hotel is owned by Yoting’s family and Whitney asks for him to arrange a room for her. Yoting phones his mother to show off how successful he is in seeing Whitney again.

On the drive home Gusuma tells Aroon that her friend who works at Yoting’s hotel saw Khun Whitney checking in. She assumes because Whitney checks into a hotel with a man, that means she may not come back to work again. Non adds that she wished she was born a rich girl who doesn’t have to worry about work, only to worry about fending off rich guys. Aroon tells Non that he’s sorry to make her jealous of a rich girl, lol, so Non immediately is defensive. Aroon says that she’s always jealous of others and it makes him feel that he can’t measure up. Gusuma is sitting in the backseat, smiling at the debacle unfolding before her. Non is crying and she forces him to pull over so she could get off. She jumps into a cab. Wow, sensitive much? Aroon looks at the back of the cab helplessly. This is more ammunition for Gusuma who keeps talking bad about Non.

Word got to Khun Amnui that Whitney packed her bags and left the house. They look for her at her mother’s house, which is always a bad idea. Awkward, exes reuniting after a long time.

Kongkaew receives a call from Yoting’s mom that Whitney is at a club, they arrive there and find her dancing on the stage. Khun Amnui tries to yank her out of the club. When she refuses, he is fed up. He grabs a glass of water and tosses it on her. He tells her that he just saw her mother in a despicable condition and to see her like that too was too much. So you think to toss water on your daughter in front of everyone is really going to help things? Whitney tells him to leave her alone but her father is insistent about bringing her home. She says that she’s been like this for a long time and she will never change. She storms out and her father stumbles back from anxiety.

Whitney packs up her bag to leave the hotel- she has told Yoting not to tell her father already. He tries to stop her but Whitney puts him in his place- it is none of his business. Lol. (He’s just trying to win her and her family over with trust.)

Kongkaew pays her a visit as well and shares with Whitney that her father is unwell. He had blackout a bit ago due to his condition. Her stepmom agrees not to pester her or lecture her anymore, she’s an adult now and she should know how to conduct herself. Whitney finally comes to his side, aww of course she cares about her father. And they make peace, for now.

Aroon came to apologize to Non at her house. Non says that he has never been like this before and wonders what had happened to him. Aroon could only say that it was his own lack of self-confidence and fear that he could not make her happy. It makes him sad every time he hears of her speaking that way (that she’s jealous of rich people..) Non tells him that she has chosen him and that means she will never change her mind, no matter what. They make up and hug. Nut watches from the door with happiness. She bothers Dekcha again (through their connecting string and tin can lol) and shares the news with him. He tells her that he could care less, lol, and that she should go find a boyfriend.

At the house, Whitney tends to her dad. He tries to apologize about what happened earlier but Whitney tells him to rest and that they should forget about everything.

That morning Nut tags along with Aroon and Non to work. They will try to see if she could be Aroon’s assistance moving forward. The receptionists tease Non about how convenient it was to have a manager for a boyfriend so she could get a family in the door. Arnoon proceeds to chat with the boss, but soon discovers that Whitney is back to work. Lol. Arnoon changes the subject and wonders about Khun Amnui’s conditions instead. Non and Nut discover that Whitney is back to work too. Nut runs out of the company with embarrassment.

Whitney learns of the situation with Nut and says that he’s the one to blame- he shouldn’t have told on her to her dad that she was staying in a hotel. Arnoon denies it because he doesn’t dare tell his boss that his daughter is staying in a hotel with someone. She warns him to be careful with his words and teases him that if he didn’t already have a girlfriend, she’d think that he was jealous. She steps even closer to him and asks if he was really jealous of her? Aroon could only stand erect- and Non walks in on time to see her boyfriend standing close to his assistant.

And she shares her concerns with Gusuma (of all people) that she fears that Aroon and Whitney are getting too close. Gusuma reiterates that Whitney is not a person to trust. She also says that maybe that is why Whitney won’t quit. She advises Non to tame the fire before it blazes. The other employees are snooping in the bathroom and they gossip about posting this news on facebook.

Dekcha sees Nut on the streets and figures out a way to get her a job- a car model lol. She curses at him when she realizes what the job would entail lol.

When it is time for a lunch break, Aroon gets a call from his girlfriend. Whitney teases him about receiving a reminder call from his mother about eating lunch. She phones her father for lunch but learns he is out with Kongkaew. She walks through the showroom aimlessly until she sees Dekcha and he invites her for lunch. Whitney is just happy she has a friend.

They go out for lunch and Dekcha tells her that no one makes more delicious food than his mother. This intrigues Whitney and she invites herself over for a meal soon. Dekcha says that his mom has wanted to cook for her since the time she helped him. Aroon and Non happen to walk in the same restaurant but Non decides that Whitney could dine more freely without seeing them so they change restaurant. Dekcha notices them though and points it out- Whitney thinks they wouldn’t have an appetite if they saw her. Dekcha is surprised to hear that because Aroon is such a calm fellow and doesn’t have a lot of conflict with people. Whitney explains that he doesn’t like her since she hit his car- since the first time they met. She thinks he wishes that she would just quit one of these days. Dekcha doesn’t agree, he tells her that Aroon was the one who spoke with her father and clear things up for them. Dekcha says that Aroon is a good person, just serious because he has raised himself and doesn’t know how to talk to people. Whitney has a better understanding of her boss now- and maybe a little bit more respect?

In the car ride, Non is pouting the entire time. He tries to show her different restaurants but there’s nothing that seems to suit her. She’s a picky and hard to please person. We are seeing that they are not getting along. He decides to return back to the office on an empty stomach. Whitney sees him and offers a dessert she purchased for him, Dekcha told her that he likes it. Aroon asks if she did anything wrong, that’s why she brought him food? Lol. She prepares a plate for him as he watches the food hungrily. But he tells her that he isn’t hungry (although his stomach growls) so she decides to spoonfeed him. Gusuma sees it and runs to Non to tattle on Aroon. In the office, Whitney finally admits that she bought the dessert for him to thank him for clearing the story about Sia Cho with her dad. Aroon says that it’s a simple matter, she didn’t need to buy anything for him. She tells him that she never consoles a man- and he asks her, should he ought to be proud then? But she replies that he would only need to eat all of the dessert. He finally concedes.

Non walks in on them and surmises that is why he came back to work so quickly. Do people in this company not understand the concept of knocking?? She tells him that she’s not going home with him today, since she’s going to be shopping with Gusuma. Whitney looks at him with concern. Gusuma is training Non to be stronger and more decisive with Aroon. Little did she know that her friend is trying to break them apart, imparting not only suspicion but lack of trust. Whitney feels responsible and offers herself to talk to Non but Aroon explains that he will deal with it himself.

But that doesn’t make her feel better so at the end of the workday, she waits for Non at the showroom. She asks to speak with her regarding Aroon. Non refuses to talk to her and walks away.

That evening Whitney arrives at Dekcha’s house for dinner. She meets the entire household.

Dekcha and Nut are pretty funny and cute together. They also keep misunderstanding each other. She thinks that he wants her to be one of the “pretty’s” for the company, dressing revealing and such. But he merely wants her to be a host who helps customers and offers them water. Upon learning this, Nut looks down with embarrassment for misunderstanding him. She apologizes as he pouts. She offers a pinky and tries to make peace. He takes her to his kitchen where she discovers that Whitney is at his house for dinner.

At the mall, Non notices that Gusuma likes to dress up like her and buys whatever she buys. She tells her friend that it is irritating, this habit of hers. Gusuma is angered upon hearing this. As Non walks through the mall, she gets hit by a boy roller skating. Yoting catches her before she hits the ground. His love interest accuses him of straying even at the mall lol and unleashes a fury. She ends their “dating” and throws popcorn and drink at both him and Non. Feeling guilty, Yoting purchases a Dolce Gabbana scarf for Non to cover her soiled shirt. She accepts it. As they are walking back, Gusuma tells her that he must be rich to buy her such an expensive item. Non says that she’s happy to accept the scarf because she has always wanted it.

Whitney loves the busy and commotion of his household. She finds out where Non lives and wants to talk to her. Meanwhile Non thinks about the rich man she met earlier, and her boyfriend.

Aroon is waiting for her when she came home that night, shopping bags in hand. He wants to talk to her about the misunderstanding earlier and she believes him. She says that she encountered a similar experience at the mall. Well that was easy. Dekcha walks Whitney to Non’s house and they notice Aroon’s car. They watch the two from afar. Non says that she needs to have more trust and confidence in him. She has listened to others too much even when Aroon is the one who knows her the best. She apologizes and they make up with a hug.

Will that be enough? Will a third hand eventually tear the two apart?

I feel that this episode is somewhat of a filler episode, moving the story slowly along the path of eventual “accident,” whenever that is going to happen.. it’s not as fast paced as I have hoped and our leading characters didn’t have a whole lot of interactions. So I’m begging for something to happen soon or I’ll be real bored. Although I must say, I still adore Whitney and her scenes are always fun to watch. It’s just that it’s a cycle of argument with her father. We know they’ll have a reason to fight, and he would misunderstand her, but then they’ll make up. The same goes for Aroon and his girlfriend. Please get to the point and I shall be a happy camper.

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