Episode 7 catapults some turning points in this drama and interesting altercations. Khun Tum tests out the “3 signs you know you are in love” theory while Pong puts forth all efforts to make Khun Aon appealing to Khun Tum’s eyes in order to keep Cha-aim as his “girlfriend,” while new challenges stumble upon Cha-aim’s path and she must prove herself, once again.

Cha-aim accompanies Tum to his office and she discovers someone who recognizes her and tries to hide behind Tum, which causes some serious cuteness. Then she tries to distract him by saying that her eyes hurt which makes him concerned and he grasps her by the chin to see if he could help. By that time, her acquaintance receives a phone call that takes him away.

Tum is shorthanded at the office, his assistant had recently quit and he didn’t have the opportunity to hire another. While Tum takes a phone call outside, his office phone begins ringing. Cha-aim looks on hesitatingly, but couldn’t help herself and started taking calls for Tum. By the time he comes back, she has already taken half a dozen notes. Tum is impressed with her resourcefulness, but he knew all along that she is a capable person and that maybe no one took a chance on her? He is about to change that.

Once they return to his condo, Tum tells her that she could go home now, he is feeling quite well. But when Cha-aim continues to stall him, he knows something is wrong. He surmises that Khun Aon has forced her to stay, Cha-aim couldn’t argue with the truth so she begs Khun Tum to keep the truth from Khun Cheun. Khun Tum is frustrated that Khun Aon has pulled Cha-aim in her shenanigans. When the night draws near and they had to lie to Khun Cheun that they are finishing up a movie, Khun Tum turns to Cha-aim and chastised Khun Aon. He is surprised however to learn that Cha-aim is not angry at her boss, she understands her. Cha-aim says that Khun Aon should be pitied because she is always forced by her mother to do things she doesn’t want to. This shows Khun Tum that Cha-aim is loyal to a fault and very perceptive.

It is in the wee hours when Khun Aon returns to the condo lobby, but she is reeking with alcohol. Cha-aim drives her home- which surprises Khun Tum that she could drive at all- and calls her “boyfriend” Pong to assist her. Pong carries Khun Aon in his arms and they sneak into the house to deposit Khun Aon in her room. Little did they know that Khun Aoy notices this and decides to tell her mom the next morning that her sister had a man take her to her room. Also that night, Banjong takes a picture of Cha-aim and Pong holding hands and brings it to Khun Cheun’s attention.

Khun Cheun deals with the first case, her daughter being drunk and allowing a man to carry her to her room. Cha-aim defends her boss, explaining that they stayed up watching a movie and Khun Aon was too tired and fell asleep. Cha-aim had to carry Khun Aon to her room. Little Khun Aoy wants them to prove it, so Cha-aim had to lift Khun Aon in her arms, lol. This pisses Khun Aoy off and she stalks away, once again losing to her older sister. The second case is Cha-aim, holding hands with Pong. Khun Aon came to her rescue and says that Pong is gay so there is nothing between them. She even went so far as clearing the air with the maids in the kitchen, explaining to everyone that Cha-aim is not like that.

That afternoon Cha-aim makes peace with Khun Aoy as well, a little girl that is so perceptive at her age, she just needs a little coaxing and someone to talk to her as if she is not a child. Cha-aim tells her that she should empathize with her older sister. She explains that Khun Aon just needs love and attention because she doesn’t have both parents, the way that Khun Aoy does. Khun Aon is only afraid that Khun Aoy will take of the attention and love from their mother. Little Khun Aoy laments that she doesn’t want to fight with her sister all the time either. She has a better understanding of how she should behave around her sister now. And she will try moving forward.

Khun Tum takes a chance and gives Cha-aim the opportunity to be his assistant. Little did he know that he is throwing yet another monkey wrench in Cha-aim’s direction, she is after all, trying to research on being a maid, not an assistant to the secretary. So she and Nong comes up with a plan to deter him, Cha-aim needs to make him believe that she is not fit to be his assistant. Cha-aim proceeds to sabotage any task that Khun Tum hands her way: something as simple as making coffee, talking to his guests or even preparing for his meeting with the minister. But it seems nothing that she could intentionally do can change his mind, until he learns how he truly feels about her. It starts with his best friend Moo or Maa who takes an interest in her and Tum becomes protective and jealous. Then he sees an altercation between Pong and Cha-aim, indicating that there is something more between the two.

It all happens when Pong discovers that Cha-aim has gone to work for Khun Tum. He is furious and afraid he would lose her so he contrived for Khun Aon to bring lunch to Khun Tum, so he could talk to Cha-aim. Once there, a very sad and passionate scene unfolds: Cha-aim and Pong gets into a huge fight. Pong confronts Cha-aim, accusing her of hiding things from him. He tells her he is fed up with what she is doing and is prepared to tell Khun Tum and Khun Aon her real identity. He rushes back to Khun Tum’s office and is about to reveal the truth when Cha-aim slaps him across the face. Ouch. Then slaps him a few more times to stop him from talking. This shocks Pong (and shocks me too) as Pong and Cha-aim puts on such an emotional scene. Pong is crying and stops talking. Everyone watches on with confusion but Pong decides against telling on Cha-aim.

Later that day, Pong waits up for Cha-aim to return home. He apologizes for his actions. Cha-aim tells him that she is trying to get out of working with Khun Tum. Pong says that he is worried about her and afraid that he would lose her. Banjong is eavesdropping and wondering why someone who is gay would say these things to Cha-aim. She is determined to find out what is going on between Pong and Cha-aim.

Pong feels rotten that she is upset at him, it seems there is nothing he could do to make her happy. But he is determined to pair Khun Aon with Khun Tum, it is the only way to ensure that Khun Tum and Cha-aim does not develop any feelings or relationship with one another.

Little did he know that it is already too late. Tum doesn’t realize how he feels about Cha-aim until his mother brings it to his attention. She spots them making eyes at each other and feels inclined to warn him that even though she has rescinded her matchmaking, he still needs to find someone who is suitable for him, his family and position in society. Tum thinks about this before bed and recalls that despite their different status, she takes care of him when he is sick and he has gotten to know her true character. Confused and bewildered at his feelings, he decides to approach his friend Moo about how one should go about determining whether one is in love with someone. Moo explains that there are three signs that will indicate you are in love. Tum puts this to the test.

First, he peaks at her from the door. Cha-aim is falling asleep at the desk, her head nodding back and forth, then it hits the laptop and she gets up with a start. She looks around with embarrassment, but is happy that no one is there to witness it. Tum chuckles at her and remembers what Moo said, whenever you see her, you want to smile, that means you like her. Tum shakes his head. Then as a second test, he stands behind her, his heart beating rapidly. According to Moo, that also shows that he likes her. Tum starts to panic and puts his hand over his heart. He takes a seat behind his desk. After looking at her from across his desk, he decides to test out the final theory. Tum walks over to her and calls her name. Cha-aim stands up and peers at him directly in his eyes. Tum’s face began to turn red, blushing from the eye contact, a third indication that he likes her.

The realization that he is in fact in love, takes him by surprise. It is not an easy pill to swallow, a man needs his grip about him. Tum suddenly trips over his own feet and mourns over the loss of his own heart. When Cha-aim returns back to his office with a glass of cold water, he envisions telling her that he likes her, and his feelings being requited. Lol. But telling someone you like them is no easy feat. So instead of confronting her with the truth, he tells her that he no longer needs her as his assistant. After all, how can you work with someone who makes your heart beat like a hummingbird?

To Cha-aim, she is relieved. But she doesn’t realize the torment that Tum is going through. He is in love and boy is that a great progress in this lakorn!

That night Cha-aim chants to herself that she is here to work! She needs to focus on work! She hasn’t sorted out her feelings because she has such a tunnel vision: her priority is to gather enough research to write her script. So everything else is left in the very back, very deep part of her heart.

Banjong’s character is taking on a downhill turn. She had always been vindictive and jealous but I didn’t imagine that she would be truly evil. But her character seems to be heading that way. She is involved with the neighborhood hoodlum who eventually pitches her to gamble and essentially uses her as their insider for the future robbery.

You can read recaps for Ep 8 and 9 at IHeartLakorns, I will not be recapping those two episodes since Lyn has already done such a good job. However, I would like to offer speculation and ponderings on character and relationship developments in these episodes. So do stay tune for those reflections.

*screencaps taken from Kisskeepintouch