“Let me stop breathing is easier” (หยุดหายใจง่ายกว่า)- Kala
(Ending OST of Love in the Fresh Food Market, Fia’s translations)

I am aware that I don’t have the right..
I don’t even have the hope to think about loving you.
But the more I am around you, the more I fall in love with you.
What should I do, I can’t find my way out.

Every breath I take is you, every minute there is you.
My mind has only you.
How can I stop loving you?
Let me stop breathing is easier.
My heart has a problem, that I cannot control.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t love me, I just want to love someone real, for once.
If I shall be disappointed, it is better than to keep you in the dark.

A dog on the roadside can still gaze at the airplane from afar.
So how am I wrong to think about loving you?
Things that seem unreachable can still be grasped and daydreamed about.
I have a body and mind, is it wrong that I yearn for this?

A moving song that speaks to the star crossed lovers in Love in the Fresh Food Market: about Thong and Kim-Lang, who could not stop falling in love more than they could stop breathing. It is a bittersweet song that leaves me feeling very sad.

But it is a beautiful song nonetheless. Telling a story about Thong, who up until now has pursued Kim-Lang, expressing how much he cares about her, how much he adores her. Their love quickly blossomed behind the scene, and Kim-Lang finds herself reciprocating the feeling- although she is afraid to hope and admit it. Thong in many ways opened up a lot of doors in her heart, the freedom to finally hope. He tells her, as they are sitting at the dock by the pond- their usual trysting spot- that she shouldn’t allow her true feelings to well up inside her. Otherwise, she would only be a shell of a person, operating without a soul.

So Kim-Lang dared to dream, to hope and she soon expressed her feelings towards him by holding his hand and resting her head on his shoulders. He dotes on her, stops by her home, at the foot of the garden to chat with her before she goes to bed at night. To Kim-Lang, he was her knight in shining armor. She, the princess stuck in a tower, a maiden waiting to be rescued, thinks she found her prince in Thong. And she may be right.. but all will not be so easy.

Thong gets a wake up call from her mother, Kim-Hua. This happened after he crashed Kim-Lang’s engagement ceremony, pretending to be a Chinese wedding guru. He was happy to stall their nuptials, doing what he could to rescue her. But he realizes- as Kim-Hua puts it- that he is being selfish. She accuses him of wanting Kim-Lang to himself, to pleasure him and to cheer him on, without thinking about Kim-Lang’s future. Maybe her bethrothed is not the best man for her, but he will be able to take care of her. As a mother, Kim-Hua feels that she could entrust her daughter’s future with the bethrothed. This got Thong thinking whether he is being selfish. If he truly loved Kim-Lang, he should want the best for her too. So he decided to retreat, ignoring her calls. That’s so mean.

But he doesn’t realize that not only is he hurting himself, he is hurting her too- the one person whom he promises that he would hold her hands and they would face the problems together. This is exactly what she said to him, when she finally had the opportunity to run into him again. If it weren’t for coincidence, would she ever see his face again?

My heart goes out to Kim-Lang. The poor girl has so much against her, her mom, the pending nuptials, the market and now, when she thinks that maybe she could be happy after all, she is disappointed. Hurt, yet again. Even though Kim-Lang is painted as quiet and obedient, she is still strong because she had the gumption to confront Thong and call him out. Essentially saying that first he’s blowing hot and now he’s blowing cold! What happened? She is confused and now losing hope.

Thong has become quite a star in the market now, and he doesn’t realize that Kim-Lang was responsible for it. He is ignoring her now, avoiding her because he thinks it will solve the problem. But now that she is a leading lady in his music video, how can he ignore her completely?

I hope he brings back the smile on Kim-Lang’s face again, and in effect, make me smile until my cheeks hurt like they did when he and Kim-Lang are together. I picked up this lakorn expecting to be laughing my ass off, not feeling so much angst!

In the meantime, I’m going to wallow in my sadness with this song, which is so fitting, and look forward to some reconciliations next weekend. I’m hooked.