I haven’t written a What’s Up article in a while, which usually showcases up and coming lakorns that I may partake in, because lately I seem to have an idea what my next project will be. Now that Torranee is progressing smoothly and well on its half way mark, I must start considering a new project, as much as that pains me.

Let’s explore upcoming lakorns in 2012.

Below are categorized by Definitely, Maybe and Pass. Please share with me your list on the comment section. What are you looking forward to watching?


Qi Pao– Anne Thongprasom & Smart Krissada *for Anne

Rak Kerd Nai Talod Sod -Mario & Margie *for Mario

Nuer Mek 2– Mint and Mark *I love me some MTEAM

Hong Sabad Lai– Por Skidjai & Janie *I’m curious about this pairing

Panyachon Gonkrua– Mark & Kim *for Mark and Anne’s producer debut

Rang Pratana– Nadech & Kim *Although I don’t like the pairing just because I’m not a Kim fan, but I’m watching for Nadech. Sigh, wished he was paired up with someone else!

Dao Rueng– Por Thrissadee & Yaya * for Yaya

Maya Tawan– Aum Atichart & Yaya *must you ask? Don’t you know I’m an Aum fan?!

Now among the definitely’s, which lakorns would you like to see recaps for? Select your choice on the poll below, I’d like to see what the demand is for any one of these lakorns, I may consider picking up the top two or three most requested depending on their air dates 🙂 Apparently the list is filled with remakes and lakorn adaptions from novels- and most of them features the 4+1 Superstar.

Also, please let me know if anyone you know is recapping any of these lakorns, we wouldn’t want to duplicate efforts, would we? Poll will close Aug 1, 2012! And FYI, you can only vote once 🙂


Ching Nang- Om Akapan, Gun & Rotmay
Prik Ka Kluea- Pancake * we’ll see if the first episode attracts me
Duang Jai Satan- Min Pechaya
The Sixth Sense- various actors *writers of 4 Hearts of the Mountain
Rang Ngao- *not a fan of Kane, and Janie has yet to redeem herself to me
Tan Chai Nai Sai Mok- Louis Scott


Fah Jarod Sai- Tui Teerapat & Kwan Usamanee * not a fan of the storyline
Game Gamalor- Aof Chanapol & Ying Ploypapas
Duch Tawan Dung Bhupa- Cee Siwat & Nat Natasha
Pah Nang Suea 2- Tle Tanapol & Yui Chiranan * don’t like Tle
Por Ta Peun To- Oil & Yui *not overly crazy about Oil
Mon Rak Gae Bon- Pook Look & Tonon * I don’t even know who they are..
Sao Noy Roy Lem Kwien- Uan & Tangmo
Manee Dansuang
Rak Kun Tao Fah- Nutty plot. Nope, not even going there
Saneh Rak Pood Sao- I don’t even know who they are, so pass.
Sapai Phaya Yom
Manee Sawad
Rak Sood Plai Fah

*List Credit to: Chor Muang’s site & Inwlakorns.