It’s Wednesday, the day of continued progress with KRLJ on channel 3. The good news is, I am caught up. But the bad news.. not even Ken and Janie’s chemistry can save this lakorn from the direction it’s heading to- the world of oblivion, a lakorn only to be remembered by their smoldering gazes in Prague. If you are a Ken-Janie fan, you will get the cuddly, hug and kiss scenes that you desire, and for many, that may suffice. But if you are looking for a “good story” and a story that isn’t completely on the surface level, then perhaps you can bow out of this one. Originally I was hoping that KRLJ will take us down a wonderful, memorable road…

I posted an article previously in regards to their smoldering chemistry and a quick synopsis and overview of the lakorn, but today, I want to delve into their lighthearted, superficial and non empowering views of the characterizations of the cast. Are you ready?

The plot of the lakorn is about a daughter of a millionaire, Bua, who is desperate. She is educated, rich, beautiful on the surface. Her mom is desperate as well- not for money, but for her own self serving ranking in society. So she doesn’t see anything wrong with forcing her daughter to marry a rich, hi so man. She was arranged to be married when she was younger, and look how great she turned out? Bua disagrees with her mother’s command to marry a man she does not love, Chatchai, but instead of facing her problems and reasoning with her mom like a mature adult. She runs away and shames herself and family further by masquerading as a prostitute so she can make her childhood crush fall in love with her. What is her plan to make him fall in love with her? She would cook, clean and do all of the duties many cliched lakorn writers seem to think will keep a man under your thumb. She is also accommodating, sweet, angelic.. but.. what is her true character? From what I gather or what is given to us so far, she is a naive woman whose goal in life is to marry Ran (her experiment with true love.) She has practically thrown herself at him, makes it convenient and with her kind heart, hopes to god that he loves her for who she is. Her initial goal is to have him love her back.. however, now that he’s telling her that he cannot love her or marry her because she’s a prostitute, she refuses to tell him who she really is. Why? Because we have to prolong this lakorn that’s why.. and she wants him to love her for her, not for her money. When did that become a question?

Then we have Ran. He’s desperate too. His mother wants him to marry a rich, hi so female, and to get out of getting married, he lies to his mom (and he hates liars lol) by hiring a prostitute to be his girlfriend. The thing that doesn’t make sense, is that his mother sends Aom and his sister to Prague so he can get to know her. His thinking: I will truly try to get to know Aom and if she is suiting to my needs as a wife, then I will accept her, all the while, I have a prostitute on hand should it not work out and I’ll have a reason to combat my mom. As far as Ran’s character, he’s a smart man (because he’s the secretary to the Ambassador), he’s handsome.. but unfortunately, the lakorn is also showing that he’s attracted to pretty girls (both Bua and Aom) and succumbs to females ploys and manipulations. He can’t seem to see someone beyond what they show him. So let’s add un-intuitive and not very street smart to his character. Although one thing we know, that he constantly repeats, is that he values work over anything. He cannot marry or love a prostitute because it will cost him his career. But to me, he just seems shallow, takes advantage of the situation and well.. selfish. There’s no extra depth to this man. Finally at the end of episode 10, his friend Phet tells him maybe he should consider what is more important to him, love or his career? I don’t know if I can take this anymore..

Desperate, yet again, seems to be the key word to describe the other characters. Rin- Ran’s sister who is so desperate to continue her education that she will selfishly do anything.. We also have Aom who is being led by her mother to set her caps on Ran because of his wealth and prestigious family name. She only cares about shopping, spending money, thinking about sleeping with men and well, manipulation. Then there is Katoon who blindingly helps her friend become so wrapped up in her lies. Is that what true friends do? It’s easier to help guide someone when it is not you who will face the consequences. She can’t even be honest about her feelings towards Chatchai..

It seems like only Chatchai- the man who is painted as the bad guy from the beginning, seem to make sense. So he agrees to marry Bua and has become possessive of it. At first he seems like a crazy guy who would not stop.. but really, he’s just angry because she doesn’t have the guts to tell him herself that she will not marry him. He’s a grown man, he can take it. So he goes off to Prague (even this is an exaggeration) and tries to find her. When she tells him that she has a boyfriend and is in love with someone else.. he is hurt, but he accepts it and moves on. Phet even though he’s a playboy, at least his character has some depth. Deep down, he’s a sucker for the one he loves. He’ll help his sister in her lies because he loves her and doesn’t want to see her disappointed. Also, he is a really great actor! I thought he has good chemistry with his sister Bua, Katoon and Rin.

Not only does this lakorn has such a cliched, shallow plot, there’s no character dimension. It’s like someone asked Ken and Janie, take a break from serious “acting,” go to Prague and lets video tape you guys eat, sleep and walk around Prague- and can you throw in some sizzling hugs and kisses? There’s no value or message to the viewers. You know, I really have thought that lakorns have grown from being so surface level, horribly cliched and depthless characters. These miniseries have the opportunity to tell us a good story, a story that not only will teach us something, but should make us think. Am I optimistic that the climax of the lakorn would change my mind? Unlikely.. Ran will probably admit his feelings to himself and love Bua, and when he decides to hell with his career, he’ll find out that Bua is not a prostitute but a rich girl. He’ll be angry because he has told her that he does not like liars. Bua will probably regret it (as she has regretted falling in love with him) as she is the one who masqueraded everything. But no need to fret because everything will work out in the end and they’ll live a happily ever after.

I suppose one should enjoy it for what it is.. at least Ken and Janie has great chemistry *winces.* So am I going to watch ep 11? I am this far along.. might as well bite the bullet.