As Thai lakorn blogs in English are already hard to come by, it is only about to get harder as we say goodbye to another good friend- LakornGods- an exceptional blog that provided recaps, reviews, headsup and perspective from Godninja surrounding the fascination of lakorns. We all have our dreams to chase and Godninja is going after hers- may she meet only success.

There is a lot of time and commitment that goes into hosting a site/blog dedicated to the fans. And sometimes it goes without notice. It gets tiring and you get burnt out. I can relate to the feeling of wanting to focus on your own aspirations as oppose to writing for others.. that is why it is a relief to create a personal blog where you can vent, commentate and write whatever you desire- to your heart’s content. Or even disappear for a little while without being missed too much. It’s a personal take on blogging about lakorns if you will. It’s why I do it.

But that is also why- as fans of lakorns- we should show our appreciation for sites like LG, Lynn’s Lakorn Blog, Dirty Laundry or even In With Lakorn- they strive to give us information and coverage regarding what we hold so dear to our hearts.

And for that reason, I am sad to see LakornGods go. Please be sure to stop by LG before it’s too late..

On Khun Suek:

It’s been a few days now since Khun Suek aired, how did it fare you may ask? It’s one of those lakorns that you need to be in the mood for, whether that is patriotic, “boran” (old fashion) or even sword fighting. One thing is clear; the quality of the recording (HD) and the setting is breathless. This is the positive side of things..

However, I’m not thrilled about the storyline nor the characters all that much. I mainly tuned in because Aum is the Warlord. We get to see him shirtless, kickass and well, hopefully get the girl. However, the love story is too quick for my liking. And the character development is just too spelled out for us. For instance, Aum’s character always wanted to be a soldier, a fighter. The opportunity presented itself where he gets to train under the best. He immediately meets Reirai (Ploy) where it’s love at first sight (on his end anyway.) Aum’s character is so straightforward and simple that I’m not compelled to learn more. Maybe it’s because the series just started. At any rate, the aesthetics is quite pleasing. And there’s definitely a patriotic message: we will fight and protect our country.

I did like some cute scenes between Sema and Reirai: the following screen shots depict a scene after Sema defies his superior and gets punished with a night in jail. Reirai visits him with food.

I’m just happy to see Aum again.. and Ploy.. even though I am not blown away.

Maybe my expectations are too high. Maybe I’m not in the mood. Maybe I’m just too sentimental because LG is going away.

But I’m still wanting, needing and wishing for something yet to sweep me off my feet..