Namcha plays Namnuan, a young business woman who transforms herself from geek to pretty in order to spite the man who broke her heart. She is a sensitive person, idolizes Priew but he disappoints the perfect man image by being a player. I honestly don’t believe/follow the whole heart broken scene or the events that led up to it. But she studies abroad for two years and return a different woman- or at least she wants Priew and everyone else to think that she is a different woman. Deep down, I still see the girl who is a little too mousy, likes to play with her hair (twirls it around her fingers) and still in love with her senior. But instead, she is dating Waen, a man who is the complete opposite from Priew. He is a high so, carefree, doesn’t like to work and completely into her. What’s funny is that she is dating a guy that she isn’t into 100%. But she denies the fact that she still has feelings for Priew.

Let’s talk about Namcha’s role and chemistry with the rest of the cast in this lakorn. Question is, how does one (rookie actress) measure up with veteran actors like Aum, Ploy and Rita? The result is staggering. Namcha when stacked up against these phenomenal actors unfortunately pales in comparison. Aum has more chemistry with Rita than he does with Namcha.. Nuances of facial expressions, liveliness and being natural are all important aspects of being a great actor and Namcha needs them in folds. I hope she improves as the lakorn progresses, I’m only on episode 3 but the differences in the quality of acting is so vast. It helps that Aum and Ploy is so easy to watch, otherwise this lakorn could be disastrous with a n’ek who keeps twirling her hair and unable to draw a reaction from the audience.

On a side note, the transition from Priew to Pim is so seamless, thanks to the wonderful acting on Aum and Ploy’s part. Rita is a hilarious angel and the trio makes the lakorn more enjoyable to watch. I shall give Namcha the benefit of the doubt, she is after all a rookie.. however, there are other rookies out there that hit a homerun on their first lakorn. And I’m not going to name names.