Company party, five people love story, Nut going psycho, all makes for episode 8. I yearned for more Plerng and Numfon scenes, which was sadly in short supply today. But I treasured every minute they have together. We do get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Khao Yai’s blue skies and array of flowers.

This episode starts with Boot telling her son to do everything in his power to take everything back from Plerng. She will find an opportunity for him to return and speak with Grandma alone.

Numfon has a new task, her sponsor requested that she does a piece about Plerng. Numfon said that her show is about travel, not business, however her sponsor threatened to stop all further help if she doesn’t get Plerng on her show.

As she sits in her office, Numfon reluctantly dials his number and tells him that she needed to talk to him. Plerng meets her at her office, but before he reaches her, the receptionist requests a photo. He is quite famous. Numfon’s assistant greets him and takes the food that Plerng brought to prepare it on a plate.Plerng said that he wanted to buy it for her.

Numfon looks at the food, takes a bite and says it’s good.
Plerng: And, you had something to discuss with me?
Numfon: If I don’t have any business with you I wouldn’t have called you.
Plerng sighs.
Plerng: I just realized that people who say their friends would only think of one another when they have business with them.
Numfon: Are you going to keep wasting time?
Plerng: 15 minutes
Numfon: Nai Plerng!
Plerng: ok, ok. I’m sorry. What would you like me to do?
Numfon walks towards him.
Numfon: It’s um, it’s like this. My sponsor would like you to be on our show.
Plerng: What?
Numfon: You’re going to be on my show.
Plerng runs out of her office, leaving his glass of water on the desk and everything.
Numfon follows him.
Numfon: Where are you going? We haven’t agreed on anything yet.
Plerng: I told you already that I don’t like to be on TV.
Numfon: Stop right now. Did you hear that a moment ago my sponsor will rescind their sponsorship?
Plerng: And what?
She looked shockingly at him.
Numfon: You’re mean and blackhearted, can’t even help. Having a friend like you is better off not having one. Stupid Plerng!
She walks away.
Plerng: Well ask nicely. If you’re like this who’s going to agree?
Numfon: So if I agree to talk nicely, you will help me?
Plerng nods his head.

Numfon’s attempt:
Khun Plerng ka (Mr. Plerng..) I beg you. Please be on my show.
Plerng: It doesn’t sound like you mean it.
Numfon grabs his arm.
Numfon: Perng I’m begging you. Please please please and she scratches herself.
Plerng: Be cute.
Numfon continues to scratch herself.
Plerng notices that her skin is turning red.
Plerng: Why is your neck red?
Numfon examines herself.
Numfon: Normally my skin reacts this way when I eat crab… but I didn’t eat any crab..
Plerng: Khun Numfon, the dumpling I brought you.. is crab dumpling..
Numfon: Nai Plerng! She screeches.

Even as Numfon returns home, she continues to scratch herself. Luckily Sita came home with her medicine. She said that it works right away but it’s really strong and will make her drowsy so she should go to sleep immediately. Her sister scolds her that she didn’t know how to becareful. Numfon was about to utter Plerng’s name but catches herself, instead she said that her customer brought her a snack that had crab in it. This shows that Numfon is considerate of her sisters feelings when she knows that her sister likes Plerng.

At Grandma’s, Numfon’s mom invites everyone to Khao Yai for the company party. Boot eavesdrop and realizes that this would be the perfect opportunity for Nut to redeem himself with grandma.

Who’s attending the company party: Uncle Root, Non, Boot, Nari, Plerng, Sita, Numfon, and finally, Lin who begged grandma beforehand to go.

Who’s not going: Grandma (doesn’t want everyone to be concerned for her and have to take care of her), Phongpeo (wants to stay and take care of grandma and feels that she is unsuited to go when she doesn’t work for either Ananta or Thai Diamond)

By night time, Plerng calls Numfon, but she is out cold from the medicine. He said, “Do you know that you make me unable to sleep.” So cute! Then he writes in his journal.

Sita and Non looks at the new design. Sita asks if Plerng is around because it would be good to get his input. Non says that he’s in a meeting but Sita was determined to wait for him. Non then asked if she was going to wait for him everyday, which upset Sita. Non apologizes for being out of line. He proceeds to tell her to wait as he goes and get Plerng. This poor guy keeps doing this to himself.

Plerng asks Sita what she wants to discuss and decides that they should do it over a meal. In the end, he told her why she wanted him to see it when Non would be better because it was his specialty. Sita only looks at him awkwardly.

Numfon calls him and asks if he has made up his mind to work with her yet. Plerng excuses himself from the table. “I need time to decide, you can’t force me.”
Numfon: I need an answer asap
Plerng: I’ll tell you once I make up my mind. Right now I’m busy, he smiles and hangs up.

Plerng returns to the table and Sita inquires about the phone call. He tells her that it is about work.

Back at Numfon’s house, Sita looks for her sister and tells her that she had lunch with Plerng and wanted to see if Numfon needed help convincing him. Numfon was irritated, said that he was acting like a diva. Sita immediately reaches for her phone and calls Plerng. In a matter of minutes, she got him to agree which pissed Numfon off even more. She’s sitting there stewing mad because she couldn’t get him to agree, when her sister said that Plerng was so easy.

Sita is in love as she knits her gift.

The next day everyone packs their luggage into the car for a trip to Khao Yai! Lin tags along, Nari and Boot screams but in the end couldn’t do much when Grandma allows her to go.

Grandma is mean once again to Phongpeo, upon finding out why Phongpeo didn’t go, she said that every time she is nice to her, she will forever think that she made her son die. Isn’t that a bit much Grandma? She further told Som Ang that no matter how much time has passed, she will never forgive that woman.

Nut gets a text message from his mom and he is determined to get everything back.

The gang arrives at the Greenery Resort, where a large center fountain is the main attraction. The atmosphere looks calming and the flora beautiful.

Numfon and Sita awaits for them in the lobby and each gets assigned to their room. Lin attaches herself to Plerng’s arm. When he asked about her room, they assumed that Lin was going to stay in Plerng’s room, in which Lin immediately agrees. But instead they decided on giving her her own room.Numfon is annoyed by the whole debacle and takes herself to her room. She wonders how her sister is doing.

Sita attempts to use her safe but it doesn’t work, and conveniently Perng was there to help her. They both go into her room and he fixes her safe. Plerng tells Sita that he thinks of Lin as his sister when Sita brought her up. Just as they are done, Lin is knocking at his door. When she sees him walking out of Sita’s room, she went ballistic and yells at Sita and says how can she do that when she knows that he has an owner. Plerng explains himself but she reaches out to slap Sita. Numfon comes right in time and a girl fight was about to ensue but Plerng held Lin back. Numfon slams the door in his face. Plerng threatens Lin that he will lock her in her room if she continues to be this way. Lin is determined to change and make him see..

Numfon told her sister to stop bothering with Perng when he has a girlfriend. But Sita said that they were not and was sure that she trusted the right person. Numfon said that she will know when she wastes tears on him.

Back at home, Phong asks Grandma if she wanted anything special for dinner. Grandma said she wasn’t going to eat anything. Suddenly Phong’s phone rings but she doesn’t know how to answer it. Grandma answers for her but remains quiet. Plerng is on the other end, he told his mom that he has arrived, it’s beautiful there and wished that she came along. This upset Grandma but she continues on listening. Plerng added that his mom should take care of Grandma and that the doctor wants her to get enough exercise so she can get better. Suddenly, Grandma is happy again. Once they hung up, she told Phong that she wanted dinner and that Som Ang should take her out for a walk later.

At the Greenery Resort, Lin is in front of Plerng’s door and fakes a cry but Plerng doesn’t feel sorry for her. Instead he walks off towards the event/stage. Lin then sees Sita and tells her that today he may not tell her that she’s his girlfriend but down the road he will. Besides, he will go back to Ranong with her once everything is done in Bangkok, which makes Sita worry.

Numfon is the photographer of the day apparently. She takes beautiful photos of the flora and blue skies. Nari and Boot approaches her and try to start a fight. Numfon was ready and doesn’t back down. Boot said that she will be sorry that she left Nut. Boot and Nari retreats to their room.

Plerng walks around the event set up. Numfon walks by.
Numfon: Waiting for your girlfriend?
Plerng: I told you already that Lin and I aren’t anything to each other.
Numfon: I should believe you?
Plerng: So do you really want me and Lin to be an item then?
Numfon: It just so happens that I’m a type of person who believes in people’s actions, not words.
Plerng: Ok, there, my girlfriend is here. Are you happy now?
Lin walks towards them.
Lin warns Numfon that she will not lose to them (Sita and Numfon)
Numfon smiles and steps on Lin’s toe. She yelps.
Numfon: I’m sorry, did I hurt you? Sorry..
And she walks off.

Boot and Nari refuses to partake in the event. Said that they will be in the interview and that’s it. In the meantime, they would go to the spa and await good news from Nut.

Root opens the event.

The five people: Non, Sita, Plerng, Numfon and Lin got themselves in quite the situation. I’m not even sure what we should call it. Penta-cluster? Non looks at Sita, Sita looks at Plerng, Plerng looks at Numfon, Numfon looks (annoyingly) at Plerng and Lin looks at Plerng. If we could just change the direction of their longing gazes.

As the party commences to appreciate the crew’s hard work, Plerng waits outside. Looking for someone. Repeatedly checking his watch. And Numfon walks towards him. He is speechless.They keep their eyes on each other..
Numfon rolls her eyes.
Plerng: I thought that you would be the last person here.
Numfon: Why do you think that?
Plerng: I heard that people who have this type of career are afraid that they won’t look good. So I thought you were one of them.
Numfon: I’m not worried. Because I’m already pretty.
She walks away.
Plerng: That’s true, you are truly pretty.
Numfon turns around.
Numfon: What’s that?
Plerng: I meant that the hotel is pretty.
He breathed a sigh of relief when she walked into the room.

Lin arrives shortly after and he escorts her in and tells her to sit at another table while he sits at the manager’s table. When he got to his table, Non gave up his chair for Plerng, saying that he has a higher position so he should sit next to Sita. Why does he keep torturing himself? Poor guy.

At Lin’s table, she told everyone that her boyfriend is Plerng but they laughed at her. Embarrassed, she quickly drank her wine until the glass is finished. She began turning beet red and screams when she saw her face. Since they couldn’t get the doctor to come and couldn’t take her to the doctor, Numfon told her to try her allergy medication. Plerng smiles and Lin wondered why he was smiling. He said that she reminded him of a friend who had similar reaction.

Lin passes out on their table. The awkwardness starts again. Root looks at the four people while Sita looks at Plerng, Non looks at Sita, Plerng looks at Numfon and Numfon looks back at Plerng. Root then dismisses himself to his room. As Plerng is about to take Lin to her room, Non intercedes and says that he will take her himself so Plerng can stay with Sita. This guy keeps stabbing himself. Numfon helps him. When they were done, Numfon asked him what he was doing. She noticed that he likes P’Sita but he continues to push P’Sita to Plerng. Non explains that if you can’t have someone you love then you want them to be happy. What a good man. Numfon says that if he’s happy then she can’t say anything further.

Sita asks if Plerng wants to take her for a walk. Plerng agrees and they stare at the night together, the sky is filled with bright stars. She thanks him for walking with her and she approaches the Lin subject again. Plerng reassures her that he only thinks of her as his friend. Since they were both only child, they are close. Sita says that Lin told her that he will return to Ranong when he’s done with Bangkok. Plerng says yes. Sita was wondering if there is anything in Bangkok that will make him stay but he said that he is not suited for Bangkok, it is not his place. Sita looks worriedly at him. Let’s give it up chica! Poor Non walks out and sees them talking. If only Plerng and Sita’s scenes were of Plerng and Numfon’s, I would be a happy camper. This whole penta cluster is getting a little difficult to watch.

Nut sneaks into Grandma’s house at the dead of night. Grandma is in her office, not ready for bed and tells Som Ang to go to sleep first. Phong is still cleaning the kitchen.

Nut enters her office and is on his knees with his palms together. He cries, begs for her forgiveness. He said that he didn’t intend to do it, he was fooled and he was worried that Perng will take her away from him. He wanted to improve his status. Grandma still loves him and tells him to promise her he won’t do it again. She will get him a lawyer. Happy, Nut hugs her, certain that he will get everything back. So he asks her to give his position at Thai Diamond back to him. Yet Grandma refuses because he has caused damage and it would not look good for the company. This made him livid. He refuses to listen to her even though she told him that he could open his own company. He yells at her, said that she’s unfair and that she hates him and loves Plerng more. At this point, all he sees is red. Som Ang heard the commotion and enters but he grabs her and pushes her to the ground where she hits her head. Phong walks in just in time.

That completes this week’s Plerng Toranong episode! After spoiling us with Fri and Sat, we have some heartache on Sun. But I am sure good things are coming next week! We have a lot of scenes that has yet to occur so stay tune and stay strong! At least for Mario! Something needs to happen soon to propel Plerng and Numfon together…