Jilted at the alter on his wedding day, Non Ratsameemarn (Om Akapan) isolates himself from his family and society to nurse his broken heart. Angry, senile and depressed, Non relinquishes his responsibilities and refuses to leave his bedroom. The state of his deterioration concerns his grandmother to no end and she grabs desperately at the last string of hope when she meets Reuangrin Narokmon (Jui Warattaya), a promising and young therapist. With the help of Rin’s longtime friend Niya (Amy Klinpratoom), grandmother proposes a unique job offer to Rin. For four million baht, will she agree to heal Non’s troubled state by pretending to be a maid, and be able to do it in three months? Desperate for money to help pay the debt of her family’s cleaning business, Rin reluctantly takes the job. However, she slowly gets entangled in her web of lies and comes to realize that she won’t be able to leave this job emotionally unscathed.

Saochai Hi-Tech is a romantic comedy lakorn that will make you laugh out loud with mirth, shake your head with exasperation and cry with Rin as her life will never be the same again. What amazes me the most is that it is unexpectedly good, plain and simple. The main characters are unknown to me, aside from Om who I’ve seen as the supporting actor in Sapai Glai Peun Tiang with Anne Thongprasom, and who I felt almost stole the show from Chakrit- almost is the imperative word because Chakrit is an amazing actor. I thought Om in SGPT was tall, manly and a capable actor. But in Saochai, he takes his acting to another level. There is no awkwardness and there’s something about him that glues my eyes to the tv. It also helps that he is paired up with the lovely and unassuming Jui. I am impressed by her acting, she’s very natural and she really grows on you. Jui’s beauty is not the type that stuns you per say, but the more you watch her, coupled with her acting and chemistry with Om, she is beautiful. And that’s how I like my actresses.


Non Ratsameemarn is a broken man, what happened to him is pretty messed up. His fiancé ran off in the middle of the wedding with his best friend, and to make matters worst they had lied to him all along. He grew up in a family of girls, grandma, Mother and younger sister Niya. His life has always been managed for him, from the girls he associates with, the family business that was handed to him, as well as the house he lives in. One has to be aware that he is used to his mother and grandmother ordering him about, because it is sometimes frustrating to watch him so powerless yet with lots of power, get my drift? People are afraid of him and no one dares to be honest and straight up with him. Until one day, after three months of his drunken stupor and hermit tendencies, he meets the new maid, Rin. She is meddlesome, relentless and stubborn, it seems her goal was to intervene in all matters of his life. Yet she brought him out of his coma like state and he became a better man because of her. It was a struggle for him to remain aloof because he is intensely attracted to her and he finds himself slowly falling in love and finding a way to make her his equal. But her intelligence, capability and mannerism was not conducive to that of a maid, which made him suspicious but impressed. It took awhile (for a person like him) to convince himself that he is in love with his maid. But upon finding out Rin’s true identity, how will he react? Is everything that she told him a lie?

Reuangrin Narokmon is a focused and career woman who dedicates her time to her causes, much to Danu’s (Pepper Rattasart) chagrin, her boyfriend of five years. Their relationship is stagnant because Rin has been keeping him at arm’s length. She has declined his marriage proposal and throws herself into her latest client/boss Non. Despite his ruggedness and abrasive personality, he is fair and good to her. However being a maid was more challenging than Rin anticipated. There is Non’s mom Khun Wan, who despises her because Rin acts above her maid status and she is determined to get Rin fired. Grandmother gives Rin one goal after another that she must accomplish and it gets more difficult as time goes by. Especially when Romanee (Premsinee), the girl that jilted him, came back into Non’s life. Rin must reveal Romanee’s true intentions to Non and stop Romanee from further destruction. Rin’s proximity with Non and chemistry however, led her to fall desperately in love with him.

Niya could not stop herself from falling in love with her best friend’s boyfriend. It all started very innocently, she had a school girl crush on him, but the more time she spent with him, the more she idolizes him. Niya is a sweet individual and very considerate of others. She makes excuses for Rin when Rin and Danu gets in a fight. She never imagined that her one sided love will be requited. Niya’s character is very likable and I found myself rooting for her to end up with the man of her dreams.

Danu is a talented and high demand architect. He is also a very kind and patient person, heck, he dated Rin for five years and never once did they even kiss. He finds himself involved with her lies and spending more time with Niya, whom turns out to be more interested in him than his girlfriend.

Saochai Hi-Tech successfully does what many lakorn contrives to do but fails miserably; offer appropriate story progression and conflicts; center the storyline and scenes around Non and Rin; produce characters that are well developed; and to speak plainly, offer a wonderful love story. Om and Jui has amazing chemistry and it really helps that they have many romantic scenes together. It is not surprising that it received the highest rating and even had to extend seven episodes. Om is rising to the top of my favorite actor’s list 🙂 So do yourself a favor and watch this lakorn.

(Hi-Tech Maid, channel 7, 22 episodes, aired on Aug. 2010)


Om Akapan Namart as Non Ratsameemarn
Warattaya Nilkuha (Jui) as Reuangrin Narokmon (Rin)
Amy Amika Klinprathum as Niya
Pepper Ratthasart Korrasud as Danu
Premsinee Ratanasopa as Romanee

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