It feels like forever since I last seen Aum’s lakorn. His presence is dearly missed. Note to celebrities, try not to stay out of the lime light for too long, your fans can get distracted. Unless you’re Tik Jessadaporn, then you can be gone for three years and still come back with an award. Well, it’s not like Aum was gone that long, his latest lakorn was Koo Dued which is more brother drama than romance. I just miss his more romantic endeavors, like the last lakorn with Taew. Also lately, there are so many wonderful pr’eks out there to adore as well: Om, Mario, Great, Pong, Por etc. I guess it is a good problem to have for the lakorn fans. Thailand is so lucky to have so many talented and good looking celebrities to compete for our fandom.

Continuing on with Pim Mala, Aum’s handsome face is back and we are reminded of his great acting abilities. He plays Priew who is a player at its finest, juggling multiple girlfriends successfully and continuing to pursue any females he finds attractive. Priew is also a capable person at work, which leads him to meet Namnuan (starring Namcha), whom he has to train. With beautiful ladies he is a flirt, with not so stunning ones he is kind hearted and caring. This is the case with Namnuan, who dresses more like she goes to Hogwarts than she goes to work, with the horn rimmed glasses, braces and plaid dress. Namnuan crushes on Priew because he is nice to her and he helps her out. She is naive and worships him until one day, when she finds him flirting with her cousin (who contrived for her to see it) and is heartbroken. She decides to study abroad and get away from him.

Do you remember when they say that a person has an angel watching over them? Such is the case for Namnuan, Angel Rumpa has been taking care of her from heaven since she was a child. Occasionally Rumpa (Rita Jensen) appears in different costumes to tease Priew because she knows his nature and because she has something up her sleeves, the audience just doesn’t know it yet. Until two years later.. Namnuan returns from studying abroad to work for her aunt again. She is more worldly, more beautiful and.. completely taken. Priew on the other hand has troubles in paradise. The girlfriends he were seeing at the same time found out about each other and they broke up with him. One actually wanted to throw herself off a building which cause him to lose his job (he actually did the resigning but that still didn’t help matters for him.) And finally, when he thought good things are going to happen to him, because he saw the woman that he has seen several times before but never got to know her- has invited him for a walk! Little did he know that she is an angel and she is about to transform him into a woman (in the form of Ploy Chermaine!) This was the first big laugh for me, Ploy acting like a man and still looking adorable.

Why did the angel decide to change him into a female now, when his life is already in the dump? Will Priew finally understand and empathize for his female counterpart? I thought Aum did a wonderful job portraying a player, how will he portray a female? And when can you see more of Pim Mala? Tune in on Weds-Thurs primetime (8:30pm). Otherwise you can watch tost78 YouTube.

P.S. I’m not going to write in depth recaps for this lakorn, I will primarily watch for enjoyment and comment on certain things that catches my eye. It doesn’t seem like a lakorn focused on boy meet girl and boy does everything to get girl or reach his goals type. This sounds like a lakorn focused on teaching a lesson, waylaying a message and making the viewers laugh at the same time. Which is all good, just not my cup of tea at this point. It’s not Plerng Toranong where there will be some serious drama and romance, or even Saochai Hi-Tech which I absolutely adore. But hey, maybe I will be pleasantly surprised! It is Aum Atichart after all, and that is a very good thing indeed.