My favorite episode thus far! By way of quick summary for episode 5, Plerng took off his godawful jump suit and wore a black suit without a tie, which accentuated his light skin and flawless face. He looked exceptionally handsome. This episode also marked the end of Numfon and Nat’s engagement and more cute scenes between our two main characters.

It seems every time Nari and Boot schemes a plan, it backfires on them. Episode 5 picks up where episode 4 dropped off: Nari gets up and caused the bowl of hot soup to spill on her. As a person with little intelligence, she didn’t realized it may actually hurt..throughout this whole event, Numfon witnessed it with apprehension. She feels that Phong didn’t mean to cause anyone bodily harm. She saw Plerng talked to his mom and was confused because things just don’t add up about him. She overheard him telling his mom that if they stay with them, things like this will continue to happen and they need to stay strong. Yet she continues to think badly of him because Nat reminded her that what good person would sell their father’s heart?

Plerng figured out a way to win over grandmother, he explained to his mom just what he needed to do; essentially gain market share within the European and American diamond market and that should get him enough profit to beat what his father has done. We continue to see Plerng’s capability and like he said “the more I learn about the business, the more I like it.” Then a phone call interrupts them and he learns that Lin is in Bangkok!

The little fireball lied to Plerng that she was here to further her studies when she actually ran away from home. Plerng catches her drift and told her he will send her back to the bus station so she can return home. Lin is determined to find grandma and ask if she could stay with Plerng. She finds out Plerng’s living condition and is angry for him. At least someone is showing him some heart. Yet she meets with Boot and Nari and a cat fight breaks out. It’s not a lakorn without some hair pulling, slapping, and screaming involved. Plerng keeps reassuring his aunt that he will leave the house as soon as his time is up. In the end, grandmother gave permission that she can stay. Lin is determined to stay for three months as well.

Numfon finds out that her sister Sita will be working closely with Plerng and she is livid. She believes what Nat told her and will do anything to stop Plerng from trying to take advantage of her sister.

Since Plerng will no longer be working at the factory, Uncle Root showed him to his office, which is the office that belonged to his father. When Nat finds out, he storms into the room and said that it was too much. Plerng didn’t want to cause any more drama and said he can have another room but Uncle Root was adamant about Plerng claiming what belongs to him.

Sita continues to be even more impressed with Plerng. During their conversation about the upcoming annual jewelry show/exhibition, Plerng offered innovative and different ides on what they should do and what they can call the show- Viva L’Amor. They planned on going to the hotel location for the show the following morning.

Pairod is the business man who is paying Nat for the diamonds and he sets his caps on Nari who in turn only became interested because he is rich. Pairod told Nat that this time around, he wants the entire jewelry to be fake, not just a mixture. Nat agrees after Pairod told him to name his price.

When Plerng got home, he discussed his plans for the show with grandma. He was confident and sure of himself, but grandma will reserve judgement. She told him that it is a very important show, he cannot fail. Competitors are also competing in the same market. Plerng assures her that he can do it. His mom said that he is just like his father. Grandma has a motive for allowing Lin to stay there, she wanted to know if she knew anything about the event leading to Pipat’s death and the heart transplant. However Lin wasn’t able to tell her much.

The next day, Plerng shows up with Sita to go to the show location to look at the rooms. My is the man handsome in a suit. (Mario fans you may need to fan yourself then you’ll start to ponder what his best feature is and realizing that it is hard to criticize.) Numfon already knows that her sister is planning on meeting up with Plerng so she tagged behind her. Her outfit is cute, minus the orange jacket with the shooter pads. I thought we did away with those already? Numfon is determined to intervene at every opportunity, so she assigned her sister to ride in Non’s car and Plerng would come with her. When they got to the hotel, she advised that it would save time if they split up to look at the different ballrooms. Again, she stuck by Plerng’s side which made him wonder. He said, “I’m just wondering, normally you try to get away from me, but now you want to be with me.” and Numfon replies, “Don’t pretend to be confused, I know what you are up to.” “What am I up to?” he asked. And Numfon proceeds with, let’s just say that I know you are trying to get close to my sister by using work as an excuse. Plerng just shakes his head, heck, what else is there to do? The woman is relentless.

In the meantime Sita keeps talking about Plerng to Non and that the concept was his idea. She mentioned that maybe she should be learning from him. Non is disappointed to hear that and gave himself a pep talk in the bathroom. He will continue to pursue Sita and that maybe she didn’t really think anything else about Plerng.

When Plerng found the ballroom that he liked, he wanted to show Sita and Non, but Numfon pretends that her stomach hurts and she needs to eat. She even went as far as saying that she has a stomach illness. However Nat calls her and she told him that she would wait to eat with him. Plerng realizes what she’s doing and told her that. She replied with, well you seem smart, then we can be straight up with each other. She forces him to stay and eat with her so she can tell her sister that he has eaten. As she pushes him towards the restaurant table, she runs into a server and the entire food platter crashes to the floor. The contents of the food were on Numfon and Plerng. Numfon yells at the server and that she should watch where she’s going. Plerng said it was her fault which makes her even more annoyed. Numfon may need a slice of the humble pie. The hotel manager said they will take care of cleaning the clothes for them and opened a hotel room for them to stay in.

Numfon says once again that she gets bad luck when she’s around him. Plerng said that she would be much cuter (the term narak can be used for behavior or beauty) if she stopped blaming others. Angry, Numfon raises her hand as if to hit him. Plerng asked her if she wanted to slap him. They are across the room from each other and Plerng says come then and chases her to the bathroom. Both in a blue bathrobe, Plerng was relegated on the bed and Numfon in the bathroom. Compromising situation? You think right! Thailand is still a conservative country and being seen in a room alone with a man can ruin you. I thought it was a cute scene when Plerng comes out of the bathroom and Numfon told him to stand 3 meters away. He said, “You think you’re interesting? Stinky, go and take a shower.”

And the turning point of the story so far. Nat calls and Plerng picks up her phone, suspicious, Nat decided to look for them in the hotel room. And that’s when Nat sees her in a bathrobe and Plerng sitting on the bed. He immediately accuses her and refuses to listen to her explanation. For the first time since Numfon has known him, she was disappointed and angry and suddenly, she just wants to be away from him. His jealousy reared it’s ugly head. She said that if he thinks that she is that bad, then they should end their engagement. Nat couldn’t believe what he heard and said that she would do that to him because of Plerng? His behavior is unacceptable to Numfon and I applaud her! She knows what’s important to her and stick to her own values. You go girl. But when he left, the camera zooms in on her face, and as her tears fall, I feel bad for her. After all, he was her fiancé and she trusted him. And when Numfon is back home and talking to her sister, she realizes that she never loved Nat. We see a reasonable, mature side of Numfon. She knew that without trust, you can’t have a happy marriage, much less a relationship.

A hole is dug a little bit deeper for Plerng, because Nat vows to get Numfon back even if he has to kill Plerng. Oh boy.

Back at Plerng’s house, he refuses to tell his mom and Lin about what happened. And I think his mom hit the nail in the head when it comes to his character, “if he doesn’t want to talk, even if you force him to death wouldn’t talk.” But the next day he feels remorsed about what happened, and told Sita that he will feel guilty for the rest of his life if Numfon ended the engagement. Sita assures him that if things don’t work out for Numfon, it’s because of other reasons.

So engagement ring is returned and pending nuptials severed. When Numfon makes up her mind about something, she follows through with it. That is a wonderful trait indeed. Plerng went to see Numfon at her house and the conversation went like this:

Plerng: Sita told me that you will end the engagement.
Numfon: Yes. So what?
Plerng: I just want to apologize that I made you and Nat..
Numfon: Just let it be. Is this the reason why you came?
She turns to leave.
Plerng: Wait..
Numfon: What now?
Plerng: You told me that every time you see me, you get bad luck. I want to apologize. I’m really sorry.

It was a beautiful scene and you have to give it to both of them, great acting.. Especially Mario who manages to look sorry and adorable at the same time. I love when Taew is sweet, you can tell this is the type of role she should play. But I do like that her character is sassy.

But Nat storms in: this is what you said that you don’t have anything with each other?

And I gasp, partly because he showed up and the other part because it’s the end of the episode and we have to wait until next Friday to find out what’s going to happen. If the preview is any indication, it is going to be good!