Jam Loey Rak was taken place in 12 beautiful provinces; Bangkok, Harit’s private paradise, Soraya’s hometown and several of other breathtaking sceneries. It’s no wonder that this lakorn was received by numerous fans in Thailand, neighboring countries as well as China!

Quick Synopsis:

Harit Rangsiman, a pearl farming multimillionaire and entrepreneurial extraordinaire saw red after he witnessed his younger brother’s (Harin) suicide. He later discovered that Harin killed himself because of Sansanee whom merely not only broke up with him, but told him to go and die. This simply will not do. Harit is determined to avenge his brother and teach her a lesson so that humanity and the male generation will not suffer the same fate as his brother. With that in mind, Harit kidnaps the woman he thought was Sansanee, only who turned out to be her cousin- Soraya. He whisked her off to his private island and commenced his revenge by forcing her to do what he thought she would never do in her lifetime. He made her endure farming, cooking and other physical labor yet unfortunately for him, his captive contradicted everything he believed in and he finds himself falling slowly in love with her. And he can no longer deny his physical and emotional attraction to the person he thought responsible for his brother’s death. When he discovered her true identity, how will he make it up to her? Will he have ruined his one chance with love because of his faulty research and drastic measures for revenge? And ultimately will Soraya forgive him?

On Characterization:

Harit Ransiman- A handsome, caring and hardworking boss of the Pearl Farm, he believed in practicing what he preached. He dealt with his workers as he would his family thus creating a successful business and working environment. They trusted him with their lives. He also prefers to live in his secluded island and rarely steps foot into the city. He is also very stubborn, when he puts his mind to something, he will follow through single mindedly, for instance, his retribution for his brother’s death. The suicide pained him to no end because he created the wealth and prestige for his brother since they were the only survivors in their family. His hard attitude came from having to bear the burden of the family, the infidelity of his girlfriend as well as the dishonesty of some of his workers. Yet upon meeting Soraya, he was able to let go and finally seek happiness for himself. A thought that occurred to my mind as I watched him running across the beach shirtless: perhaps he should wear a shirt for the sake of the female population, I’m sure many are having heart palpitations and trouble breathing.

Soraya- A calm, beautiful country girl whose main purpose in life (it seems) is to please and endure. She feels indebted to her aunt’s family and most importantly her cousin. Her aunt and uncle provided her with an education and Sansanee saved her from drowning when they were young. Not only does she perform servant duties for the family, but when she was kidnapped by a strange man who was determined to find retribution with her cousin, she endured his onslaughts, hoping that this act can repay the debt that she owed her cousin. Despite the cruelty in which she was dealt, Soraya learned that her captor was a kind man at heart. He took care of his workers on the island, farm and showroom. It is hard to hate a man whom was loved by many. Upon learning of his qualities, she falls in love with Harit yet was unwilling to believe that anything can come of it.

Sansanee- Selfish, self-serving, mean and heartless individual that makes you wonder if a person could be this cruel. She constantly berates her cousin Soraya and reminds her that she would not be alive without her. She uses men and has no remorse when she breaks up with them, to the point of telling them to go and kill themselves. Her family spoils her and she thinks that everyone should kneel to her needs, wants and wishes. Her motto in life: if she cannot have someone, then no one can.

In Summary:

This lakorn made waves across many countries and for good reason. We have all aspect of a great drama; love story, revenge, forgiveness and several beautiful sceneries to watch. The acting is exceptional but most importantly, the amazing chemistry between Aum and Aff. They are one of the top couples for Channel 3 hence the many lakorns they were featured together. I must say however, that Jam Leoy Ruk will be remembered and enjoyed for many more times to come. Encore for Aum and Aff!

Released in 2008

Duration: 14 Episodes


Atichart Chumnanont (Aum) – Harit Rangsiman
Taksaorn Paksukcharoen (Aff) – Soraya
Rinlanee Sripen (Joy) – Sansanee
Chatayodom Hiranyatsathiti (Chai) – Tawaschai
Kongkrapan Saengsuriya (Num) – Bai
Sukontawa Kerdnimit (Mai) – Boontai
RungRuang Ananta (Hack) – Harin
Ryan Jett – Nukul

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