Channel 7’s latest weekend installment, Divided Heart or Sai Luerd Song Hua Jai, has Mik Thongraya playing twins Jay and Joe who could not be more different. We open with Jay, who works in the police forensics and he discovers his father dead at a car accident scene. Based on the evidence, he deems it a suicide. Joe is also notified but Jay doesn’t think he appears sad or disheartened since Jay has a falling out with dad, whom he believed to have caused his mother’s death (she also committed suicide), by cheating on her with her sister. Family drama, anyone? Though even with both parents gone now, the J’s cannot see eye to eye, because the biggest sibling rivalry in their book is winning over Noon’s (Thisa Varitthisa) heart, their childhood friend.

Noon has told the twins that they will be best friends forever and that this will never change because she loves them both very much and would do anything for either of them, except to pick one, not for the lack of trying from either of them. The J’s set aside their animosity and work together to find their father’s murderer – because more evidences point them to the notion that perhaps their father was murdered instead. Though when it comes to matters of the heart, the J’s agree to enter the fight to win over Noon’s heart fairly and honorably. But as we know, all is fair in love and war. Someone is going to fight dirty.

We also have Lukwha (Jenny Chaiyisara), who is cheering for Joe to win, but methinks she may be the one who ends up with him. Joe runs a bar, much to Jay’s displeasure, and Joe is annoyed that Jay thinks he is so perfect. Oh, brothers. It’s an action, thriller type of lakorn where you get twice the Mik – so at the end of the day – nobody is really losing either way.

*You can watch this subbed at Oh Sweet Haven.