We get a taste of what hijinks are involved when it comes to our nang’ek dressing up as a man, but still very much a woman. Nai Amphoe inquires around all of the people who come into regular contact with the former Nai Amphoe, what he learns are polar opposites. Yang is bummed not being able to work at the Amphoe, but surprisingly gathers intel about her target with Taeng-on, who was Nai Amphoe Kreuk’s housekeeper.


Yang sets the table for Chet and as she sees him walking out of his room and breathes in the fresh air, Yang takes a moment to enjoy her view: the handsome Nai Amphoe in his simple clothing. She smiles to herself until he catches her watching him, and she puts on her boyish grin instead. Hee. Yang asks why Chet bought so much food, but he relents that he was on his run and people gave him food to take home. Chet tells Yang to join him, which flusters Yang because she’s a houseboy and had been planning to eat only after Nai Amphoe had eaten (and most definitely not at the same table), but Nai Amphoe insists and so Yang complies.

Nai Amphoe asks Yang to tell him about herself, such as why he came to this district and who his parents are. Yang says her mom is sick, so she looked for a job at the Amphoe’s office, so she could help mom out. But when asked what type of illness, Yang simply says that she doesn’t know because the doctor could not say. Lol. Nai Amphoe doesn’t push for an elaboration and asks where she’s from. Yang replies that she’s from Kohtkhatong, which is in the Isan province, and that surprises Nai Amphoe. He doesn’t believe that Yang is from Isan, he tugs on her wrist and surmises that she’s lying to him. Yang tries to convince him by speaking in Isan and tells him to let go of her wrist, it hurts. Nai Amphoe wonders about Yang because he’s whiny like a woman. He advises Yang to toughen up if she wants to live with him because he doesn’t like a weak man. Yang merely says “yes sir” but gives him a sweet smile, hahaha. Nai Amphoe tells Yang to smile like a man, which prompts Yang to give a lopsided smile instead. Lol.


Chet tells her not to call him “Nai Amphoe” anymore because it makes him sound old, so he wants Yang to call him Khun Chet instead. I love these mealtime conversations.

That night Chet reads up on the former Nai Amphoe Kreuk and thinks back to what different sources have said about the older man, which are all positive things. Yang brings coffee for Chet and notices her dad’s picture on his tablet, Chet inquires if Yang knows the man. Chet takes a long sigh and wonders rhetorically why good people don’t end up getting rewarded, while the bad people do. Yang asks why Nai Amphoe would say something like that, so Chet asks Yang how much she knows about Nai Amphoe Kreuk and whether the stories are good. Yang gets a faraway look in her eyes as she says that Nai Amphoe Kreuk is of course a good man, a very good one indeed. He would never do something horrible like that because all his life, Nai Amphoe Kreuk only advanced the country, loves his family and loyal to a fault, he has never accepted bribery. Chet pays close attention to Yang’s emotional response and says it seems like she knows the older man. Yang masks her face and says she’s only repeating what others have said about him.


Chet wonders to himself that if the old Nai Amphoe was indeed falsely accused, that would mean he would have to do time for the rest of his life for nothing. This reminder from Nai Amphoe makes Yang more convinced that she must do everything in her power to prove that her father is a good person.

We see exactly how Nai Amphoe Kreuk feels, because we pan to the older man sitting in a dark cell. He flashes back to when Loi presented a briefcase full of cash, asking him to turn a blind eye. Nai Amphoe Kreuk stands firm that if Loi walked down the wrong path, he has to arrest him. He warns Loi never to ask for favors, which prompts Loi to spat that he will just have to prove to Nai Amphoe who’s bigger in this district.

The following morning the employees at the administrative office dress in their uniforms and put on the appearance to Nai Amphoe that they are working hard. Chet is pleased to see the change but Pensee and Somjai relent that they’ve always been this way. Mm hm. Chet calls them into his office next to inquire about the old Nai Amphoe. They are paranoid because nobody likes being called into the principal’s office.  When they are asked what they know about Nai Amphoe Kreurk, the two quickly reply that they only know what’s on the news. Chet asks if they believe the cases against Nai Amphoe Kreurk and the two of course says they believe everything. Long Chat walks in on time to deliver Chet’s coffee, but he gives them a strange look as he slowly walks out. It doesn’t look like he agrees with their assessment. Chet questions if they think it’s possible that Pong (Kreuk’s driver) would make these false accusations. Pensee and Somjai say that Pong would never take such a big risk because if found guilty, Pong would serve seven years. Pensee inquires why Nai Amphoe is asking questions, she wonders if he would open the re-investigation or try to help the man. Nai Amphoe reassures them that he wants to do no such thing, if they are convinced that Kreuk is in the wrong, there would be no reason for Nai Amphoe to defend him. But it sounds like he’s saying that to appease them, since he still has that pensive look about him.


Long Chat returns to give his two cents, albeit hesitantly. Long Chat says that Nai Amphoe Kreuk really is a good man and people are making false accusations. He urges Nai Amphoe to help because he doesn’t want a good person to live in hell. Somjai notice Long Chat taking awhile to talk to Nai Amphoe so she comes in, giving Long Chat a warning look. She approaches Long Chat later and warns him to keep his mouth shut because Phor Yai Loi wouldn’t be pleased.

Yang hand washes Nai Amphoe’s laundry and flusters over dirty underwear. She wonders out loud how in the world she would find Pong if she’s busy doing laundry, lol. Taeng-on sneaks by to flirt with Yang, and offers her help with housework, relenting that Yang is a man, he couldn’t clean as well as her. She adds that she had been the one to do everything for the former Nai Amphoe, he loves her a lot. This prompts Yang to question if Taeng-on has something going on with the former Nai Amphoe. Taeng-on clarifies that the man loves her like another daughter. Yang says that Taeng-on must know Pong, his driver as well. Taeng-on is disgusted with the guy and questions if Yang knows him. Yang says she has a friend who wants to meet Pong. Taeng-on says Pong is ungrateful and has gone AWOL since the issue happened, but he does have a sister named Sahlee.


The sister gets a phone call from Pong who tells her not to act surprised (knowing that her lover (Loi) is close by) and says that Loi betrayed him and sent Win to kill him. Sahlee is shocked, but tries not to look suspicious. Pong says he needs money to run away and will meet her by the market. She tells Loi that her friend called her to borrow money. But Loi doesn’t trust her and orders Win to tail her in case she gets in touch with Pong. Sahlee manages to lose her tail and meets her brother. She gives him the money she has, but seeing that he needs to flee to Bangkok, she tells him to stay with their uncle monk at Wat Kohpoh in the interim. Pong warns her to disengage herself from Loi, he is not a good man. No shit, lol. Sahlee tells him to worry about himself.

She runs into Chayan next, who thinks she’s out with a fling. He says he won’t tell Loi if she exchanges something with him – and the way his eyes roam her body, even she knows what he’s after. Sahlee says she’ll take a raincheck. Lol.

Yang brings breakfast to Nai Amphoe but gets called to go into his bed chambers instead. She opens the door to a half-naked Chet and shuts the door immediately. Hahaha.

Nai Amphoe calls for him again, and Yang averts her eyes as she comes back in the room. Nai Amphoe asks her to apply cream to his back since its been aching and he can’t reach back there. Yang looks like a skittish rabbit as she watches Nai Amphoe lay on his belly. She gets a good look at his back side: from the back of his feet to the snug towel around his waist, and all the way to that broad back. LOL. Yang lightly touches his back with the cream, which brings Nai Amphoe to tell her to put more strength behind it, because it feels as light as a woman’s touch.

Next Nai Amphoe asks Yang to massage his shoulders, but Yang screeches that she doesn’t know how. Ha. So Nai Amphoe says he would teach her to massage and proceeds to spin her around so he could massage her.

He starts at the top of her shoulders, until he works his hands all the way down to the small of her back. Squee! Yang is crossing her hands over her chest like he would massage her boobs. LOL. I’m dying, you guys. When Nai Amphoe’s hands go to her waist though, Yang jumps and quickly says she’s got it figured out. As she massages Nai Amphoe, Taeng-on shows up to drop off food, which is like being saved by the bell. Yang couldn’t get out of the room fast enough.

Taeng-on nags Yang to go out to a movie and Yang says, ‘we’ll see,’ which isn’t a no to Taeng-on so she blows Yang several kisses. Yang says the longer she’s here, the crazier she’s going to get. And not even a second later, Nai Amphoe calls her to come back and apply cream on his butt, he doesn’t know what bit him last night. LMAO. Poor Yang.

The reporter asks to talk to Taeng-on about Nai Amphoe Kreuk and she tells him the same thing that she told Yang, in that she did house work for the man. He also asks about Pong, to which Taeng-on says Pong tried to flirt with her but she didn’t reciprocate. She wonders out loud why people are asking her about Pong these days. The reporter questions who else had inquired about Pong but Taeng-on doesn’t specify. She also says that Nai Amphoe keeps to himself and doesn’t usually have visitors.


What this episode shows me is that Nai Amphoe is a thorough, contemplative man. When he’s curious about something, he doesn’t let it go. He’ll analyze info from every perspective until he can get to the truth. Instead of jumping to conclusions, or take anything at face value, Nai Amphoe does his homework, as the case with Nai Amphoe Kreuk. But this also makes Yang’s deception, so very nerve-wracking, because she can’t make an obvious misstep.

We’re also reminded in this episode that Nai Amphoe Kreuk is facing a very dark future, if they don’t uncover the true culprit, the man may have to spend the rest of his life behind bars. And like Nai Amphoe said, for something he didn’t even commit. Among the cute, we are grounded with the reality. But oh, this show sure is cute though. I’m sure today’s massage session is merely a teaser for what is to come!