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Buppae Sunniwas [Open Thread] 3-8


Squeee. Episode 7 was so good, I’m so sad there weren’t more to watch. I’m falling in love with Khun Muen falling in love with Katesurang. Every time he looks at her, I die a little inside (of the happy variety!) Wow, Pope is born to play an Ayuthayan man. And Katesurang? She’s the best friend you wish you had in Ayuthaya era. You’d think a little corporal punishment may deter her from venturing out, think again. I’m opening up this thread so we can discuss Buppae Sunniwas up to tomorrow’s episode. Life isn’t permitting me to delve deeply into writing reflections on this show thus far, but I’m up to deep discussions in the comment section. Tell me your thoughts – I will chime in as much as possible! P.S. I could watch the characters in this show just going about their day all day, that’s my favorite thing about the show, it highlights what it’s like to live in that time. Especially our duo who likes to peer up at the moon, waxing hilarious poetry.

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