Do you ever wonder if your lover, son, nephew or competitor is gay? Worry no more, because with the right amount of money, you can hire a team of spies who will find the proof for you and avoid any confrontation. Nangfah (Patricia Good) knows all too well what it’s like to be tricked by a gay man, after all, she has dated them since grade school and was fooled in every relationship. The last one was the straw that broke the camel’s back; she discovered that her then boyfriend was having an affair with her male boss at a gay bar. After the altercation at the gay bar, Nangfah gets fired and blacklisted at all advertising agencies in the city. Desperate for work, she decides to call on an advertisement on Pantip seeking a spy to unravel potential gay people. Nangfah promptly creates her own company.

She enlists her two best girlfriends to help because after being in business for a day, she has received numerous calls. The first task is to determine if one of the members of the boy band group “Blue Prince” is gay. It sounds like the customer who is requesting this wants to use the intel against Blue Prince, but Nangfah doesn’t quite care the reasons behind the request, since she never asked for a motive, but she accepts the job for a fat paycheck. However she soon realizes that she needs to get close enough to these guys in order to determine who is gay. Her biggest obstacle is the producer, Patee (Boy Pakorn) who creates music for them, handles the boy band’s business affairs and calls all of the shots.

The second storyline pertains to Bua (Zozeen Panyanot) who is a photographer. She’s one of Nangfah’s bestie but always clashes with models at her work to the point where she stops getting hired. She’s loud, proud and a bit crass. Being jobless and bills piling up, Bua accepts Nangfah’s offer to work for her. The task is to determine if Pantit (Pon Nawat) son of a rich lady, is gay. The lady wants to get to the bottom of whether her difficult son is gay or just spiting her. Because not only is he not very nice to his mom, but the moment Bua meets him, he is mean right off the bat: typical hero disdain at a girl taking a picture of his pretty face. Bua will probably take to the grave that she fell love at first sight with him, with all of the hero backlighting, but turns out, he’s just an ass (or maybe it’s all a show).

The third and final storyline is about Pae (Cine Patragorn) who’s an English teacher. She went as far as going to the alter with a gay man but thankfully found out at the ceremony that he’s gay. Embarrassed and hurt, she vows never to let any of her family members and loved ones get tricked like her. Unfortunately her beloved niece, Anna, is dating Mor Thai (Thai medicine doctor) whom Pae thinks is gay. She goes on a mission to prove to Anna that he’s gay, and gets blocked by Chon Lampee (Mawin Tawee) who is perceived to be Mor Thai’s gay partner.

As you can tell, there’s a lot going on here. This is due to the fact that the production team has combined three stories (based from a book series) into one lakorn. But in spite of this, I felt that the transition between the three stories is smooth and adds depth to the overall theme. This should be attributed to skillful directing by Somching and Good Feeling Production – one of my favorite directors, and the reason why I tuned in the first place. Because let’s be honest, a Boy and Patty’s lakorn isn’t enough to sustain my interest. But after Padiwarada, I will watch anything Somching makes- and this lakorn is very watchable, albeit could use some improvements.

The boy band is the weakest link. I’m not convinced that Blue Prince is a popular boy band in Thailand; the music isn’t very good, the dancing could use lots of work, and the actors are just mediocre. Can you imagine if they casted a band that is actually convincing? I think that will increase the ratings.. but then we’ll have to make them the hero in the show instead right? Ha. It’s a catch 22.

At first I couldn’t picture what a perfect Blue Prince group would look like, that is until I saw a performance on Love is in the Air concert. There were six actors (Alex Rendell-  base, Masu- guitar, Nine Naphat- electric guitar, Alek Teeradeth-drums and Bomb Tanin-keyboard) who never performed together, but got on stage and just rocked it out. They each were awesome and compelling. For the two songs, I was glued to my computer. Now they would be the perfect Blue Prince, did you hear that P’Somching? Can I be your casting director? I promise to find the prefect Blue Prince.

Boy and Patty are surprisingly good together. I like Boy’s character right off the bat because he’s such a no nonsense guy and can see through Patty’s character from a mile away. I love the little shenanigans she pulls trying to get closer to the boy band. But so far I find myself wanting to see more of Bua and Mr. Snob because she’s kind of a man hater and actually falls for Mr. Snob’s pretty face. Pae’s character is kind of annoying for her over the top, fainting spells. For someone getting so close to marrying a gay man, I didn’t peg her for being such a shrew.

Because it’s Somching behind this show, I’m interested to see where this show takes us: what themes we’ll explore and why in this day and age, especially in Thailand where gay is accepted and prevalent, why we have to hire a spy agency (who isn’t all that good at what they do) to unveil a gay person. Perhaps they’ll realize just a heart to heart, open communication will reveal the truth, and save tons of money.

You can catch this show airing on Channel 3 Wednesdays and Thursdays.