As the Cupid Series come to a close, with its light and sweet taste of love to celebrate another one of Channel 3’s milestones, we will be greeted with a stronger dose of savory love in the latter half of 2017- and the lakorn lineup has gotten me so excited, I can barely contain myself.

The channel hosted Perd Gong Wic 3 ‘Move Forward Three Gether’ and released some of the highly anticipated lakorn teasers. I am happy to say that my anticipated lakorns have made it on the list!

To tickle our funny bone:

Leh Lub Salub Rarng – Yaya and Nadech in a body swapping lakorn. If this is anything like Secret Garden’s bodyswapping, get ready for some laughs. We got alpha male versus ultra feminine, the contrast shall make it extra FIN – oh I meant FUN ☺

Por Yoong Loong Mai Wang – Pope and Mew in what seems to be a funny and cute storyline. Pope gets custody of his nephew but has no idea what he’s doing (story of my life, although my children are my own) and hires a nanny (Mew) AND falls for her of course (how could you not). They’ll form a family of sorts – cue waterworks if this is as touching as it is cute.

To Get Our Blood Boiling:

Plerng Boon – the love triangle Janie, Bella and Pong, only it’s dramatic times ten. Janie wants what Bella’s having, which is Pong, so tug of war ensues. Let’s hope we get out of this twisted love triangle in tact.

Sai Tarn Hua Jai – James Ma and Mint (oh my it’s a year of koo jins!) and I’m not complaining. It looks like an underdog storyline, which you can read here.

Taking Us to The Fantasy/Boran World:

Rak Nakara – which is more than your average love triangle with Taew and Mew (who are sisters. Please don’t fight!) and the town’s livelihood in jeopardy. (I say the girls should just choose each other over Mark).

Buang Banjathorn – Mario and Mai Davika, fantasy between past and present time. Excited to see this reunion since Pee Mak the movie.

And then wring our tears in a couple of melos:

Likit Ruk aka The Crown Princess – with Yaya and Nadech again, but they take on an entirely different characters and story – this one is about love amidst the social status differences. Let’s just hope it’s not one where they’re separated in the end. And if they are, I want it to make sense and hurt real good. Sounds promising because Yaya said that the script is one that she cannot refuse. Well then, I can’t wait.

Rarerng Fai – Noon and Ken! It’s Ken, need I say more? I miss this handsome face. Sounds like a marriage of convenience plot plus some good old traditional lakorn, slap/kiss variety.

And then a couple of other lakorns that I’m not sure I’ll be watching, but has some new actors:

Ruk Gun Punlawan with Nine Naphat and Ice

Sanae Ruk Nang Sin with Alek and Preem

Ngern Pak Pee with Por, Eye and Denkhun (looks too scary)

What are YOU excited about?