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How can you say no to this face? It’s another great episode, complete with war of hearts, sad realizations, and renewed wants. Someone once told me that you can have what you want, but not everything. Choices involve sacrifices because when you say yes to one thing, you have to say no to another. It sucks but it’s so true. Can our hero stick with his ideals and be with the girl? It’s something Daniel will explore throughout the show, but he gets confronted with that notion today. Best to do it with a glass of courage, and maybe a searing kiss to remember it by on a rainy day?


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Chernming pulls a fast one on Fahsai and forces a kiss on her. She had been detailing that Daniel really has his best interest at heart. Chernming says the kiss was to warn her, and they go through a few slap kiss routine until he pins her on the bed and spats that his kiss is much better than Daniel’s and it ought to make her stop believing everything Daniel is spouting.

He tries to do more harm but stops when he actually gets a good look at her face. She pushes him aside and says that she WISHES Daniel would utter that he thinks Chernming is bad, that he ought to be killed, that way she could work with Daniel to destroy him. But instead, Daniel doesn’t even mention Chernming’s name, which makes Chernming question if that makes her believe everything Daniel says. But Fahsai laments that she uses her heart to believe in Daniel. She still thinks Chernming isn’t a bad person per se, but that the losses in his life has made him a crazy person. She adds that if he can’t deal with the losses, he’s going to lose everyone in his life.

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As Fahsai returns home, we see Daniel watching her from his car. Ugh, my heart kinda breaks for him. It’s so sweet how he always makes sure she’s home safe and sound. Fahsai regrets her good intentions with Chernming, but the thought of Daniel being a good person puts a smile to her face.

Piu says Chernming is getting crazier by the minute and it’s brought harm to Fahsai, he thinks boss should find a way to tell Chernming that he doesn’t have any ill intentions towards him. But Daniel says talking is useless when trust has been severed between them.

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Dr. Kwan has some doubts about her fiancé on whether he’s telling her the truth or not about Fahsai. Although she’s angry at him, she understands that life is short and at least one should try to come to an understanding with the one you love, so as they share a meal, she gives him another chance and asks whether he has anything to confess to her. He ends up admitting that he did visit Fahsai’s dad but he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to upset her. He gives her the good news that he met Fahsai’s new boyfriend and that her parents seem to dig him, so no one is going to pay any mind to a poor doctor like him. Dr. Kwan gets an odd look on her face, and we see her researching about Daniel. She smiles at his handsome profile. Hm. The next day she inquiries after Daniel from the marketing girl at LOLA.

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The Chief asks Fahsai for progress regarding Daniel’s feature on the magazine, but Fahsai admits regrettably that she didn’t have a chance to talk to him about it. Chief freaks out and orders her to make it happen because their firm will go under. No pressure. Over a bowl of noodles, LOLA crew (Nuth, Fai, Fahsai) decide on their best course of action, in order to save the magazine and so that Chief won’t have to borrow money from Daniel, it is best if Fahsai convinces Daniel. Even though Nuth wants nothing more than to remove Fahsai from all of these gangster’s company. The marketing girl interrupt their lunch by surmising that Fahsai will try to convince Daniel in bed. She questions why Fahsai didn’t just tell them that she’s dating Daniel.

Fahsai denies the rumor but the marketing girl says she’s already “clarified” the rumor because there is no way Daniel would be into a girl like her. It’s just like the time when Dr. Eit dumped her for Dr. Kwan. They indicate that those are Dr. Kwan’s words. The marketing girl suggests that she stop spreading those rumors because Daniel isn’t the type who would eat sloppy seconds. If anything, he would only taste it. Big Sis Fai has to stop herself from tossing the contents of her lunch at them since she just recently took off her shoulder brace. Fahsai figures out why Dr.Kwan would think that she’s dating Daniel. Smart girl, it all comes back to Dr. Spineless Eit. Fahsai says that Dr.Eit probably wants to put his fiancée’s mind at ease.

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Chernming wakes up from a night sweat as he thinks back on the time Daniel would give him a sponge bath when he was sick. Chernming had to talk Daniel into it because otherwise he’d ask Botan, and they both know that Daniel would never allow that. So we watch Daniel wiping down Chernming’s chest and they grin. Gah, they are so cute. Chernming finds himself smiling about the past. I wouldn’t mind more flash back of the bromance. Chernming then recalls Fahsai telling him that there’s someone who’s trying to make the two of them misunderstand each other.

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He phones Tiang Kong to discuss this and Tiang Kong says the only way to find out whether it’s Mungkorn’s doing is to see who hired Achu (former Suer Khao member) to wreak havoc with Khalif. Tiang Kong heard that it was Daniel’s dad who did it, and says he will investigate. As Tiang Kong enters the home of Achu/Kimlang’s, he spots the woman being tied up, then she keeps crying that Mungkorn Thong is coming. Tiang Kong gets accosted by men in black and Oliver rescues him in time. Apparently Oliver has switched sides, he is a cop who was after the black book. Chernming apologizes for causing trouble and Tiang Kong says he’s happy this experience can make Chernming stronger. I think Chernming wants to believe that Daniel is good, but he keeps getting convinced that that is not the case. And now his hatred towards Daniel is been renewed even more.

Oliver mentions that if a leader is weak, how could he lead the boat. Tiang Kong warns him that if he wants to stay on their side, he needs to trust and be loyal to the leader at all cost. Oliver merely says he doesn’t want Suer Khao gang to lose to a strong and cruel opponent like Daniel. Tiang Kong relents that he’ll give as good as he gets, no matter what Daniel throws their way, he’s prepared to reciprocate it back. The first thing he does is order his minion to kill the three girls – gang LOLA. Eeps.

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Fahsai rehearses her speech with Daniel, trying to find ways to convince him to do the feature spread. She switches from professional begging to complimenting, it’s hilarious and goes something like this: ”Khun Daniel! Do you know that you’re SO handsome? You have a GREAT body. You can easily become a model! Do you want to try it?” HAHAHA. But as she leans back against her chair, she feels someone watching her.

Same goes for Big Sis Fai.

Fahsai creeps down the stairs with an umbrella in her hands. Just as we see some hooded man hiding in the shadows, about to lift his knife- mom’s voice alerts Fahsai that Daniel is here to see her. Yes! He gives her a smile but notes a man in the corner and makes chase. Unfortunately he’s gone but a knife remains in his wake.

Nuth also freaks out when someone grabs her hand, but it’s only Officer Thep who wonders why she has been so sensitive lately. When they enter her condo though, they notice a break in. Nuth immediately alerts Fai, but two men kidnaps Fai first. Fai tries to negotiate her way out, ha. She says she’s a reporter and if anything happens to her they’ll be in trouble.

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A car tails the kidnapper’s car – it’s Piu! – and Fai practically cheers when she sees him take down the men singlehandedly. But his gun is out of bullets and the only way out is to jump off the bridge and into the water. She looks at him as if he’s out of his mind. Lol. But they jump and make it across the bank. She wonders how he knew where to find her and he tells her that boss had him follow her to ensure her safety. Fai thanks him anyway but Piu relents that they are even now since he had caused her an injury but how he has saved her life. Piu takes off his coat to cover her soaked clothes and says he doesn’t want to go blind. Ha.

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The cops surmise that the perpetrator is probably after the girl (Fahsai) more than the valuables in the house. Daniel tells her parents that he’ll have his men oversee their protection tonight for her parent’s peace of mind, though dad says he doesn’t want to trouble Daniel. Daniel peers at Fahsai and says, “It’s no trouble, I need peace of mind too.” Keke. Ugh, that look he gives her!

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Dad is over the moon that Daniel worries about Fahsai, he says that he would rest in peace if Fahsai marries Daniel. Mom is all, not so fast. She thinks Fahsai and Daniel has a long way to go and besides, Daniel seems strange to her, like a mafia. Mom turns to Fahsai and inquires whether Daniel has any other profession outside of being LOLA’s shareholder. She says he’s a businessman but mom says IF Daniel is a “bad” mafia, she doesn’t want her daughter to get involved with him. Dad keeps giving mom his smiling side eye. Ha. They’re so fun.

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Officer Thep stops by Daniel’s domain for questioning, but Daniel just throws him in for loop when he says he was actually at Fahsai’s house that night. Officer Thep pales and wonders if Daniel can go in and out of her house comfortably now. Daniel says he’s just following the Thai proverb to “enter through the proper alleyway and exit through the door.” Ha. This means he’s courting her openly and respectfully. Officer Thep wonders if her parents know that he’s a foreign mafia and that he had been the one to brought harm to Fahsai that night. Piu steps in and warns Officer Thep not to accuse his boss. But Daniel, as cool as water, says there are things Officer Thep doesn’t yet understand. Piu adds that boss wants to protect Fahsai as much as the Officer does – but the Officer offers a suggestion that if he truly worries about Fah’s safety he ought to stay out of her life forever.

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Daniel tells Officer Thep that Fahsai brought him this far, and he can’t seem to find a way out of her life now. He says that he will protect her in his own way, and it’s none of the Officer’s business. Nice. Daniel reminds the Officer of his task at hand – that if he finds out who had hurt the girls, he is welcome to share that information- because Daniel wants to ask the culprit as to why he wants to hurt HIS woman. The two men stare each other down.

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Piu smiles and asks his boss if he has accepted that Fahsai is his woman now. Boss doesn’t dignify it with a response so Riu pesters on, teasing that Fahsai can’t help it if other men are interested in her. Does boss’ reaction mean he’s jealous? Daniel gives Piu the warning look, but Piu says he’s just happy to see boss happy again. Piu says they have Fahsai to thank for that. Daniel tells his right hand man to prepare for their trip back to HK.

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Mom gives Daniel a warm welcome back home and says he looks so cheerful after visiting Thailand. She suggests maybe he should just live there. She wonders what brought Daniel to HK so abruptly and Daniel says he wants to prepare a bracelet for Fahsai. Dad on the other hand, isn’t pleased with Daniel’s behavior over a little girl. He says that as the leader of Mungkorn Thong, he has a lot of tasks ahead of him, but Daniel argues that protecting Fahsai is also his job. Dad reminds him that the biggest danger to his job is a woman. Daniel assures him that Fahsai will NEVER hurt him. Well… Dad brings up Botan and look how that turned out. Dad wants him to pull away from Fahsai but Daniel says not until he feels that she is safe. As Daniel ascends the stairs he peers at a blond man with a tattoo on his neck.

Tattoo neck reports to dad that Fahsai is in deep waters with Suer Khao gang. Dad looks at the photos and a concerned look crosses his face. This Fahsai looks like Botan.

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Chernming thinks back on the kiss he forced on Fahsai and smiles. Dude I hope you know that wasn’t mutual. He visits her the next day, much to Fahsai’s annoyance. She drags him out of her house and demands to know his intentions. Chernming says he wants to court her. He says after that night he realized how he feels about her, he has never felt that way about anyone and he has kissed plenty of girls. Pfft. Fahsai tells him to shut it, and to listen to her carefully, she has no feelings for him. He replies that he’s not in a rush.

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But he sees Daniel’s car pull into her street – dang this man travels fast – and Chernming tells Fahsai to hurry with the black book though, because he can’t stand that she’s in Daniel’s proximity. Chernming leaves Daniel with a challenge: “I like Fahsai. I’m opening a war of the heart with you, bestie.” Game on.

You literally can see Daniel trying to contain himself. He tells his men to pull over as he takes Fahsai by the hand and leads her to a garden. Ooh, I love a ruffled Daniel. Adorable right hand man smiles and tells the left hand man to leave them be.

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They stop on an overpass as the fountain sprays water all around. I mean, you couldn’t find a more romantic place. Daniel asks Fahsai if Chernming did anything to her. Fahsai says nothing happened and wonders what Chernming told Daniel.

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“He said he likes you,” Daniel replies.

“He might be joking,” she says.

“He doesn’t jest when it comes to love. Even when it comes to Botan, he didn’t even dare to say that he liked her. But he dared with you.”

“But I DON’T like him,” she laments.

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Daniel’s face breaks into a subtle (but totally cute) smile and he says, “I know.” Gah. He takes out the present that he went all the way to HK for, and clasps it around her wrist. It’s a golden dragon bracelet. He says that this is a representation of him, and it will protect her. If he can’t be with her twenty four hours out of the day, this gives him peace of mind until he feels that she is completely safe.

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Fahsai is touched and concedes that she won’t ever take it off, but in exchange.. she pauses. Daniel leans down so that they are at eye level, and says as long as it’s not the stars and the moon. Kyaa. Fahsai beams, and says it’s waaay easier than that, so Daniel relents he could give her EVERYTHING.

She tip toes closer to him and says, “Please agree to be featured in the magazine pretty please.” Hahaha. You asked for THAT?!

Daniel looks a tad disappointed.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 21.42.19 Screenshot 2016-08-11 21.47.33

Chief is over the moon but Fahsai says he needs to feature her story in the magazine too. Smart girl. The marketing team sneers. Big Sis Fai says that they should have Fahsai feature on the magazine with Daniel so they can reveal their status and make all of the women go green with envy. Their concept is love anyway. Fah mutters to Big Sis to keep it down but even the marketing girl seem to agree, what’s she up to? She says that they should feature a celebrity or hiso person instead of Fahsai who is too green in the business.

She’s referring to Dr. Kwan of course, who is head over heels for Daniel. She tells her dad over lunch that he’s perfect in every way, it’s not surprising that she thinks so highly of him. Dad wonders what she’ll do with Dr. Eit then. Kwan reminds her dad that he told her to always pick the best, but dad laments that it doesn’t mean you cheat on your loved ones. Kwan argues that she’s not married yet, she can still choose. Um, pretty sure it doesn’t work that way. Dad says maybe Daniel already has a girlfriend, but Kwan says the girlfriend doesn’t stand a chance against Kwan who is better in every which way. WELL I’LL BE DARN.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 21.53.16 Screenshot 2016-08-11 21.54.36

Daniel pays his respect to Botan but gets reminded by Right hand man that it’s time for the photoshoot. He has eyes only for Fahsai upon his arrival, and notes the bracelet around her wrist. He looks so pleased about that- and that is the cutest thing ever. But Fahsai’s face falls as Dr.Kwan arrives, better food in tow. Fahsai had brought a lunch box for everyone.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 21.58.50 Screenshot 2016-08-11 21.59.51

As Chief introduces the two, Daniel keeps his eyes on Fahsai. But Kwan is putting out all of the stops and even offers to shake his hand. Daniel gives her a friendly welcome, but then goes in search of Fahsai. He tightens the bracelet and tells her to make sure it’s snug, wouldn’t want to lose it. Fahsai asks to put it away for the photoshoot but Daniel says the moment she takes it off, he’s out of here. Lol. Fahsai mutters that he’s so selfish. He grins and taps his finger to her forehead and says it’s because of her. Why so cute? Daniel takes one of her lunchbox with him. Kwan sees this and seethes in anger.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 22.02.30 Screenshot 2016-08-11 22.05.05

Big Sis Fai positions her camera angle right at the men of Mungkorn Thong. She keeps smiling as she sneaks a picture of Piu. But as she looks up again, there are only two men, Piu is missing from the frame. The man shows up right next to her and says they have senses when it comes to spies. Piu jokes that she’s no spy, just someone who’s in an unrequited love. Haha. But Piu doesn’t laugh and warns her not to borrow trouble.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 22.13.04 Screenshot 2016-08-11 22.13.09

She chases after him but they both see a snake and freeze. Turns out it’s a rubber snake and Fai teases the right hand man for being a wimp. Piu says mafias are people too. Lol. Fai agrees and then tells him it means he could do what people do: laugh, cry, be afraid. He doesn’t have to wear a stoic, arrogant face all the time. Piu says he doesn’t have time to smile at anyone when he’s ensuring his boss’ safety. Fai says that’s only an excuse, she figures that due to his past, he’s afraid to be hurt again. She used to be like him but realizes that she ostracized herself that way, people stopped wanting to be around her. She then realizes that she can’t spend the rest of her time on this earth, alone. Fai tells him she means well.

Piu listens with an impartial face and wonders what she wants from him. Fai says she only wants him to smile, because when he does smile, he’s just as handsome as Daniel. Aw. She’s so sweet. He advises her that if she wants him to be happy, she should stop meddling in his life. Oh you tight lipped you.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 22.18.39 Screenshot 2016-08-11 22.19.14

And then what happens next is hysterical. Nuth had been in the van searching for Ramet’s wallet when she sees Piu’s reflection on the car: he’s stretching his face into a smile. Haha. His faces goes from smiling widely to frowning. Nuth stares at him like he’s crazy. She reports this to Fai who is so pleased to hear it. She vows to make him happy so that he could glance her way and accept her love. Haha. That’s my girl. Nuth reminds her friend that they are a lady, they shouldn’t make the first move. Fai begs to differ, finding a good, single guy is near impossible in this day and age, so when you meet one, you must hold on to him.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 22.48.10 Screenshot 2016-08-11 22.50.16

Kwan calls Fahsai over to help her with her shoes, but she looks like she’s up to no good. Kwan questions why Daniel gave Fahsai a bracelet and Fahsai says it’s a gift from HK, he gives one to everybody. Ha. Kwan smiles and notes how cute that makes Daniel, however if the gift falls on someone who likes to imagine things, that person would think that Daniel has some special feelings for her. She wonders if anyone is like that at Fahsai’s office. Fahsai assures her that every women in her office are quite sane, thank you very much. Kwan says it’s a good thing then, that way she could feel rest assured when she visits LOLA with Daniel. Look whose imaginations has run wild. Fahsai says Dr.Eit wouldn’t be happy to hear this because she knows how it feels to be betrayed by one’s boyfriend. Kwan says Fahsai should take on the duty then since Kwan won’t have any more time for Dr. Eit.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 22.55.33 Screenshot 2016-08-11 22.55.39

What happens next is kind of painful for Fahsai to watch as Daniel and Kwan pose for the magazine. They have to get all close, but the great part is that Daniel only smiles for Fahsai. Everyone relish how suitable these two are for each other and Fahsai can’t take it and starts to walk away. But Big Sis and Nuth root for her to stay and not allow Kwan to make her feel small. Fahsai mutters that she’s not even “anything” to Daniel, which makes Big Sis scoff that even a baby could tell how Daniel feels about her. Lol. Nuth adds that Daniel isn’t a wandering eye like Dr.Eit, truer words.

Fahsai turns back to look at the two and sadly says that she doesn’t have anything to compare with Daniel. Fai pouts that Fah gets insecure so easily. Nuth says that no one is as daring as her.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.02.16 Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.04.29

Chernming paints Fahsai’s picture and gets a report from Tiang Kong that Mungkorn Thong is up to something in Bangkok and that they need to keep their ears peeled.

Fahsai gets called away to the parking lot with an excuse that Ramet is asking for her, but that’s just a decoy. Instead, she gets abducted.

Kwan makes an excuse that she didn’t realize that photoshoots can take all day, she doesn’t feel confident driving back to the city alone. Being the ever gentleman, Daniel offers his car and that his men could drive hers back. Kwan smiles and says she’d like to treat him to a meal for his kind consideration. But a second later, Nuth rushes in to report that Fahsai is missing and without a thought to Kwan, Daniel and his men rushes out. Ha.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.08.27 Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.09.06

Fahsai is carried through the woods on the shoulders of a masked man. He drags her towards the river and prepares to shoot her, but a knife slices his hand. It’s Mungkorn Thong to the rescue! Talk about speed. Daniel pulls her into his arms and as they walk away, keeps her close to his side. Squeal. His men chase after the masked man, oh he has blond hair! And left hand man is shot! Oh no! Piu feels that the perpetrator is someone close to them because he’s familiar with the fighting technique. Daniel says they’ll find out soon. He asks for the bracelet back and Fahsai is smart enough to figure out that there must be a tracker in her bracelet.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.13.42 Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.13.48

Piu inserts the bracelet in the computer and does some research but when Daniel overhears Fahsai’s voice, he gets a little distracted. Ha. Piu grins. Daniel spots the neck tattoo immediately on the video. He recalls his father warning him to stay away from Fahsai and Daniel phones his father immediately.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.15.52 Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.18.56

The older man admits that it was his doing because Daniel could not obey his instructions. Weakness is forbidden, especially love. Daniel exasperates over the phone ‘do I not have a right to love then?’ Dad says of course he does, but with a worthy woman, not a troublemaker like Botan. Tears fill Daniel’s eyes, how does he NOT make them fall? Keeping them brimming just at the rims take skills. He flashes back to when Botan was alive and someone from the gang leaked proprietary information and it was determined that she did it.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.20.37 Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.21.38

In present time Dad says he won’t allow anyone to jeopardize the gang. Daniel surmises that Alin’s death was dad’s doing as well. Dad answers that it doesn’t matter who, he will kill them all if they risk the gang’s prosperity. Daniel questions what kind of prosperity sacrifices people’s lives. Daniel says that HE’S the leader of the gang, not Daddy-o. The gang will prosper the right way because then members will have the right to be like normal people, to live and love like normal people. And that is why we love you, Daniel. AND THEN he orders dad to obey orders and forbid him to touch Fahsai. OMG, so badass. Who’s your daddy now?

Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.19.19 Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.28.16

Mom has been listening to her husband’s conversation when she finally walks out and says he should consider Fahsai’s parents too. How would they feel if something bad happened to their daughter? Dad relents that it cannot be helped, they allowed their daughter to be involved with his son.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.32.15 Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.35.01

The team members at Lola doesn’t believe that Fahsai got abducted so they scold her for inconveniencing everyone. Kwan chimes in that Fahsai ought to be more careful so it doesn’t happen to her again. Pfft. Daniel says they can’t find the culprit and the marketing girl runs her mouth and says they have to find him and punish him. Piu leans over and adds that they should cut off the tongue of those with a big mouth. Ha.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.49.37 Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.38.30

Fahsai’s face is still quite dirty from tumbling on the ground. Daniel asks if she’s ok and says he’d like to take her to the hospital himself. Kwan inserts herself and says they can drop Fahsai off together since they have plans on going to the city together. Daniel says he can’t go with Kwan, haha, because he has to take care of Fahsai. He is too awesome for words. Big Sis and Nuth give each other a high five. Me too. Me too!

Daniel leans down, ever closely to Fahsai’s face and says, “You come with me.” He takes her hand and they walk off. Everyone but Kwan squeals.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.42.09 Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.46.22

Fai follows Kwan to put a couple of words in. Fai says the good doctor ought to heed caution while working with so many medication, in case she ends up getting hurt by a broken glass. Kwan says she’s smart, she knows how to avoid pain. Fai warns her not to be arrogant because some bottles are not meant for Kwan to hold on to. Kwan says the more difficult and challenging a bottle, the more she likes it. I don’t think we are talking about medicine bottles anymore. That comparison does get under Kwan’s skin though. Kwan is about to make things even more difficult for Fahsai.

The marketing girl hitches a ride with Nuth and Fai, much to their dismay. But the car is tight. Out walks Piu who peers at the car and says that although boss told him to look after them, he doesn’t think it’s feasible to squeeze everyone in. Fai’s expression is priceless. She kicks marketing girl out of the car. Haha.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.51.09 Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.51.24

Daniel and Fahsai arrive at a country home which confuses Fahsai. He asks her to spend a night with him here. Ee! Fahsai says she can’t, her parents would worry. Daniel offers to ask for permission and gives his word that their daughter would not be ruined. But Fahsai notes something wrong with Daniel, she asks if there’s something bothering him. He takes her face in his hands and says that he’s upset to be away from her. Swoon.

Fahsai asks if he has seen the culprit in the video. Daniel asks her instead, “Fahsai, you spoke of forgiveness. Would you have the heart to forgive the person who hurt you?” Fahsai asks if Daniel knows the culprit then, and he admits that he does. The person opted to kill her because of him. Talk about honesty. Fahsai tells him that she would forgive that person, but she also wants him to forgive that person. She doesn’t want him to fight again or get hurt. Aw, these two.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.54.33 Screenshot 2016-08-11 23.55.49

Ponchai (the occasional hired hand by Suer Khao) gets a visit from Officer Thep, who says that they have footage of Ponchai breaking into a condo. Ponchai denies that it was him and the picture isn’t clear. Officer Thep grasps him by the lapels and demands to know who paid him. Ponchai spits that it’s the foreign mafias. But he didn’t say which ones. His minion says that if Tiang Kong knows that he told the police, they’re in deep shit. Ponchai orders his man to kill the cop. That’s pretty daring.

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Officer Thep gets gunned down in his truck and as he nearly gets shot by the villain, Piu rescues him. Officer Thep thanks him but Piu relents that he would do the same if he drove by two dogs fighting. Oh, you. The cop tells him to take his gratitude because although Piu saved his life, he won’t be able to save him from the legal cases against his gang. Piu says he has never threatened anyone, he means it when he kills someone. Fai chirps in that she guarantees Piu doesn’t threaten people needlessly. The cop says that the villains admit that a foreign gang ordered him to kill the three girls, and if it isn’t his gang, then whose is it? Dude, use your brains. How many foreign gangsters are in the city right now? Piu says he could figure out who did it.

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Chernming gets a call from Piu who states that he’s a coward who bullies women. Chernming huffs and denies any involvement, but Piu tells him that someone from his gang ordered a villain named Ponchai to threaten the girls. Piu tells Chernming to get a hold of his men because if word reaches boss about this, Suer Khao won’t have any peace.

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Fahsai searches the closet for some clean clothes, but she could only come up with a large dress shirt. Daniel drinks away some of the pain from the realization about his dad, and that’s how she finds him. His cheeks are blush red as he reaches for another glass of alcohol. She stops him and asks what’s wrong. He gives her his sad, puppy dog eyes and needs confirmation that she won’t betray him…

And we end here! Gah! I want MORE!


What a great episode. In the romance and squeal department, sure, but also story and character development too. Daniel steps up as the leader in many ways, and I love that he has grand ideals for his gang, doing the right thing so that they can live like normal people. What I am so afraid, because I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop, is that the people he love, namely his dad, has committed some serious crimes without batting an eye, and Daniel’s going to be pitted against a crisis of: can a gang leader like him LIVE and LOVE like a normal person? Is that even possible? I would hate to see his dream crushed. Because he’s just doing his darnest to live by the straight and narrow.

I think there’s more to just dad being the one behind all of the bad things. He admits his faults so easily that I’m inclined to think there’s another person. Sure, he’s bad too, but maybe not as bad as another person? Could it be Tiang Kong? I don’t know, they all seem so loyal and would do anything for their gang that it makes me think one thing and then second guess myself. See, that’s what this show does to me.

But how much do I love all of the romantic pairings in this show? Daniel and Fahsai always pick each other up, and complement each other so well. Even though Fahsai may feel inferior, she’s not rich, nor a great profession, nor whatever, but she fits perfectly with him. She makes him smile and hope for a better life, hopefully one that is with her. I love that Daniel is so straight forward and honorable. It is no wonder girls are falling at his feet, and men want to take selfies with him. I like the snippet of flashback with former besties Daniel and Chernming. But what I love most is that in the present, he has his loyal sidekick Piu who would take a bullet for him, or keep things from him that would break his heart, such as Fahsai’s betrayal.

Oh it’s going to get angsty. Daniel is revved up to the point where one more betrayal would probably kill his ideals, not to mention him. Fahsai could not muster up the courage to confess yet and we can see that it torments her, especially in the final scene, where he’s looking at her with trust in his eyes, pleading for her to be loyal and genuine- because if he has her trust he could DO anything. And she wants to embrace it but lies are starting to pile up. Ugh, don’t hurt my baby!

I also adore Piu and Fai, especially Fai because every girl wants a bestie like her. Piu won’t stand a chance. Fai will just overwhelm him with her love, lol. There was a picture in the media where characters Piu and Fai kiss under water, and I thought it was during the scene where they jumped into the water to run away from the baddies, but we never saw that. I think maybe show edited it out? If so, darn it. Is there a quota of one lip locking per episode?

Because that means we’re gonna get some action in the next one, right. Wee! Preferably a tear induced, alcohol laden, cheeks a’blushin kiss between Daniel and Fahsai in that romantic country home. I’m keeping tabs show, you owe us one. Joop joop. (Kiss kiss)