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There is no time like the present to start talking about upcoming lakorns this year. I know life has been pretty busy for everyone – at least for me – and it’s not always easy to find a spot to organize and review upcoming shows. I hope to do that here, for our mutual benefit. Feel free to join the club – lakorn club if you will – and chime in if I’ve missed anything or you’d simply like to offer your two cents.

First and foremost, I primarily watch Channel 3 lakorns for many reasons, the quality of the production, the writing, the availability, and of course the talented actors. Also because of the familiarity, it’s like cozying up with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket- you know it’s gonna get comfortable.

Having said that, there are a handful of lakorns that gets aired each year and manages to make it to my top ratings list. If lakorn trends from previous experience are any indication, GREAT lakorn is truly hard to come by. You know, that one lakorn that resonates and embeds in your heart forever. The kind you can turn on during a rainy day and rewatch. The storyline and characters that take your breath away. I’m sure if the lakorn gods knew the recipe for success, they’d be bottling it and dropping dimes. But at least, to me Channel 3 has continued to seek that elusive perfect lakorn.

There are lakorn offerings from other TV providers, such as Channel 7, TV5, Channel 9, and the cable/satellite providers such as TrueVisions and GMM. And we can certainly touch on their upcoming shows on a different article, however, the challenge with many of these channels is the availability. Sure, one can scour the internet and find streaming sites, but if you have a great show in your hot little hands, wouldn’t you want to show it off? I am a big believer and supporter of companies that make it easy for me to enjoy these shows. It’s all about being user-friendly these days- don’t make me jump through hoops in order to watch your show. I will say that GMM has gone above and beyond to even offer English subtitles to their international fans, and it is my goal to get familiar with their offerings this year.

But that is not what we’re focusing on today. The purpose of this article is to discuss Channel 3’s upcoming shows, so let’s get to it.

So far this year, Ch3 released the following lakorns:

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Among the aforementioned shows, I have seen two to its completion, and both made it to the top of my ratings list, which I find really lucky to have seen two amazing lakorns so far this year. Unfortunately midway through Chat Payak, I dropped the lakorn due to lack of sustained interest in the show.


Tarm Ruk Keun Jai and Padiwarada are great because both made me feel. Tarm Ruk Keun Jai may not have a romantic centric plot, but the strong affection from Khun Singh, and the tenacious Noona who is trying to reconcile with her long lost father, makes you root for the whole team. Padiwarada would be my most favorite lakorn so far – not only because of James Ji as Palad Saran – but of the myriad of things that marry well in this lakorn (pun intended) between the director, the actors and the writer, oh especially the writing. There were a whole host of emotions while watching this, but at the end of the day, Show made me really care for Saran and Rin, and makes me tune in to find out whether the marriage can sustain the test of social status, pride and time.

Now currently airing on primetime are:

Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wiset (When a Man Loves a Woman) – James Ma and Kimberly Voltemas
Pirun Pram Ruk – Bomb Tanin and Ice Amena
Nang Tard – Por Nattawut and Yam Matira

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As you know, When a Man Loves a Woman is my current recapping project. I am going to reserve my final judgement until the show comes to a close. But it’s obvious to say that the pairing is hot and the cinematography is beautiful. So far in the show, I find that the the writing (story, plot) is the weakest link. Please share your thoughts on Pirun Pram Ruk and Nang Tard if you’re currently watching them.

There are quite the long list of upcoming lakorns for the remainder of the year:

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I want to touch on the lakorns I’m actually anticipating. I’ll be checking each first episode out (and possibly recap if it’s captivating enough).

Kleun Cheewit by LakornThai, although I’m not really looking forward to the melodrama, I am a big fan of the production team. I plan to at least check out the first few episodes and see if I want to continue.

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Sai Lap Rak Puan for Ploy Chermarn. I haven’t seen her in awhile and would love to see what shenanigans she will pull in this show.

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Nang Ay – it’s a remake – and I actually quite liked the old version so I’m curious to see if Great and Nicha will do the characters justice.

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And finally, of course Leh Lap Salup Rarng – because of Yadech – AND its body switching! Can’t wait for the hilarity to ensue!

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There are several lakorns currently in fitting or has possibly started its filming:

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I’m mostly looking forward to Buang Hong for James Jirayu, Bupae Saniwat for Pope Thanawat, Plerng Boon for Pong and Bella, and finally Neung Dao Faa Diow for Mario and Taew (reunion!)

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Although I try to be as inclusive as possible for Channel 3 lakorns, I might have missed/left out a few lakorns. Feel free to add to the list! What lakorns are you looking forward to? I am planning on delving more into the ones I’m looking forward to (meaning more blog posts and summaries), as more information become available.