I read an article today about the trends that will shape consumer behavior this year. One of the things the author mentioned is “escape,” which speaks to our world of austerity and grown up responsibility, and that in the midst of all of the daily responsibilities, we feel the overwhelming desire to let loose and let go. I find that this item speaks to my inability to remain still in this past month. I’m constantly seeking travels and wanderlusting activities where I can forget for a moment that I have work and bills to pay. I drive myself to the point of exhaustion balancing work and play, when really, what I should be doing is simply nothing.

My company is sending us on a retreat to Whistler for a long weekend, further exonerating that there can be work and play, but let’s not kid ourselves that a work retreat is all play and no work. Following this trip, I have a good friend’s wedding in another part of this world (destination weddings are the rage this year) and I’m thinking that before I could even do what I should do – which is nothing – I’m pretty sure I will be embroiled in everything.

So as life demands my time, I will try to get recaps for Rising Sun #2 when I have some free time. Although during those long days, all I really want to do is crawl in bed. And maybe eat chocolate chip cookies. Feel free to discuss what’s going on in your life or what lakorns you’re currently watching! What is your escape?