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Mayumi Takahashi allowed the first confession that Ryu Onitsuka had been keeping tabs on her for the past seven years roll off her back. I mean, the man could probably say anything to try to get in her good graces. Besides, she had been working very hard to keep her emotions at bay, she had become quite proficient in the past years relegating this very man in the deep recess of her heart. In addition, the doubts of his commitment is full-fledged, he tells her that he loves only her, yet there’s this woman who claims that he’s been seeing her for the past seven years.

But as much as she tried to deny that he’s pulling her leg or the fact that the feelings that she had buried deep within her heart had slowly risen to the surface, Mayumi could not deny the evidence that greeted her. It happened the day after she was injured, after Ryu washed her back and was the image of a perfect (albeit conniving) fiancé, and especially after she was ready to explode about the butterfly pin that he denied knowing anything about.

Mayumi recommended that he go back to “his” woman but Ryu claimed that there was no other woman, that she’s his one and only. Angry, Mayumi flung the pin to the ground, but as she fetched it, she spied his office door left ajar. Something caught her eye, but Ryu shut the door behind them and steered her away. Too late, her curiosity had been peaked.

She entered his office and spotted pictures of herself on his table.

“Aren’t those pictures ..” she inquired, confused.

“They’re pictures of you,” he answered.

Mayumi flashed back to his confession months before that even though she may not have seen him in the last seven years, that didn’t mean that he had disappeared. He had been following her all this time. Mayumi sat in his chair and opened the photo album that showed every moment of her life in the seven years’ time. The truth didn’t ring true until it stared her right in the face.

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Floored and touched, Mayumi turned to Ryu, who had been watching her reaction.

“You’ve been following me all this time?” she asked him.

He nodded his head and kneeled before her, they are at eye level. He gathered her hands and said, “Seven years ago, I lost you due to my responsibility. But today, this moment, I refuse to lose you again.”

The tears rolled down Mayumi’s face as she listened to him, as her heart melted.

“I’ve never left you, never taken my eyes off of you. You are my love, the most beautiful thing in my heart,” he confessed.

Mayumi croaked his name and threw her arms around him, holding him close. Ryu found his arms circling her back, much to his utmost shocking realization. She’s back in his arms.

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It was the moment Ryu had been dreaming about, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. You might have found yourself squealing with delight, slapping your faces from the ridiculous grin, or just floating to the high, high heavens. This momentous occasion certainly left me in a puddle of mush.

But even though our hero may finally reap what he sow in the heart department, he will also learn that ‘friendship’ or ‘allies’ is shifty in this world of power play. Ryu and company do their best to rescue Haro but Ryu doesn’t realize that by saving a woman (who thereby had caused Haro’s imprisonment to begin with) may earn him a new enemy. Not to mention, the one good cop in the police force does not appreciate being used in Onitsuka’s scheme to rescue Haro. Nothing in this world is a guarantee when the Big Bad is maneuvering his chess pieces.

But let’s forget about the baddies that are abundantly present in this show for a moment and revel in the newness of Ryu and Mayumi. The fact that the barrier between their sleeping beds is gone, the fact that Ryu steals his hand around her waist and gives her kisses, and the fact that he pouts because she’s only permitting him to hold her prior to their wedding date. Hee. Ryu asked for a concession though: he would like to call her ‘kimi tee rak’ while she call him ‘anatak tee rak.’ Mayumi agreed, which caused an onslaught of kisses again. Cuteness overload!

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The wake up scene is just as cute as the makeup scene. Mayumi encouraged him to proceed to work as any normal work day and after much resisting from Ryu, he planted a surprised kiss on her lips. His “good morning” kiss. Hee. Ryu was quite pleased with himself, leaving Mayumi grinning and shocked at the feel of his lips.

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When the seriousness of the situation crept up for Ryu, he asked his future bride if she was ready to face the dangers with him. Mayumi conceded that it is her fate to be his woman, so she is more than ready to face all adversities with him. They embraced and Ryu told her that she was his greatest strength.

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This newness is killing me though, because even though we can revel in their happiness, we are still holding our breath. Mayumi has not confessed about her doubts (which is getting ever so thick), but she’s trying to keep it at bay. Ryu adorned the daisy necklace on her and said that the first time he gave her the necklace; it was to wish her luck for her test. But now, the necklace will represent his love and commitment to her. He kissed the daisy flower that hovered ever so closely to her collar bone (swoon) and pleaded that no matter what happens she must trust him. She listened and smiled, making us wonder if doubt still lingered in her mind.

Things spiraled for the worse when Ryu received a warrant for an investigation – apparently one of Haro’s members was found dead at Onitsuka’s holding – thanks to Misawa and the Big Bad. Mayumi pulled her man close and hugged him from behind, giving him her encouragement and concern.

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There is something different between the chemistry of Yaya and Nadech in this latest collaboration. They are older, more skilled actors, and definitely more comfortable with each other, invoking convincing lovely dovey scenes – so much so that I am left so very afraid of what is to come, and what can potentially keep our loving duo from the love that they deserve. I’m happy and I’m sad, and I’m just a big old mess. And I’m totally swooning over Ryu-Nadech!

I’m sure that you’ve already been through this (since I’m soo behind) but dang it, the foreboding is so palpable! I need a moment!