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Ganlong finally gets her answer and is forced to face the truth. Kemchart learns what he’s been waiting to hear yet never dreams of, which also brings him to his biggest regret. Su is avoiding everything as usual, but we finally learn why she appeared back in Kemchart’s life. Looks like Eua is the only person trying to keep the sanity around, patching up hurt feelings and working his magic as usual.


Ganlong glances around her living room that’s adorned with flowers in preparation for her engagement ceremony with Kemchart. But she’s second-guessing her decision in going through with the nuptials because Kemchart hasn’t acted as the groom. Eua approaches her with a set of jewelry that his grandma had wanted her to wear to match her outfit, and Ganlong shares her doubts with him.

“It’s so strange P’Eua, you’ve helped me with so many things – more than my own fiancé- and in all honesty, I’m feeling uncertain whether I’m making the right decision.”

“You have time to change your mind,” he advises.

“But I don’t want to hurt Kemchart. If there’s really nothing and I’m just fabricating all of this in my head, he would be truly hurt.”

“But does Kemchart ever consider whether he’s hurting you?” Oh, P’Eua, touché. “Or maybe he’s hurting you without even realizing it. Being hurt and keeping it to yourself might not be the right thing to do.”

Eua turns her to him, “You still have one more night. Think carefully.”

The sweet, sweet man stands by the door watching her contemplate.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 5.42.03 PM

In Kemchart’s room, torn pictures of him and Su’s former days are spread out on the floor. Dried forget me not flowers and other memorabilia’s are strewn about. He flashes back to the scenes that Su has told him that she chooses to move on, to forget painful memories. However the evidences contradicted her words, those pictures she kept, those memorabilia’s were all poignant memories of their past. He remembers that they were on a mountaintop waiting to see the sea when he promises her that he will never let her go cold.

Kemchart tapes the pieces of every picture back together and pins it to the wall. With a regretful tone he says, “You’ve kept all of our past, Wadee. How come you never told me.. that you’ve never forgotten?”

Su lies in bed thinking of his last insult, not knowing that he has picked through her garbage.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 5.41.40 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 5.42.23 PM

Day of the engagement ceremony arrives but Somkit finds Kemchart on the floor, neither ready nor dressed for the occasion.

Kemchart mumbles, “Wadee never forgotten our past. She was only pretending to be indifferent, pretending not to care. She kept everything from our past,” Somkit glances at the photos on the wall, “even today. I never knew. I’ve misunderstood her all this time. I thought that she has forgotten me. But that’s not the case. She just threw everything out yesterday. If I didn’t see it, didn’t take it, I would never know. All this time I’ve done things – I’ve hurt her, ruined her love.” The tears pour out of Khemchart’s eyes.

“I know,” Somkit starts, “it’s hard to accept the truth of what you could have had. But there’s one other reality that you must be responsible for. Right here, it’s Khun Su’s feelings. But in the future – actually in a couple of hours – it’s Khun Gane’s feelings. Another woman that loves you, she’s waiting for you – your engagement is waiting for you. Let the past be the past – you must move on. There’s no time to dwell in the past. You must get up and get pass this! You have already ruined Khun Su, and if you don’t get up and go to the engagement, there’s another woman you will ruin.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 5.57.51 PM

At the bride’s house, Ganlong is still uncertain. The beautiful, traditional gown awaits her. She admits her doubts to her dad, “I’m not sure. (What’s wrong.) I’m wondering why I’m not happy..“

Her dad assures her that if she’s not ready, she needs only to say it. He will end this for her – the guests are only close family and friends so they would understand.

Ganlong walks into her dad’s arms, “Thank you dad, but I don’t have an answer yet.”

He tells her that she can have the answer later.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 6.06.14 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 6.13.00 PM

Su makes sure that the wedding arrangement and ceremony is scheduled to run smoothly. As she prepares to take out the garbage, she gets light headed, but she tells Eua that it’s due to the lack of sleep. She asks Eua to check on the bride.

Wanita and Orn offers their fake congratulations to Kem while Kem’s eyes follow Su.

Eua is the first to see the beautiful Ganlong whose smile doesn’t quite reach her eyes. He tells her that she’s stunning and asks to take a picture for grandma. He takes her hand and reassures her that no matter what she decides today, she will always have him by her side. Aw.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 6.14.27 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 6.18.22 PM

As the wedding procession take their spots, Somkit and Wiboon realizes that Kemchart is missing. The groom is in pursuit of Su by the back of the house. He stops her from walking away and tells her that he knows the truth.

Ganlong notices them from the upstairs window.

“What truth?”

“That you’re not over me. You’ve kept everything, you only threw it away last night.”

“I don’t need to get over you. We’re done, don’t you get it? Whatever I throw away means that I no longer need it. I kept those things not because I’m fond of them, it’s because I forgot to throw them away.”

“I don’t believe it.”

“That’s your problem. Stop doing this, it’s annoying!”

Kemchart pulls her closer, “No I can’t! I just can’t forget you.”

Ganlong watches from above, crying.

“It doesn’t matter,” Su says, “to me there’s nothing worth remembering.” She removes his hands from her and walks away. Somkit finds him and ushers him away. Meanwhile Su hides behind a tree, not meaning anything she said.

Poor Ganlong, she heard it all.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 6.23.51 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 6.26.07 PM

The ceremony commences as the guest settles in, awaiting the bride. In the process of walking to her groom, Ganlong pauses. Su walks over to straighten the bride’s clothes, as Kemchart gets up to escort her. Ganlong could only look at Su and Kem with hurt in her eyes.

Suddenly, the photographer knocks over the flowering arches and Kem immediately rescues Su while Eua reaches over to pull Ganlong out of harm’s way. Unfortunately Kem’s head gets knocked against the floor and he falls out of conscious. Ganlong peers at Kem’s body on top of Su.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 6.51.24 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 6.51.47 PM

Ganlong rushes out with anger and hurt. The evil Orn and Wanita spat to Su that they feel sorry for Ganlong who apparently has been raising a poisonous snake who inevitably bit her.

Ganlong is devastated but her P’Eua is right there with her as she runs into his arms. She tells him that the two had chatted earlier and they’ve confirmed everything that she had suspected: they love each other. Kem doesn’t love her. Eua tells her to cry it out, to let it all out, he would be the one to wipe her tears away. Aw.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 6.58.13 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 7.10.18 PM

Kemchart gains consciousness and asks after the engagement. Somkit replies that they had to take him to the hospital and without a groom, Ganlong’s father ended the engagement ceremony. Kemchart feels badly and feared that the news won’t come out favorably so he wants to go to Ganlong. However Somkit suggests he think about why he’s going back: he had been the one to save another woman when he should be saving his fiancé! Everyone had witnessed it. How is he going to explain it to Ganlong, now that she’s seen everything with her own eyes? He needs to come to terms with what he wants, and choose one.

Channa drops Su off at home and questions on whether she knows how Kemchart feels about her? He acts as if he doesn’t like her, but he ends up saving her over his fiancé, this goes to show that he must really care about her. Su explains that it was nothing – deny deny deny – she doesn’t want to determine what his actions mean. Channa says that when she does determine how Kemchart feels about her, she ought to tell him because as a friend, he would like to know too.

Eua tucks Ganlong in bed as her dad walks in. The older man doesn’t agree from the beginning to have Su help coordinate the wedding. Eua tells him that Su probably isn’t happy with the outcome either, but it’s hard to say how Kemchart feels since he hasn’t surfaced.

The aforementioned man is staring at his wall of pictures, trying to make sense of his feelings. The stash of dowry sits on his table, returned by the father of the bride.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 7.23.38 PM

Su heads back to work with Channa and Honey, who claims that yesterday’s party was so boring, wait til Su gets married to her dad, it would be much more fun. The parents are left in the dark about what happened yesterday. Su has a really bad habit of leaving her children. I get her parents are taking care of them, but still!

Kemchart finally confronts Ganlong with the truth.

“I’m waiting for an explanation,” she says.

“I apologize.”

“For what?”

Kem starts, “For hiding it from you. For not telling you. During college, I met a woman. Her name was Suriyawadee. We dated since our first year but she broke up with me to marry someone else. I never heard from her again. But not too long ago, she returned back to my life. She changed her name to –“

“Suriyong,” Ganlong utters.

“All this time I tried forgetting her. I believe I can forget her.”

“But you can’t,” Ganlong answers for him.

“I thought I hated her. Hated her for leaving me, for being a gold digger. I thought I hate her deeply.”

“But in fact you still love her.”

As he takes a step closer, Ganlong slaps him across the face. “Why did you have to lie to me? Why can’t you just be honest from the get go?!”

He kneels down and apologizes again.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 7.47.11 PM

“I don’t want to hear your apologies again. I don’t believe liars! So everything that had happened in Switzerland, they were all lies weren’t they? There’s no truth to it! You mislead me into staying here so that you can be alone with your ex girlfriend. Everything was a lie!”

“Not everything –“ Kemchart interrupts. “You’re the only woman that I need to marry. That’s the truth.”

Ganlong shakes her head, “that was the only truth? That will NEVER happen. I can’t marry someone who doesn’t even know his own feelings and end up hurting others! How can you ever be sincere with anyone in this lifetime? I’m terminating everything. We are DONE!” She rushes upstairs, leaving Kemchart to call out her name.

After a fit of crying, Ganlong approaches her dad and tells him that she has the answer to her future now.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 7.51.21 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.53.32 PM

The news that Ganlong and Kemchart’s wedding was called off reaches Su. Channa asks her if she knew the reason why they broke up (he’s so gossipy and annoying!)

Eua visits Ganlong’s house only to learn that she has left to another province to be alone. He also learns that the engagement and wedding is off – Ganlong and Kemchart are officially over.

At the hospital Aom doesn’t believe the attorney who relents that Su is waiting for her to get well before she signs the document. Aom is so prejudiced against Su’s family that she thinks they aren’t sincere about anything, making her food or being nice to her. She only accepts that there are only three people in her family. After a fit of rage, her condition exacerbates. She overhears that no one has come to visit her, Eua is busy with work and Orn hasn’t stopped by. Su’s parents bring her food and visit her because they feel badly that she’s alone. No matter if she hates them, they have to repay her father by taking care of her. Aom frowns, this is against everything that she believed in. Could she possibly soften towards what she’s hearing?

Eua pays a visit to Kem’s home, who had been avoiding work and moping alone. Eua spots the pictures on the wall and learns that Kem and Su was an item in college. But what irks Eua even more is that Ganlong was not aware, which means that Kem was trying to get Su back and string Ganlong along all this time. Now he’s moping and hiding at home? Eua calls him a coward who doesn’t take responsibility for his actions. Kem doesn’t argue with that, he has hurt two women. He doesn’t know what he will do next. Eua asks him who he loves then. Kem could only answer that he could never forget Su. Eua punches Kem immediately when he hears this, he calls him a coward again – that he can’t accept his own feelings – and if he continues to be this way, then he can stop seeing both Su and Ganlong.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.54.24 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.03.04 PM

Su develops sensitivity to the smell of coffee and feeling light headed frequently. We all know where the symptoms are pointing to right?

Meanwhile Eua decides to go looking for Ganlong, who is having some R&R time at the beach. He wants to take her home but Ganlong tells him she’s enjoying her time parasailing. He questions whether it can help her escape reality. Eua mentions that he knows everything now, she needs to accept the truth about Kem and Su’s past.

“Why am I always the one who has to accept things? You want me to accept things? Fine! I have! I know that they used to love each other in the past, they still do. So that’s why I left so I can be alone. What do you want from me?”

“You’re just running away. You haven’t accepted the truth yet.”

“What do you want me to do? You want me to go back and watch their happily ever after? I can’t do it. I’m not strong enough.”

“No one is happy. Su is back at work with Khun Channa. Kemchart hasn’t gone to work, doesn’t answer any phone calls and he hasn’t gone looking for Su. No one has accepted the truth, no one is happy about this. So you must accept this, if you stop here you will never be happy.”

Ganlong doesn’t know how to get pass this. Eua tells her that she just needs to be herself again. She always finds a way. He sweetly caresses her head. She finally gives him a small smile.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.55.11 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.13.49 PM

Kemchart is still in bed, unable to move. And Su’s symptoms worsen.

Meanwhile Orn and Wanita read the gossip magazine about the failed wedding. They laugh on Ganlong and Kem’s behalf. Aom starts to see her sister in a different light. She questions Orn if Orn would take care of her if she wants to go home, would she take care of her if she’s sick or even handicapped? Orn replies that she would just hire someone to do it because she doesn’t know how. Aom flashes back to what she overheard between Su’s parents, that even if they know that Aom hates them, they would still take care of her.

Ganlong sees her news on the paper but has somewhat accepted the truth and decides to have a more positive attitude about it. Seems like only Eua can bring her around.

Channa suggests that Su takes some time off to go home and rest. She has been sick and he is worried about her more than his hotel.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.14.06 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.19.15 PM

Now that Eua has talked some sense in Ganlong, he works on Su next. He tells her that everyone knows about the truth between her and Kemchart now. Su doesn’t want to talk about it, but Eua begs to differ, if she had said something, Ganlong wouldn’t want to engage with Kemchart and things wouldn’t be so messed up.

“And how did you want me to approach this? Ganlong, Kem and I were dating in college but I had a family emergency and needed to marry to pay off our debt. I don’t want him back, but I just wanted you to know that? Is that what you want me to say? Do you think things will be better if I say that?” Su counters.

“If you don’t want him back then why did you go back to him?

“Whether you believe it or not, it was a coincidence. The company offered the position and it was the only opportunity to support my family. I thought that he would forget about our past (move on), I thought we could work together.”

“But he couldn’t forget..”

“-and I tried to quit, you know that. It wasn’t easy, everything was convoluted.”

“And do you still love Kemchart?” Eua questions.

“Our story has ended a long time ago. It can’t ever be the same again. What he did to me is unforgiveable. I will never love someone like that again.”

“What is the unforgiveable thing he did?”

“Just believe me. Some things are best left unsaid. Even if Khun Gan and Kem didn’t marry, it doesn’t mean that we could get back together again,” she finally says. But as she walks away, she starts to get dizzy.

Su thinks about what she said earlier and shuts her eyes. Maybe she knows that she’s pregnant and the ‘unforgiveable’ thing he did is showing itself very soon..

I’m not a fan of using coincidence as a plot point; I would much rather have a purpose as to why they meet again. I haven’t been a fan of either Kemchart or Suriyong and it certainly hasn’t changed now. Thank goodness for P’Eua.

Much of this episode is sad, but we all knew it was coming. Theme of this episode is that no one is happy. And the only way to be happy is to face the truth and accept your feelings. Well, in that case, I’m going to find my happy place. Better watch another evening drama to get my mood in a better place!