Kemchart must have done an insane amount of merit from his past life because in this lifetime, everyone – in exception to our heroine Su – is so nice to him. We see that he’s withdrawn, sad, giving up hope with life. His father figure, Somkit, cannot fathom to see his beloved employer depressed and seeks Ganlong’s help. He shamelessly asks Ganlong to help Kemchart and his company by kneeling down and begging. Ganlong, being the sweetheart that she is, could only give in. But before she helps Kemchart, she wants to know how Su really feels about him. With a person who is as tightlipped and stubborn as Su, one has to use sneaky methods. Ganlong pretends to be angry at Su and Kemchart so that Su will eventually reveal how she feels. Understanding that Su would much rather Ganlong hate her instead of Kemchart, Ganlong receives her answer. She talks some sense into Kemchart, literally slaps him around a couple of times until he wakes up to smell the sea (so to speak.) She tells him that it is time for him to get up and FIX things.

Knowing that Ganlong doesn’t hate him and will still be friends with him, Kemchart finds the energy to give life another go. From here on out, he will try to make it right with Su again, as well as apologize to anyone he has hurt along the way. Particularly in this episode, it’s Su’s time to give Kemchart what he deserves. And yet, I can’t find the pity in my heart to feel badly for Kemchart, nor the excitement that Su finally gets her moment.

Is it bad that I could watch Ganlong and P’Eua decorate cakes all day long?

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