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Yah Leum Chan: Episode 5



Kanlong runs into Kemchart’s arms – “I never imagined someone would see the value of my work like this!” Su looks away, pained.

Kem pulls Su close and says to her, “After work don’t go home yet, I have a surprise for you.”

We see Kemchart in the pool with the twin boys waving at Suriyong. She waves and smiles back.

Orn confronts Eua, “There’s gotta be something going on between Kem and his assistant!”

Wanita threatens Su to step aside, and when Su doesn’t, she pushes her into the pool.

In the next clip, Wanita snipes at Kanlong, “Even if you’re Kem’s wife, I don’t care!”

Then Su falls on top of Kem, which begs the question from Eua, “What’s going on between you and Kem?”

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