Pope Thanawat plays the boy that is wedged between Ploy Chermarn and Jui Jiranan in this epic romantic battle in Samee Tee Tra. The lakorn is a battle of the wills, with wit matching wit and seeing who comes out on top. In the original version, with the director Anne Thonprasom playing the main character, she had always stood out on top. No question about it. But what’s exciting about this newest rendition is that we have two leading ladies who are excellent actresses in their own right duking it out in this lakorn. Will Ploy outperform Jui who recently found a new home in Channel 3, or will Jui put on a performance of her life and steal the hearts of channel 3 fans?

As in the nature of these types of lakorns, Pope’s character is the ornament- the carrot dangling in the actresses eyes – but I have faith that Pope will breathe life into his character, as he always does in the characters that he portrays. With Ann Thong backing up this production, I know we are in for a treat.

And what better way to fuel the fire then by choosing the perfect original soundtrack? New and Jiew- in the way of Ploy and Jui’s character- proclaims that the boy is theirs..

“I Love What’s Mine” by New and Jiew – Samee Tee Tra OST (so reminiscent of the Boy is Mine by Brandy and Monica. The attitude, not the song of course.)

I’m sorry, this person is not yours.
Do refrain from contacting him
I pray you understand
Because it is my right to demand that you stay away from him

But I love what’s mine, can’t you understand?
I have the right to love too, right?
You ought to understand how much it hurts- as if your heart is slashed- when your love is taken away from you

I love what’s mine too
And what right do you have in telling me to come to terms with this?
I am suffering too
You don’t have to destroy our love

The battle is coming to us soon!

And a Happy Valentine’s Day Lovelies, may you hold on tight to your loved ones!

**Listen to the song here- I have only translated/showcased half of the song.