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Thanks so much for participating in the poll! The list of upcoming lakorns on the poll are ones that I plan on watching anyway, but your vote gives me a good idea on what you’d like to read and follow. To that end, I will be recapping the following lakorns to their completion:

Dao Kiaw Duen (The star woos the moon) starring Aum Atichart and Janie Tienphosuwan. The behind the scenes photos are the best, so let’s hope that the small screen does it justice. Brought to us by Broadcast Thai Production, this lakorn will take over the Weds-Thurs timeslot, scheduled to air on August 29th.  You can anticipate the recaps same day, pacific standard time.  Watch the teaser here (courtesy of Catmadtz.)

Following Dao Kiaw Duen is Ton Rak Rim Rua (Love starts at the fence.) Since the lakorn is literally 3 votes away from DKD, I thought it’s only fair to cover this as well. Also, because it is a weekend lakorn (scheduled to air after Nang Rai Sai Lub), I’m giving you fair warning that my recaps will not be live. Spearheading this lakorn is Maker Group, featuring Mark Prin and Kimberly Woltemas. Watch teaser here (courtesy of Kimmystationworld.)

As for the remaining lakorns (which I plan on watching anyway) I will write the first episodes’ recap. If I like it, I will most definitely continue, if not, at least you’ll get the first impression, no?

I am very excited for what is to come on this blog and the lakornworld: a modern feminist wooing an Artistocratic man to produce a baby of her own, not intending on falling in love of course, and a man helping his friend/neighbor out by agreeing to be her ‘real’ husband. So many rom coms in store for us! Who’s game?

joop joop (kiss kiss)

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