It’s almost mid August- where has the summer gone? The ‘dog days of summer’ certainly doesn’t pertain. What are you guys up to? Have vacationed to? Planning on going? And most importantly, what lakorns are you watching or spazzing over?

It seems this August, there’s not a lot of lakorns to get too excited about, or bent out of shape for. I’m watching Kaen Saneha and Nang Rai Sai Lub, with a whole lot of fast forwarding. Certainly makes the watching go by faster, but leaves me wondering, what next? It appears that (at least for me anyway) after the Gentlemen Series ended, I’m left adrift, wondering which shore to swim to. Which is totally appropriate, since I’m going to be swimming in San Diego beach this weekend. Hopefully, I’m not literally adrift..

I don’t currently have a topic to cover and will be on vacation for a couple of weeks. I am open to recap requests, feedback or just plain co-venting if you’d rather. (If I decide to pick up any recaps, it would be published on 8/25.) So I’m listening, (as well as my vocal and silent readers), so vent away..