~episode 9~
Having escaped from Grandma’s place before dinner time, Don and Pim head over to MK for a steamboat session where Don teases Pim for being so ‘rai’ with Grandma and Garaged. Don notes that Pim likes having steamboat and Pim replies, ‘It’s not just me, my family likes it too. It’s like spending time with people you love.’
‘Everyone likes spending time with those they love.’ Don looks pointedly at Pim while saying this. Awww. Pim does her embarrassed half smile and changes the topic by suggesting they go shopping for household items after eating. Suddenly! Out pops stalker Driwin and he stands in the distance watching on as Don and Pim talk happily over food.

Pim spots a toy vending machine outside the restaurant as they exit and tells Don excitedly how she and Pad loved turning for their favourite toy when they were young. They try for a toy and Pim claps her hands in glee when the cabbage ring she wants drops out. The capsule holding the toy slips out of Pim’s hands when she bends down to retrieve it and rolls to Driwin’s feet. Driwin returns it to Pim and totally ignores Don until Don unhappily hellos him. Driwin comments that the toy doesn’t suit their age and Don takes the toy ring from Pim, saying he’ll toss it if Pim thinks that way. Pim obviously fancies the toy ring but she holds her tongue in front of Driwin and asks what he is doing at the mall. Oh, just shopping for a gift for a friend but I have no idea what to buy, he says and Driwin successfully fishes from an offer from Pim to help with the gift shopping.

Driwin’s plan backfire when Pim suggests Don help with the picking of scented soaps and they end up discussing the products sweetly while Driwin stands at the sides. Not being able to stomach Pim and Don being sweet in front of him, Driwin leaves after the present for his imaginary friend is bought. Lol

Heeh, perhaps like what P’Pad says, it’s the quiet ones that are the trickiest! Don is getting better and better at teasing Pim and being amused by her reactions. That night he pretends that he threw away the toy ring much to Pim’s dismay when in actual fact he kept it. Pim is still sulking at Don the next morning but her sulky times get cut short when her parents suddenly show up at the apartment asking why she lied to them. Pim looks at them in shock, thinking that her fake marriage with Don is exposed. Turns out her parents are here because Dad got too stressed after hearing reports of Driwin courting Pim from Pad and had a nightmare about Don and Pimd’s marriage being fake. Eh, ok, too in-your-face foreshadowing show. The relieved Pom acts lovey-dovey with Don to reassure her parents before fleeing to work, leaving Don with her family. Bad move Pim!

Pad is unable to resist any longer and spills the beans on Pim’s marriage to his parents while Don prepares food for them in the kitchen. Dad and Mom are of course shocked and angry by the news and confronts Don. Pim’s family ranks as one of my favourite lakorn family ‘cos not only for being loving and funny, but also for being so very sensible about things. Pad helpfully reminds his parents that Pim is the one to blame and it’s funny how Don becomes the one defending Pim and rationalising her decision to lie. Mom fumes and declares that she must punish Don… by having him be her son-in-law foreverrrrrr! Dad figures if they feigned amnesia for the rest of their lives, Don and Pim’s marriage will have to remain. Lol, Don has gotten the golden seal of approval. So it’s set, everyone knows but everyone doesn’t and status-quo remains.

Pim tells Nen about Garaged being the fiance Grandma has arranged for him and vows to protect Don from the clutches of this evil woman. My reaction is the same as Nen, oh hooo, you cherish him so much huh Pim? But Pim’s gonna deny till she’s blue in the face that she doesn’t feel anything special for Don and tells Nen to concentrate on work. Driwin comes asking Pim for lunch and Nen invites herself along to make sure special alone times are reserved for Pim and Don only. The group meets Lan and Sucee on the way and they invite themselves to lunch too! Lunch would have been so awkwardly fun but too bad, lunch plans are cut short when Khun Suk suddenly calls for a meeting.

Naree has expanded to developing products for external clients and Khun Suk informs them there’s a new client on board who will start a new line of products for men. Guess who? Pim and Lan are shocked to know it’s Garaged. Lan is appointed to be in charge of the project and knowing that Garaged is coming at her Pim, she offers to help (albeit in the usual catty tone she takes with Lan) but Lan rejects the offer due to pride.


Pim comes home to find Don and her family preparing steamboat for dinner. Don is uncomfortable at how Pad and Pim’s parents are pretending to be in the dark about their fake marriage but Pad assures him that everyone is backing him up on this. From being the one who started spinning lies on her fake marriage, Pim suddenly becomes the one being duped by her family. She is clueless to the underlying messages in her parents words as they tell her to plan for kids and grab hold of a good man like Don. Pim continues to play the happy wife in front of her parents though the line between truth and lie is getting more vague each day.

Sensing Don’s unease, Mom approaches him after dinner and reminds him again to keep the truth from Pim. Ah, the irony! Don returns to Pim’s room and there’s no denying their increasing attraction to each other as they secretly eye the other while pretending to be nonchalant about it. Don wonders how Pim can lie so blatantly to her parents, talking about kids and whatnot and Pim is adamant that their fake marriage must be kept under wraps.

‘Don’t you want the truth to be revealed?’
‘But if the truth is out, I won’t have to be your fake husband anymore. Or you …’
Pim gets what Don is driving at and quickly denies it. ‘I just don’t want my parents to be disappointed.’
‘Just that? Do you have any other reason?’ Don is still pushing for more.
Pim stares at Don and softly says no.
‘Then aren’t you worried of disappointing your parents with your lies?’
‘Hey, don’t blame me. You were pretty smooth yourself out there.’
‘What if I wasn’t acting, but I can’t help it.’
Pim falls silent as she mulls over the meaning behind Don’s words. She turns around to find Don’s face inches away from hers and stares into his earnest eyes.
‘Do you know, sometimes I wake up and think this is all real?’
Don’s confession is too close for comfort and Pim retreats into denial mode by edging back and laugh it off as Don being too artistic and into his role.
Seeing Pim slam the doors to her heart close right in front of him, Don is resignedly excuses himself to shower.
‘Khun Don! Not everything I said to my parents were a lie.I meant it when I said you are a good person.’
Don is scarcely comforted by this and goes for his shower.
‘You really are a good person Khun Don. You’re so good that I …’ Pim looks at the empty space where Don stood and mumbles her reason for keeping a distance.
Don’s phone suddenly rings. Seeing that it’s from Grandma, Pim picks it up after a moment’s hesitation.
‘Why are you picking up my grandson’s calls?’ Grandma isn’t pleased to hear Pim’s voice.
‘Khun Don is in the shower. Is anything the matter?’
‘It’s none of your business!’ Haa, Grandma is pissed.
‘Husband and wife is like the same person. Khun Don’s business is my business.’ The fighter in Pim comes out at Grandma’s curt tone!
‘Is anything the matter Grandma? If not I’ll hang up ‘cos I gotta go give Khun Don a back rub. If Grandma wants to give me your blessing, may I save it for next time? That is all, goodbye.’ Lol, Pim knows how to step on Grandma’s toes.

Pim hits the ‘end call’ button with a satisfied smile and turns around to see Don behind her.
‘Khun Pim, do you really want to give me a back rub?’ heeeh. Pim can only smile in embarrassment at being caught in the act. That little act certainly didn’t help Pim win any points with Grandma and with Garaged’s grandma fanning the flames, Grandma decides to meet the parents of this ill-mannered daughter-in-law.

After teasing Pim for a bit, Don apologizes if Grandma has been too harsh on Pim.
‘Khun Don! Stop apologizing. You know how your grandma is like and how I’m like. Your grandma says one thing and I will respond back. Don’t think too much. Don’t forget I’m the cause of all these. But… if you feel so bad, you can help clean my room for a week, make me dinner and…’
‘Hey, I don’t feel that~ bad.’
It ends in laughter, followed by lots of staring and embarrassed smiles before Don heads for his shower. Not before asking again if Pim really doesn’t want to rub his back?

Egapon gets Pra to be his assistant at Garaged’s company for their project at Naree but forbids her from disclosing their relationship. Pra is unhappy but grudgingly goes along with it. Pim and Lan are shocked to see Pra join team Garaged but are forced to be polite to them as they are the customer. Garaged changes project plans at the last minute and takes a dismissive tone with everyone in Naree but even Khun Suk has to swallow it. Garaged asks to have Don endorse her product and Lan’s brows furrow in worry.

Post meeting, Driwin tries his ‘wanna have lunch with me’ thing with Pim again but they walk out to see Don waiting at the reception with food packed from home.
‘Mom asked me to bring food for you.’ Don smiles at his ‘wife’.
‘But we’re about to go out for lunch.’ Driwin interjects. Can I slap him? Can I?? Driwin is such a giant ass.
‘It’ll have to be cancelled, be it with you or whoever else, because Pim must enjoy the lunch which her husband prepared. You shouldn’t waste time asking her to choose because a wife will surely choose her husband.’ Oh yay, you show him Don!

It becomes Pim’s turn to get posessive when Garaged shows up and tries cosying up to Don.
‘Khun Don! I want to talk with you about what Grandma has discussed with me. It’s about us.’
‘I’m afraid not, because Khun Don has brought lunch to eat with his wife.’ Pim holds onto Don’s arm and faces Garaged down.
‘Naree is getting Khun Don to be the presenter for my product. Do you have time for THAT?’
‘I’m afraid not too because Khun Don’s wife isn’t reponsible for this project.’ muahaha. Pim drags Don away, leaving Garaged to fume.

It’s super cute when Pim and Don continue going ‘Khun Samee’ and ‘Khun Paraya’ in the privacy of her office. P’Sucee and Lan come knocking to ask Don to be the presenter for their project with Garaged but Pim flat out refuses to allow it. It’s now Lan’s turn to chide Pim for not separating personal from work and sacrificing the company’s benefits for her own. Lan suggests to Garaged a change of presenter but Garaged threatens to pull the plug on the whole project if Naree can’t get Don. In a bind, Lan approaches Khun Suk and gives up the project to Pim.

That night Pim ponders over Lan’s words. When Don brings up the topic, Pim rejects it again.
‘If I agree to this, your grandma and Garaged your fiance will come into our life and make things choatic.’
Don is glad Pim isn’t doing this to spite Lan but either way, Pim refuses to budge on allowing Don to be Garaged’s presenter.
Don relents but asks Pim for one thing. ‘If you ever find yourself behaving unreasonably, I ask that you stop to think. I’m worried about you. I hope you will use reason and not be ruled by emotions. It’s not too much is it?’
Pim knows Don is truly saying these for her own good and agrees.