After putting away her things, Pim sees Don napping on the sofa and gets him to rest his head on a cushion to make him more comfortable. She feels his warm body heat at contact and is concerned that he might be unwell. When Don offers to makes her some food, Pim insist on taking on the task instead. Pim has heart but no talent when it comes to cooking so the best she can do is prepare a piping hot bowl of cup noodles. Haah. Nevertheless, Don is simply happy that Pim wants to make him something and they share the noodles sweetly. Pad creeps into the apartment and tells Min to put their plan into action tomorrow.


That night Pim tells Don to sleep on the bed instead of the floor since he is unwell. It’s now Don’s turn to toss and turn in bed as he is worried Pim might not feel comfortable sharing a bed with him. Pim borrows Don’s phone to put music on like Don did for her at the resort and both finally fall asleep. It’s a lovely domestic scene in the morning when Pim checks on the sleeping Don and is relieved to find that his fever has subsided, before whispering that she is leaving for work. 🙂

It’s D-day for Pim and Lan as the results of their sales at Naree’s thank you party is tallied up. Pim wins in overall sales and true to her word, Lan calls Pim over to witness her tendering in her resignation. Pim finds in Lan a worthy opponent and stops Lan from leaving the company. They continue being snarky towards each other but there is an undertone of admiration underneath the verbal barbs.

Pad comes to Pim’s office to put his plan into action. Pad and Nen bring Pim out for lunch while Min and Ging brings Don to the same restaurant. Don’s group reaches first and Min sidles far down the seat so it appears as if Don is there only with Ging. Pad and Nen make a big fuss at the restaurant entrance, wondering aloud if Ging is Don’s girlfriend/mistress. Pim loses her cool when she sees Ging grabs Don’s hands and storms over to lay claim on her ‘husband’.

Don who is also in the dark is taken aback by Pim’s sudden possessiveness but not displeased by it. Pim doesn’t believe Don when he introduces Ging as his cousin and publisher until Min shows up to back up the claim. Pim is embarrassed by her actions and hurries away to sit with Pad and Nen. The pair continue pouring fuel on fire by doubting Don and Ging’s relationship, and Pad insinuates that Pim is too smart for her own good and too hard to understand that men would run away from her. Pim gets annoyed and stalks off back to the office. By now Don knows something is up and tells Min to ‘fess up to whatever they are up to.

Pad rejoins Don at Ging’s office after dropping Pim at her office. He lets Don know that he is in on their fake marriage but that he plans on making Don his brother-in-law for real. Nen is also doing her part I counseling Pim at their office. Pim refuses to admit that she was jealous of Ging earlier and Nen tells her bluntly that she acted like a dog pissing at a lamppost to mark its territory. Lol. Not jealous? Who are you kidding? I seriously love Nen, she’s always so matter-of-fact when dealing with sulky Pim. Nen asks Pim how she felt when she declared to Ging that she is Don’s wife. ‘Do you love Don? Don’t ask me or anyone else. Ask yourself, and ask a few more times cos it’s hard to say!’ Truly at the of the day Pim must learn to face up to her feelings and Nen’s words are the catalyst to get her thinking.

Pad receives latest updates from Nen and gleefully informs Don that Pim is still being jealous. Pad encourages Don to strike while the iron is hot and Don calls Pim to ask her to come home for dinner which he will cook for her. Pim is in Driwin’s office when Don calls and she whispers a promise to be home for dinner much to Don’s delight. But we can always depend on Mr Creepy to make things difficult by asking Pim to stay behind this evening to discuss a project. Pim hesitates but ultimately chooses to put her job first and agrees to stay back. Don carefully and lovingly prepares dinner for Pim but he waits till 8pm and still no sign of her. Seeing this, Pad puts plan B into action. He calls Pim and curtly tells her that if she doesn’t come home right now for dinner he will throw away all the food, then promptly hangs up. Pad doesn’t actually intend to throw the food away. His plan is for him and Don to finish up the food, and then for Don to prepare another meal for Pim when she comes home tired and hungry from work so that she’ll be touch. Haah, P’Pad is quite the schemer.

Driwin figures he has held Pim back long enough and finally releases her from work. Pim walks to her car only to find it with a flat tire and Driwin conveniently shows up to offer help. What’s really sweet though is that Pim first thinks to call Don for help instead of relying on Driwin who is right in front of her. It totally narak how Pim 撒娇 (I thought long and hard but there’s no one English word that encompasses the meaning of 撒娇. Like whining/pouting in a cute way to someone close to you eg family, bf. Is there such a word in Thai?) to Don. Pim is a strong woman and if it were the old her I’m sure she would’ve sucked it up and sorted it out herself. I don’t mean to say Pim is weak now but she has found someone dependable whom she knows she can count on every time. 🙂

In the end Pim takes up Driwin’s offer to drive her home as it would take Don too long to come pick her up. Don is waiting for Pim at the apartment lobby and leaves no chance for Driwin to talk to Pim any further. Pim really looked like a happy wife when she saw Don and it was good riddance to the slimy boss.

Pim was probably expecting Don to make her something nice to replace the food Pad had ‘thrown’ away but the usually attentive Don gets on the phone with Ging and distractedly makes her instant noodles. This annoys Pim to no end and her displeasure is displayed evidently on her face but Don makes no effort to get off the phone! Heeh, Don can be tricky when he wants to.

Then we come to a bit on Garaged and Eg. Grandma Sineenat wants Garaged to hurry up and snag Don so that she can make use of Don’s grandma) connections to get the authorities off her back for illegal money loaning. Garaged is a one dimensional villain but it’s interesting to see the conventional trope of money faced women clinging onto rich bosses subverted by having Garaged be the one holding both money and power, and telling Eg to know his place cos he is only a plaything. Lol

Don goes back to sleeping on the floor after recovering from his fever. Pim is a little disappointed but doesn’t say anything and they settle in for the night. No sooner has the lights gone out when Don’s phone rings. It’s Don’s grandma who orders him to bring this wife of his to see her tomorrow. Don doesn’t want to put Pim in a spot and tells her it’s ok she doesn’t want to go but Pim agrees without hesitation.


‘I know you are the person in the most difficult position. Since we are playing the role of husband and wife, my responsibility is to be by your side and make your family happy.’ Pim holds Don’s hand as she says this and Don smiles widely at this physical closeness as well as Pim’s consideration for him.
Meanwhile, Driwin pines in his usual creepy manner over Pim. Poo.

Pad continues the good cop (Don) bad cop (Pad) routine in the morning and berates Pim for not being a good wife. Don is a dream guy for sure but Pad’s not half bad! With him around I’m sure I’ll be laughing everyday. Cute family time is cut short by Driwin’s call and Pim’s meet the grandma session has already encountered the first obstacle. Driwin calls Pim back to work on Saturday on the pretext of working on an urgent project and Grandma fumes at being made to wait. Driwin holds Pim up past lunch time and suggests to go for lunch together because he is not in a hurry at ~ all ~ right. I thought your work was so urgent it can’t wait till Monday? Pim tells him that well, she has something on and Driwin pretends to be a gentleman by driving Pim over. Pim walks into the house worriedly and is touched when Don reassures her that he won’t let Grandma do anything to her. That’s sweet of you Don but are you sure you can handle Grandma?? Grandma immediately recognizes Pim as the woman who spilt a drink on her at the resort and her impression of Pim gets even worse. Grandma does not hide her dislike of Pim and Pim is unable to resist being sarcastic with Grandma. At least she does it with a smile plastered on her face? Grandma says because of Don’s ‘mistake’, she feels sorry towards the woman whom she has arranged for Don. In waltzes Garaged, playing the virtuous and wronged finance much to Pim’s annoyance. Pim assures Don that she will keep her tongue in check but it’s Pim, it’s not in her nature to sit there and take insults silently. Grandma and Garaged take turns attacking Pim on her work and family background and Pim of course give it as good as she gets. Chompoo makes the best faces when she shoots back at Grandma and Garaged. I want to laugh and applaud her at the same time!


Grandma calls for time out and tells Pim to help her with dessert in the kitchen. In the privacy of the kitchen, Grandma cuts to the chase and asks Pim bluntly if she married Don to gain the social status which Pim’s rich family did not have. This time Pim does manage to hold her tongue (or as much as is possible for Pim) by replying, ‘I won’t argue with you Grandma because I know Grandma can read people well.’ She meant it sarcastically of course but at least it didn’t aggravate Grandma further. Meanwhile Garaged turns on the charms and tries to cosy up to Don only to get rejected. She accosts Pim outside the kitchen but Pim doesn’t back down and snarkily asks Garaged if she wants some dessert ‘cos she must be sooooo hungry (for a man). Don watches the scene unfold from a corner and smiles at lioness Pim protecting her man. Everyone regroups in the living room and the ticked off Garaged is unable to contain herself anymore and tells Pim straight up that she doesn’t think Pim and Don are compatible. Pim looks at Garaged with raised eyebrows and replies, ‘Oh really? Are you saying what I have is not compatible with me? But it’s mine, and that’s the main point.’ Sensing the situation is about to get explosive, Don makes up an excuse that Pim has a headache and drags her off, much to Grandma’s chagrin.


P’Pad’s getting some progress with Lan too after saving her from a robber and defending her from her dad’s first wife who came to her house to make trouble again. Pad is an awesome brother and Lan is Pim’s perfect frenemy but I’m not particularly interested in them as a pair so I’ll be skimming over their parts.

~ End ~