John Lennon was onto something when he wrote, “All you need is love,” which ties in really well with the theme of love explored in this drama, Khun Chai Ronnapee, and that with love all things is possible.

Along with the brooding, realistic tone from last weekend’s installment, the drama takes it up a notch by examining the fear, passion and love from within our characters, which offers depth to the story and solidifies the acting, directing and scriptwriting, I really could not ask for more, it’s completely my cup of tea, so hat’s off to Medtha Lae Mahaniyom.

We start with our hero, a man’s man, so sure of his place in society, our Khun Chai Phee. But when it comes to Piengkwan, the beautiful and aloof actress, he has no idea where he stands. He is Captain Denial for a bit, claiming to his siblings that he is not in love, he’s merely trying to help a struggling neighbor ala Joo Won in Secret Garden, it’s the society’s leader responsibility. But what it boils down to is that Chai Phee is in grave fear of expressing his love for Piengkwan, and the fear of rejection. Which is understandable, he’s never experienced this kind of affliction of the heart before, not to mention the prospect of rejection when he has the girls of Bangkok falling on themselves at his feet, his words. Also Piengkwan has many suitors and that of one of them, is a serious contender to Chai Pee. Khun Art, who happens to be her half brother- but Chai Phee isn’t privy of this- could really give him a run for his money. It is so adorable to watch Chai Phee giving himself a pep talk, “you’re a soldier, what are you so afraid of?” and then deciding to face his fears. Which made me love him even more, our brave gentleman.

So he confronts his fears at the sala, facing Piengkwan. She questions what he is still doing here when she had accomplished her task of severing her ties with his best bud for him. Chai Phee looks into the depths of her eyes and admits why he is always there, “I miss you. Even if you have Nai Art or other suitors out there, I will make you choose to love me.” Hell, if anyone could do that, is you, Chai Phee. She certainly needs a gentleman in her life. But even though Piengkwan is affected by his confessions, she’s a straight shooter and doesn’t lead him on. She tells him that she has chosen not to love anyone: for to love is to suffer and to be abandoned. She wanted nothing to do with it. Disappointment and pain is inevitable.

But Chai Phee can see the part of her that she refuses to believe in: her capacity to love. There are many aspects and contexts to love, more than love itself. So I really enjoyed how the exploration of love, that it is the food and fuel for life, is doled out to our characters- and having Chai Phee show and reveal this to Piengkwan- now that is the best part. Take for instance, her love for dancing. In a charged moment, surrounded by fighter jets, Chai Phee takes her for a spin in his makeshift ballroom. He says that when you love something you become one with it. When he’s flying in a fighter jet, he is one with the jet. As when a dancer dances, she is one with the music. He takes her on a turn, spinning her around the dimly lit room, as the thought implants itself in her mind. She starts to see it manifest itself in everything and everyone around her.

Her uncle who is a director and lived his entire career passionate about a classic film, gets fired because he ruined a very expensive camcorder, he is devastated. He can’t fathom going on living when he can’t do what he loves doing. Her cousin Khun Pranod- which I absolutely love that Chai Phee has given little Pranod so much respect- aspires to be a pilot like him. By influencing and giving the boy goals to work towards, Khun Pranod puts his body, mind and soul to accomplish it. Even her mother Nappa, teaches traditional dancing for free because she loves doing it. Which is another example that love, for the things you do, makes you feel that it is a place where you are meant to be.

Chai Phee teaches her these things and more. Even though she tells him that he may find another suitable girl for him in the future, he’s a man who knows when he’s a goner. Love changes him, what he once thought was fun is no longer fun to him, now he finds festivals at the temples fun, he finds hanging out at the sala fun, and most importantly, he finds just being with her makes him feel one with himself. Now isn’t that the sweetest most interesting development to our gentleman?  There is this gold pair of rings that are awarded to the pilots, one for him and the other for his beloved- it doesn’t have to do with his title or place in society- it has only to do with him as a man, his skills and capabilities, and so the ring is more meaningful than a diamond ring that could be purchased with money. Chai Phee gives his other pair to Piengkwan, telling her that she’s his woman (heh), even if she denies it otherwise, and he wants her to have it because he loves her. He is so darn cute and adorable, and you want him to get with his woman so badly, that when there are obstacles (which are sure to come) it’s going to be so heart breaking, and so sad to witness.

On the opposite side of the love spectrum, if one doesn’t do something out of genuine passion and love, one doesn’t end up with what one thinks is meant to be. Yodyud’s fiancé is genuine and doesn’t want to force him to love her, but she will do her best to show him. While Vilarumpa is determined to marry Chai Phee because that is her life’s goal, she doesn’t really love him, she wants to control him and be Mrs. Chai Phee, and that’s that. Like her sister, she’s going down the deep end, and methinks it ain’t gonna be pretty when she gets there.

I’ve really enjoyed this calm before the storm, this weekend’s installments where we get to examine our characters and fall so much in love with our guy. There are also lovely developments with Jan and Khun Art, Khun Pranod and his young love interest, not to mention the old flames of mom and dad. But the sweet development between our main duo will only serve to make it that much harder to watch the falling out and what’s to come next week.

Because shit’s gonna hit the fan, my friends. Vilairumpa and his grannies are onto him, they know where he’s been spending the vast majority of his time, and they are getting much cleverer and playing their cards wisely. I applaud how the ante’s being upped and I am complete with anxiety on how Chai Phee’s real identity is going to be revealed, how far grannies are going to send Chai Phee away and how this drama is going to unfold!

Stay curious my friends. There is just so much to love about this series! (And we better get our cake and eat it too!)


Khun Chai Ronnapee!! I adore you!


Chai Phee and Piengkwan, the dancer.chaiphee6

A poster of our duo.

So cute together.khunchaiphee2

She tends to his wound after he gets pummeled by his friend. Bros before hoes, does not apply to our Chai Phee.mintjamesSo fresh and so clean clean.


Ha, I hope the place where grannie sends him backfires.. ’cause we’ll get to see this.

And cannot wait for this..

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