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Oh my dear heart, I don’t think it can handle seeing Sama’s tears. And I’m so sorry show, that I ever doubted that Sama wouldn’t learn, wouldn’t choose. He’s done it all, and yet the girl he loved couldn’t see past what she hates. Pfft. But there’s tremendous development (even if it appears we’re addressing the same issue) but each character is taking that next step towards the precipitance. I like. This episode is exciting yet emotional at the same time.

Previously, Waree overheard the employees chatting about how the casino will increase employment for them and they are practically salivating at the prospect. She thinks about Matt’s words that she is too blinded by a single weakness in Sama that she uses it to measure him in everything. Isn’t his love and sincerity good enough for her? Apparently not, since it’s a conundrum she’s been battling with for some time now.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.56.03 PM

Sama approaches her from behind, being his protective, overbearing self. He says that she’s hyper active since she’s out and about when she’s barely healed. But you know, she has been asleep for two whole episodes, let the girl wander. Waree thought that it was safe to wander around now, but Sama explains that since the baddies haven’t been caught yet, they must err on the side of precaution. Waree surrenders with a sarcastic, “yes sir.” Which makes him smile, because he has been missing her arguments in the last couple of days.

Waree asks to tag along to Trat when they drop Matt and KhetTawan off because she wants to pay respect to Rampang. At the funeral, she struggles to kneel down, and offers forgiveness to Rampang, the woman who tried to poison her. Jin who flanks her side wonders out loud why a quiet and seemingly demure person could be so cold blooded. Feeling remorse, Sama says that this wasn’t her first offense. He is able to piece the puzzle together and realizes that she had slowly poisoned the previous owner too. And he figures that if he didn’t revert his affection to her, she would inevitably kill him too. Sad. The picture of Rampang is creepy, it is as if she’s listening to them, cursing them.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.56.20 PM

Much to Waree’s dismay, Jin had reported her condition to Sahma, her older sister. This nearly gives Waree a heart attack, as she doesn’t fear anything more in the world than being scolded by her sister. The news that her sister is coming to visit her keeps her in a state of severe agitation the whole day, she even considered taking sleeping pills to knock her out. How cute, I love their sisterly love.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.25.31 PM

So in her room she tries to sleep, but when Sama learns that she fears her sister more than anything, he lies down on the bed next to her and tries to use it to his advantage. He says he would tell on her. Hehe. Waree pulls the comforter over her head, trying to block him and the prospect of being scolded by her sister out.

Ah but Sahma’s presence at the pier only serves to confuse people. Lang spots her and thinks that she’s Waree, and kidnaps her.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.22.22 PM

The news that Sahma is taken travels to Sama who fears that this will take Waree over the edge. She joins him in the dining room, stretching her legs when she notices the look he’s giving her. It’s one of those, “oh shit, you’re not going to like this” look.

“What’s the matter?” she questions.

“Don’t panic..” he starts. “Your sister disappeared from the dock.”

It hasn’t completely sunk in yet. “”

He tells her that security uncle found her purse on the ground, indicating she was taken.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.56.37 PM

Waree’s shocked.

“You’re twins,” he says, “they might have thought she was you. It’s my fault. I overlooked this fact- otherwise I would have been more careful.”

The repercussions sink in and she asks shakily, “so you’re saying that she disappeared because they got the wrong person?”

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.23.35 PM

Lang has taken her to an abandoned house and is prepared to kill her. Sahma adamantly tries to tell him that she’s not Waree- but she heard through the uncle about his sister’s death- and she’s truly sorry to hear that. But it’s all an accident. This pisses Lang off, he thinks that Sama was responsible for his sister’s death, because there is no way she would leave the island. Apparently he doesn’t know that she jumped to her death.. He is determined to avenge his sister by taking Waree’s life. Luckily, Nai Dij appears and stops Lang in time, deciding that they have better use for her. They want to use her (yet again) to negotiate for the casino.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.56.45 PM

Sama and crew go to see Lang and Rampang’s uncle first to see if they can gauge his whereabouts, but they end up with an interesting tidbit about the brother and sister. The uncle says that Rampang was once the owner of Yanok Island, and that their family is indigenous to the island but suddenly all of these new settlers came in. He tried to convince her that it belongs to everyone, that she can’t possible own it, but it’s in her head that it’s hers. She even brainwashed her brother to believe the same thing. She tells her brother that they lost the island because they were cheated. The resort construction companies cheated landowners to sell the land so they could build resorts.

This all makes sense to Sama now. Her motives, albeit crazy, are reason enough to explain why she wanted to either kill off the island owner to try to get with him. For if she marries and become the lady of the island, then all is fair again. Twisted logic or what?

Even her uncle thinks she’s unbalanced in the head.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.56.52 PM

Back to Lang, he is tasked with watching over Sahma. He tells her that redeeming the island is his only hope. He always loses in life, everything he did was a failure and that’s why he goes to the gambling house, at least he can be a winner there.

Sahma empathizes with his pain but says that her dad did the same thing and feels the same way, but in the end, he never truly won. He lost his life due to gambling too.

Waree is a bundle of nerves, overcome with worry about her older sister and losing sleep. Sama approaches her, looking grim. He notices that her eyes are misty, “I don’t want you to lose sleep like this,” he says.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.57.00 PM

“Did you get any news regarding Sahma?” she questions.

Sama peers at the floor, “I think I know who did it.”

“It’s Nai Dij right?” she guesses.

“And Lang too,” he adds.

Waree couldn’t hold it in anymore, the tears flow out of her eyes, “I knew it. He took Sahma thinking it was me, probably he’s using her to negotiate with you like last time.”

Sama’s eyes welled up with tears, he knows where she’s getting at.

“This all happened because of your gambling house! If you didn’t think of opening that crazy gambling house, other people wouldn’t be in this much trouble (because of you.) My sister wouldn’t have-“

“I know… that everything.. this whole mess, came from my casino. He peers at her, “but would you believe it that I never intended to harm anyone?”

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.19.12 PM

“But it’s done. Your dream, your father’s dreams, the good business that will create jobs for people- these are all excuses to make you look good. In reality, it’s a sinful business that encompasses your life and causing infinite pain and death to others.” Ouch.

“I apologize..” his voice trails, his face pained.

“Keep your apologies for my sister,” she bit angrily. “Don’t you see why I hate gambling?!” (Does she always want to be right?!) “If anything happens to my sister, I will never forgive you. And we will never, ever see each other again for the rest of our lives.” Double ouch.

Our poor Sama looks at her retreating back as tears fall from his eyes. *sob* Thanks for stabbing my heart, show.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.57.12 PM

The following morning Pipat hates to see his boss depressed, he tells him not to take those idiotic words to heart. Lol. Sama asks him, “isn’t that too harsh?” Pipat replies: “I’m sorry if it came off too strong, but saying that you’re the root cause of the casino, when everything you’ve done is legal- she should be blaming those villains who are trying to take it away from you.” I can relate to his frustration. It’s getting old. Her argument is getting old.

“But what she said is true,” Sama finally says, “I am the cause of everything that’s bad in her life.”

Pipat looks like he wants to object, but Sama gets a call from Sopie. They play niceties and cryptically cordial message until she finally tells him to hurry on up and decide because she’s worried about his “person.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.16.08 PM

Sama and Pipat decide to find the whereabouts of their hideout before negotiating anything. But the baddies are clever and move her, prompting Sama to make his final decision. He is prepared to meet them and exchange the agreement of the casino with Waree’s sister’s life. Aw. So when push comes to shove, Sama will risk anything for someone he loves. Now that’s what I’ve been waiting for!

But Sahma is clever and manages to save herself, she even stole Lang’s cellphone, smart girl. She phones Waree immediately to report her safety and Waree phones the security uncle and they were able to intercept and save her in time. Whew.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.57.19 PM

Waree embraces her sister, ecstatic that she’s safe, but sorry that she was targeted. She promises Sahma (right in front of our guy Sawma) that this will be the last time they fall prey to a sinful business. Dayam.

On their walk back to the room Sahma tries to talk some sense in her sister.

“Why did you speak that way?” Sahma scolds, “Do you know that was rude?”

I’m totally shipping Sahma. She’s like the goddess, which makes you wonder if she has any skeletons in her closet?

“You were in danger because of his stupid gambling house,” Waree reasons.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.13.43 PM

But Sahma reminds her that he earned his legal right to build the casino, it’s the people who want to take it away from him by playing dirty are the ones in the wrong. True dat. And why is it that everyone can see this but our heroine? Furthermore, Sahma explains that the security uncle told her that if Sama couldn’t find her today, he would give up his casino for Sahma’s life. It doesn’t have the desired effect on Waree as it should, as she looks blankly at her sister.

“He doesn’t even know me,” Sahma says, “so why would he do such a thing if it weren’t for you, Waree? You are very important to him, he doesn’t want to see someone he loves, hurt. Open your heart, Waree.”

Waree recovers from the news, “are you certain you weren’t brainwashed?” here she goes again.. I’m starting to prefer her sleeping while Sama brushes her hair. Lol.

Sahma sighs, thinking that she’s talking to a brick wall.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.13.55 PM

Ha, and I love Pipat. He reminds his boss that Waree isn’t worthwhile of him, he thinks that their differences and ideals are too far apart, it will never work. He tells Sama to let her go and focus on the bigger problem at hand (the casino.)

Sama rests the back of his head on the couch, pinching the bridge of his nose from the pressure. “Am I having a good dream?” he says and walks off.

Sopie is pissed. They have failed again. Nai Dij offers a solution, that Lang would be the person to lead them into Sama’s island since he knows the whereabouts well. And in the meantime, they would attack the rest of Sama’s businesses: the casino in Praharm, his company in Trat and finally, sneak into his island.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.14.11 PM

Sama approaches Waree, and what he finally admits next is the character arc I was looking for. Yesssss!

“I came to apologize to you,” he starts, standing behind her.

“What are you apologizing for?” she asks with her arms crossed, her back still facing him.

“For your injury, for your sister’s kidnap attempt- for all these things. I’m the cause for them, so I wanted to come and apologize to you again.”

She finally turns around to face him. “So are you accepting that your casino is the cause?”

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.14.39 PM

He swallows. His face stricken. “If I wasn’t selfish, and try to keep you here with me for so long, none of this would have happened.” He takes a step forward as he speaks those regretful words, “and your life wouldn’t have been risked or hurt like this.” Aw. He continues to beat himself up, “and your sister wouldn’t have been kidnapped.”

Waree gets teary eyed, as what she says next is hard for her, “I agree to forgive you. But it doesn’t mean that I’ve accepted the casino issue. They are different things, do realize that.”

Sama looks away, hurt. “So we really cannot surpass this? Even though we go so well together in every other way?”

Waree paces by him, “I can’t stand living with something that I hate. And if I force you, you won’t be happy. If I force myself to live with it, I won’t be happy either. Wouldn’t it be better to keep things like this? Even if we’re hurt, at least we understand each other,” she takes a deep breath, “at least we still have good feelings towards each other. Better than continuing forward when we know what our issues are, and having a terrible break up.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.15.03 PM

Sama looks up so his tears won’t fall, “so there’s no other choice?”

“The only single problem exists in my heart.”

He turns to her, “can I wait for you?”

“The best solution has ended, don’t waste your time.”

Sama stops her with a hand on her arm, then he takes her hand.

“Let me go. There’s no use.” She peels her hand away and walks off, leaving Sama devastated. *tear*

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.15.32 PM

I think the thing that breaks my heart the most is that they are so wonderfully mature about it all. She’s not yelling at him or screaming, or being irrational. She’s putting all the facts out there, and saying that it’s best they end things nicely than to have a horrible break up down the road. She doesn’t want to waste his time. I can appreciate her for that, even though it breaks my heart.

And to Sama, he’s done all he could. What’s the point of giving up his casino now when she has already made up her mind? He will only risk all of the jobs that his employees had counted on. Damn, what gives?

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.57.32 PM

In their bedroom, Sahma asks her sister if it hurts her to say those things, why did she say it? She tells her sister that she can run away from a lot of things, but she can’t run away from her own feelings. Waree replies that she’s not running away, she’s confronting it because she knows herself well. There’s no way she could accept his casino. Sahma asks if she could pretend not to see it? But Waree is not the type to deceive herself. Not having anything more to say, Sahma tells her not to regret it later then. Ha.

The two plan on leaving back to Bangkok the next day but would stop at their father’s burial first. Sahma prays that her father would help change Waree’s mind before it’s too late, because if he could see his daughter now, he would regret how his addiction had caused such trauma in Waree’s life. I think what she means is that bottom line, Waree can’t get over her past. It’s not so much as Sama she can’t accept, but she can’t overcome her own prejudice. Sigh. Same stuff we’ve been dealing with since episode one, yo.

As the security guard gives the twin sister space to talk to their dad, he gets stabbed in the back by a druggie. This stalls Waree’s trip to Bangkok. Sama prays that the culprit is a druggie and not a hired hand due to the casino debacle, because he can’t fathom telling Waree that it’s because of the casino again. Lol.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.57.40 PM

Sahma tries to encourage the man with the same name that he needs to give Waree some time because she’s never had to make such a difficult decision. Sama tells Waree’s sister that he’s not mad, he’s just hurt, because he constantly feels he’s not good enough for her. Aw. Sahma explains that no matter if the guy is perfect, if he owns a casino, it’s a deal breaker for her. He wistfully says that if she could overcome her feelings about gambling, it would be nice. It would, wouldn’t it? Sahma says that if her sister is identical to her in every way, he might not like it very much. Heeh, what’s the skeleton in her closet?!

It turns out, the culprit is really a druggie, as reported by Pipat, so Sama could breathe a sign of relief. I love the bromance between Pipat and his boss. Pipat hates seeing his boss so miserable and offers to keep Waree in Trat a little longer. Heeh.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.11.52 PM

He partners up with Sahma, who tells Waree that she’s not yet ready to go home. She’s made it here to Trat, she should go for a tour. With Sama’s permission to stay on his island, Waree could not refuse her sister’s simple pleasures.

The baddies are plotting Sama’s demise at all areas of his businesses. They look at the map that Lang drew up and prepare their next move. Sopie stares into the camera and promises that they will not fail this time around.

On Yanok Island, Pipat walks side by side with Sahma. (I secretly wish they could be an item. Pretty please?) Sahma asks whether Pipat haven’t given up on the idea of playing cupid for her and Sama. Pipat gives her a smile and admits that he has given up on that idea. He’s of the mind that if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Because he knows that only Waree could make his boss happy, he wants to play cupid for them now- he asks for her to join him in this attempt.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.10.57 PM

Saint Sahma replies that love is between two people, it would be more sincere and straightforward. If they can overcome their conflicts on their own, their troubles will end. But if Sahma and Pipat meddle and the two get together, their problems would still exist. Pipat wonders if his boss’s love will come to fruition after all then? But Saint Sahma advises to leave them to their horoscopes. Well.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.57.50 PM

But shit is hitting the fan. The baddies have made their strike and Sama’s businesses and properties are getting attacked, it’s been covered on every news channel. Waree receives the news from the nurse and her heart dropped. She is overcome with worry. She races after him before he gets into his sailboat, “I don’t understand why you’re leaving! They are intending to lure you out, don’t you see?”

“But my people are hurt, Waree,” he says. “They are in trouble and I must show up to take responsibility. I can’t remain still because I fear for my own life.”

Pipat tries to assure her that Sama has a lot of back up, he should be ok. But it doesn’t settle her mind. She tells him to be careful.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.58.00 PM

Meanwhile the baddies hired new faces so Sama wouldn’t recognize them. Lang leads the men by water towards the island. Nai Dij reminds him he’ll get his revenge while Nai Dij gets the casino.

Some time later, the crew await for news from Sama, who calls awhile later that the employees are safe. At Trat Sama is angry because the police couldn’t do anything about the attacks, they didn’t have evidence on who was responsible. The cops even say that Sama has a lot of enemies. Oy vey. Sama is forced to wait until his enemies make the next move.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.58.07 PM

Which isn’t too long of a wait, because as he talks to Waree on the phone, the lights at Yanok Island go out. “What happened?” Sama asks over the phone, panic rising.

Now that’s a cliffhanger! Nicely done.

We’ve come full circle to the conflict that is keeping our lovebirds apart. She hates gambling. Like period. No matter how great the guy is, no matter if he is the King himself, if he is the owner of a casino, it’s a no go for her. Stubborn is Waree’s middle name and she ain’t giving in. So what’s a guy to do? Our seriously wonderful Sama is at wit’s end trying to convince our chick and he’s come to the fork in the road where he’s all out of ammunition. Not to mention that the baddies are upping the ante and taking out the big guns. Let’s see if the final attack or desperation from the baddies will change Waree’s mind. Perhaps she’ll realize that it’s best to be with him alive and angry with him somewhat, than to lose him completely through death. Tune into the climactic conclusion tomorrow, it’s going to be action packed every step of the way!