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Ep 2.1 Mon Jantra: Khun Sama is such a tease

The smooth boat ride brings Sarawaree to the shores of Koh Yanok, a quiet and private island belonging to Khun Sama. Her first experience with the inhabitants of said island is the opposite of warm, the assistant Pipat and housekeeper Lampang are aloof and uncaring, not to mention highly protective of their boss. But who needs a large welcoming party when you got Khun Sama’s attention all to yourself? Where do I sign up?

Waree peers around the spacious living room of the island’s mansion, she had questioned Pipat earlier if Khun Sama had accepted any proposition to film lakorns on the island, but Pipat snidely tells her that his Khun Sama values his privacy and that just hosting a reporter is trouble enough. It appears the people around Khun Sama likes to tell her what Khun Sama prefers and how strict he is. Funny thing, when the man appears, he is rather flirtatious, giving, and easy going with an air of intensity.

Khun Sama approaches her from behind, as she observes his living room.

“Koh Yanok welcomes you,” he says, flashing her a handsome smile.

Waree returns a half smile, “I am happy to accept your hospitality.” If it is the one and only she’s gonna get.

Khun Sama can’t stop looking at her and forces himself to talk, y’know, it makes smiling from ear to ear more difficult. Which is what he’s going for, “Did you bring a lot of clothes with you?”

“I brought everything,” Waree replies.

“That’s good, I won’t need Lampang to prepare more clothes for you.”

She’s confused as to why she would need more clothes, “Aren’t I just staying overnight?”

He smiles that beguiling smile of his, “that may not be the case,” hehe, “you might be here longer than that.”

“That would be strange because I thought I am only spending a night here,” Waree starts.

Khun Sama leans closer to her, “Last night I invited you to stay, but I didn’t mention for how long..”

Exasperated, Waree exclaims, “Well why didn’t you just say something before?”

He uses the same excuse as the time he didn’t tell her who he was, “You didn’t ask me.”

“Then let me ask you now, how long am I staying here?” Waree questions.

“As long as it takes you to acquire enough research to write about my casino,” he replies. He seems to want her to have a nice, long stay, lol.

She steps up to the challenge, “Then that’s only going to be one night. I’ll interview you tonight, and tomorrow I’ll take pictures of the casino. That’s all it’ll take and I can go home.”

Sama pretends to consider it, “well even that is not certain.”

Waree glares at him, “And why not?” She doesn’t know what to make of him.

“Because you are here in the time of the monsoon, if the storm comes, we wouldn’t be able to go anywhere for a couple of days,” he explains.

“The storm is coming?” she asks.

He nods his head.

“There’s no way.. the sea seems pretty calm on my way here,” she says.

“That is just the calm before the storm,” Sama retorts. Hehe.

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He takes a seat with ease.

“Didn’t know you can forecast.”

“I’m not- I’m just speaking from experience.”

Waree then asks, “What if there aren’t any storms?”

Then they are back to square one as he says, “Then you’ll be here as long as you’ll need.”

“Then that will be only one night!” she exclaims.

Sama peers at her, “Don’t fret Waree, you’ll be able to turn in your work. I’ve never forced anyone to be on this island longer than they should. In exception to..” he stands up and leans close, “the person’s willingness to stay.”

“Definitely not me,” she denies.

“Don’t be too sure, haven’t you heard that the things that are definite becomes indefinite?” Oh, the philosopher Khun Sama? I do love his voice. “You must be travel weary. Why don’t you take a break?” His question is more of an order.

“I’m not tired,” she bit back. “If you don’t mind I’d like to start the interview now-“

Sama raises his finger to stop her, “No I don’t mind, now is just not the right time.”

She wants to balk.

“I’d like you to rest, shower and make yourself at home first,” Sama says.

“You are stalling.”

“I am not stalling, like I said, I want you to rest before we commence.”

Lol she’s frustrated with his insistence, but he only smiles at her.

Sama steps closer to her and points at her nose, “Did you sit in the front of the boat on your way here?”


“Do you realize that when you’re sitting beneath the glaring sun and the sea, your face will be red?” he teases her nose then her cheeks, “and so will your nose?” Oh the man is flirty, haha.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 7.32.05 PM

She pushes his hand away, he circles her and sniffs her.

“I’m just saying that you should rest, and once the sea scent leaves you then we’ll talk.”

Waree had to take a few deep breaths to control herself. Sama dials the intercom to order his housekeeper to usher Waree to the guest room.

The housekeeper is protective and isn’t used to having visitors on the island. She warns the guest of a few important aspects of living on the island and the house: intercom to communicate with the help (no direct line to Khun Sama though haha) and that if she wants to take a walk or go anywhere on the island, she should ask for an escort in case she gets lost.

Waree asks if she could use the landline to call BKK or Trat since her cellphone doesn’t have good reception. Rampang advises her that she could but all calls are recorded. Waree is appalled, she wonders if this is a jail or a compound, lol. Rampang explains that they are not nosy unless the personal calls threaten the safety of Khun Sama or the inhabitants.

Hey a compound means close quarters with the beguiling Sama, right? With potential danger abound, perhaps it is a good thing indeed that the leading hero is within hearing distance. Ah, I am excited already. Bring it on.

(Each episodes are close to two hours, I am breaking up some scenes because I can only get around to some of it today. I’ll be recapping this slowly so hang in there, thanks for your patience!)

Ep 2.2 Mon Jantra: Waree hates the storm and Sama hates his pictures

With the warning still fresh in her mind- the fact that Waree cannot walk alone on the island, and we know that she cannot sit still- Waree decides to make as little noise as possible as she sneaks out. She intends to walk around the island without an escort, but a friendly cat knows better and starts to meow, alerting someone of her intentions.

She tells it to be quiet and even goes to shut its mouth when Khun Sama sees her.

“Where are you going Waree?” he asks.

“So he was alerting his boss after all,” Waree surmises as the feline meanders over to Sama. “In addition to having a mean bodyguard, a ghost possessed house keeper, he has a fat tatter telling cat. How is anyone capable of escaping this place, Jao Phor?”

“I am not Jao Phor,” Khun Sama says, referring to not being an esteemed owner of the island. “And I’m not the owner of that cat either. If that cat could talk it would tell you that it is actually the boss of everyone here. “ The cat has made its away across the hall. “He’s the owner of this island too.”

Joking aside, Khun Sama questions where she was going.

“Just going for a stroll.”

“Did Lampang not tell you that if you were to go anywhere on this island, you must ask Pipat or anyone else to accompany you?”

“She did. But I don’t want to trouble anyone.”

Sama explains his intentions, “The reason why I’m doing this is not to hide anything from you, but there are many unsafe areas. If you get lost, you could be in danger.”

Waree scratches her head, unsure of how to respond.

“If you want to go for a walk, that’s fine, I’ll be your guide then,” Khun Samaaaa. You can be my guide on this island any day, hah!

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 11.19.09 PM

As they step outside, they see his other bodyguard, whom he dismisses since he’ll be giving Waree a tour around the island. The bodyguard and Waree have a stare down, they remember each other, he had been the driver when her motorcycle hit his van but she denied it was her fault. Khun Sama smiles at their bickering.

“You’re quite vindictive. You haven’t forgiven him for the small accident?” Sama questions when the bodyguard leaves them.

“I’ve already forgotten it. I’m a grown woman now, I don’t think about those petty things,” she replies.

“You’re right, you’re not a kid anymore. But I feel that when you were a kid you had more rationale than what you have now.”

Waree mulls over what he said, as Khun Sama walks off with a smile. She thinks that her friend has been ratting her out and promises to get even with her the next time she sees her.

They start in his garden, Waree snaps pictures of his humble abode.

“Your house is quite inviting and green,” she comments.

“Thank you- and over there we have smaller trees that we’ve planted ourselves.”

They come to a few white boxes with nets scattered along the ground, “And what are these white boxes for?” Waree questions.

“They’re nesting for the bees,” Khun Sama explains.

“You’re raising them by the beach? How are they going to find the nectar?”

“Must be from these flowers-“

“Hm. What will honey coming from yee-toe flower nectar taste like?” ah, she has such a curious mind, questioning everything. A reporter trait! If only her younger Musketeer gang member can adopt some of her inquisitive nature, heeh.

“I haven’t tasted the honey myself,” Sama admits, “but it’s best not to get too close to the bees, we don’t want them to sting us.” Waree decides its best to get far away.

A beautiful manmade bridge connects the different bungalows together. Waree begins her questions regarding the casino as they cross the bridge. She asks after the name of the island upon which he is building his casino, Koh Praharm. He explains that it is in the Khmer language, located on the border. He tells her that all of his employees are Thai citizens, trying to comfort her that he’s not doing anything illegal. She is not convinced and thinks that he’s hiding something.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 11.57.52 PM

He taps her on the shoulders, “I am not hiding anything.”

She looks at him uncomfortably.

“I can read body language too,” he says, “especially the telling eyes.”

She looks away, but Sama persists, “has anyone ever tell you that your eyes are so easy to read? When you feel something, your eyes say it all.”

What a perceptive man, perhaps he’s just paying too much attention to her? Hehe.

“I don’t try to front my feelings.”

“In my profession, I must be able to read people in matters of a few seconds,” he says. Waree doesn’t feel like having him read any more of her thoughts so she takes a step forward. Sama stops her.

“Where are you going?“

“Let go- I’m just crossing the bridge and going to the back of your island,” Waree motions to her point of interest. “It’ll be quick to get over there.”

“If you use this bridge, you’ll fall quicker to the pit of the beach then you would be able to breathe.”

She starts to panic, “is the bridge broken then?”

“The planks are ancient, it can’t even hold a child’s weight.”

This angers her, “if it’s that dangerous, why don’t you use something to protect it?”

“For what? Everyone here knows whether they should or should not cross it.”

She becomes sarcastic, and Sama says that maybe they’re just leaving it there. She instigates that maybe he’s leaving it there so people could fall through it and die.

“This is my private island,” Sama relents, “if my guests don’t come, who else dare come here?”

“And moving forward what else am I going to encounter here?”

“Sounds like you’ve been watching too much tv.”

Hah, they are so cute when they bicker. The housekeeper Lampang notices them from the door. As she stands there to watch them, Pipat walks up to her. “It looks like Khun Sama places much importance on that reporter.”

“We don’t know how trustworthy she is,” Lampang retorts, she looks more possessive than she is concerned about her boss.

“It appears as though Khun Sama has known her before,” Pipat observes.

“And do you trust her?”

“I’m not sure,” he admits.

“Then we need to keep a close eye on her. I’m afraid Khun Sama may fall under her hands.”

“If the storm doesn’t come, she’ll finish up her interview and leave,” says Pipat. “No more than two days.”

“I don’t understand why Khun Sama agreed to an interview! Has he not risked enough?” Lampang walks away in a huff.

Waree and Sama make it to the beautiful, sandy beach.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 11.58.46 PM

“Your private island has such beautiful beaches. One in the front and another in the back,” she notices a boat to their right, “and is that your boat?”

“No, it’s an acquaintance, they are staying close to the shore for the pending storm.”

This concerns her, “and when will the storm come?”

“It shouldn’t be passed tonight-“

“And how long before it passes?” she inquires, concerned.

“From what I heard on the news, it’s going to be a strong one and may last a couple of days.”

“Two days?!”

“Or even longer than that.”

I wanted to think that Waree is about to have a heart attack at the thought of staying that long and close to Khun Sama, haha, but that is not the case.

“Are you afraid of the storm?” he notices her lingering look from the beach to the shore.

“No,” she denies, “I hate it.”


“It’s nothing really,” she looks away, “I just hate it.” Lol.

She swings her camera towards his face and is about to snap a photo when he reaches his hands to cover the lenses, “I’m sorry, please don’t take my picture.”

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 11.30.47 PM

“I apologize,” she says, slightly taken aback. “I didn’t realize you didn’t want me to take your picture right now.”

“It’s not just right now. I don’t like anyone focusing their cameras on me. “

Waree is flabbergasted, “You’ve agreed to an interview with me but you won’t let me take a picture of you??”

He recommends her taking pictures of his house, the beach etc. or anyone else who condones the camera in their faces.

“But you’re the heart of this news!” she is still floored. “If I only feature a story about you but no picture, who’s going to believe that I actually talked to you? They would think that I made it up.” She has a point.

“Waree,” I like how he says her name, “you have a picture of my house, pictures of Koh Yanok, Praharm- no newspaper company has ever received news about this before. This is not enough proof?”

She is not about to let it go, “but your picture is the most important part of this article!”

“I don’t think it’s as important as the news itself. If the source doesn’t want your company to feature their picture, would you stubbornly publish the pictures anyway?”

“And how will my readers know who you are?” she questions in return.

“From the article.”

“That’s not what I meant! What about the way you look?”

“Well you have a pen, why don’t you describe the way I look,” hah, he’s so old school. “It’s not very hard.”

Waree asks for a compromise, “What if I have someone draw you?”

He folds his arms across his chest in thought, “If your people have skills, then I may not mind. I don’t know how you will incorporate the other pictures in your article, but I’m asking that you don’t use a picture of me.”

Waree is about to argue when he walks away.

“Come on, let’s head on back,” he says, ending her argument for now. “It’s getting darker and the storm may come.”

With that in mind, Waree follows him, after all, she hates the storm and he hates people taking pictures of him. But whyyy.. all that glory in mother nature’s fury. Chakrit and Margie are so cuuute!

Ep 2.3 Mon Jantra: Where have we met before?

Waree returns to her guestroom that night, chatting with her friend about Khun Sama, a man who has never been interested in anyone before, but is falling for Waree. Well, that was her friend’s intuition anyway. Waree denies it and threatens her friend that she will hang up if she continues to tease her like that. Her friend eventually relents and says that right now she fears Waree is the one who may fall in love with Khun Sama.

“I hate gambling and why would I ever date someone who’s the owner of a gambling house?” Waree questions her friend, haven’t she heard that opposites attract? Or in Thai, you end up with something you hate? Hehe.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 3.52.03 PM

The tide is rising slowly that evening. Khun Sama is found spoon feeding his cat as if it is a normal occurrence.

“You’re feeding your cat dessert?” Waree questions, as she watches the fat cat enjoying the sweet nibbles.

“Yes, it’ll give him energy,” he strokes his cat. “Isn’t that right?” he questions the feline with affection.

“No wonder he’s as fat as a quagmire. If you love your cat, stop feeding him that- he’ll die from it.”

Hah, the cat seems to despise her critical assessment because Waree tells Khun Sama that his cat is giving her a dirty look.

Sama chuckles and pets his cat, “and how do you know that (he’s secretly scolding you?)”

“I can tell from looking at his eyes,” she replies, lol, that’s what Sama told her earlier.

He chuckles again, “is that so?” he peers at his cat and strokes its back, “really, kitty?” Hey, who wants to be Khun Sama’s cat?!

Dinner is ready and Khun Sama orders Lampang to prepare them coffee afterward, they’ll spend some time chatting. Waree becomes excited upon hearing those words, “so I can start interviewing you tonight?” Khun Sama merely gives her a smile and told her to ask the cat, haha. Oh Chakrit, you are so cute. Waree can barely contain herself with excitement.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 3.52.59 PM

Out by the pergola, nestling beneath the night sky, Khun Sama asks Waree how long her interviews typically take.

“It varies.. 30 minutes and sometimes up to three hours. It lies on how interesting the cases are,” she replies.

“And you’ll be able to glean everything that you wanted to know about the case within those time frames?”

“It is possible if the interviewee is willing to answer my questions.”

“And with a client like myself, how long do you think it’ll take?”

“It might be quite long. You are careful and thoughtful with your responses, and you don’t like to be the only one asking questions,” hehe. “Look at what you’re doing now.” Even Khun Sama smiles at her perception. “Let me ask you something,” she starts, “are you really going to let me interview you?”

“Please don’t misunderstand. I am willing to be interviewed by you, I just feel that this is not the right time.”

Waree complains.

“Don’t be mad, I just want us to get to know each other better. You might even stay here for 2-3 nights, gather your data so you can get to know me first. It’s not the kind of story where you interview for 3 hours and go back and write your article.”

It’s definitely not going to be an easy interview.

“Listen Khun Sama, getting to know your topic better is good. But when you get to know them too well it becomes biased news. The best thing to do right now is to interview short and quick, I’ll be able to get enough material to write. Why don’t you just start?”

But Khun Sama isn’t done yet, “that might be good for other cases, but not for this one.” Oh man, Sama is telling her how to do her job!

Exasperated she sets her notebook down and grabs her bag. Lampang peers at them from behind the door. She sees Waree taking out a pack of smokes.

“You smoke?” Sama asks.

“I’m trying to quit,” Waree replies, but must be hard when a client is pushing your buttons, lol. She says as much, “you’re stressing me out.”

Sama reaches for her pack of cigarettes, “if you’re quitting then why are you smoking?”

Waree wants it back, “can you stop being like the two intervening girls?”

This peaks his interest, “who are they? Your friends? Can you tell me about them, it will help relieve your stress.”

“I will not.”

“Then you won’t get these back,” he motions to the pack of cigarettes. Hehe.

He’s going to be the bane of her existence.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 3.53.18 PM

Waree tells him about the time her two musketeers steer her towards the laptop. There are facts about what damages smoking can do to you, and they are trying to convince her to quit, even if it means strong arming her.

“I already know that!” Waree says, annoyed by their intervention.

“Then why aren’t you stopping?” Mee questions.

“I am stopping,” Waree answers.

They show her cancerous pictures due to smoking. Waree is forcing her eyes away.

“These things take time.”

“It takes heart!” Matt retorts.

“If I’ve promised that I will quit, I will,” Waree says. The two girls look at her, unconvinced.

“Pinky swear first,” Matt says, even Mee holds up her finger. The three pinky swear.

But not much longer than their pinky promise, Waree excuses herself from the meeting to call on a reference. Matt notices that she’s taking her little pouch with her so she became suspicious. And she was spot on, Waree was going to have a smoke.

“Give me a break, I’m stressed out,” Waree tells her junior.

Matt flashes Waree a pack of gum to help her fight nicotine addiction instead.

But Waree has trouble fighting her vices. Mee and Matt decide to take out the big guns.

“I can’t stop smoking that quickly.”

“Fine then swear that you will quit in front of Mother Thoranee (land) statue,” Mee says.

“It doesn’t have to be to that extent. How about with the honor of the 3 Musketeers!” Waree offers instead. “I promise I will quit, ok? But please give me some time.”

“How much time?” Matt questions.

“Until I have a boyfriend-“ haha, says Waree.

The two girls jump away from her, “that means you’ll continue smoking until you die!” Lol.

Waree drags them back to her arms, “I must quit for my two best friends!”

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 3.54.21 PM

We are taken back to the pergola with Khun Sama, Waree demands her pack of cigarettes back.

“I’ll return them to you when you leave the island,” he says.

“Eh, Khun!” Waree is exasperated.

“Well I’m afraid your friends would scold me. Not smoking is good for you. The atmosphere is nice here, you don’t need to ruin your health.”

Waree tries to reach for her pack. He pulls it away from her, “Listen you are already prejudiced with me. So what I am trying to do from now on is erasing your prejudice.”

“I am not prejudiced against you.”

He gives her the, ‘I don’t believe you look.’

“Fine I’ll admit it. But I’m not personally prejudiced against you per se,” she explains herself, “I respect your talent, the fact that you’ve created yourself from the ground up. But I just hate the concept of gambling.”

Sama chuckles, “I get it now.”

“How is it that you understand? We’ve never met before!” Waree exclaims.

He looks at her poignantly, the laughter leaving his face. “We might have met before, you know. I might know you more than you think.”

But Waree is adamant, “I don’t know you!”

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 3.54.28 PM

Khun Sama observes her from his eyelashes, he needs to stop looking at her like that, wah! Melting anyone?

“You’ve changed so much,” he says. “But I’ve never forgotten you. Funny how it turns out that you don’t remember me.”

Waree feels a little badly, “I apologize, I really don’t remember you. Where have we met before?”

“A long time ago, maybe even more than ten years ago.”

“At Trat right?” Waree asks.

Sama perks up, hopeful, “that is right.”

But before she can continue, Pipat interrupts them. Sama receives a call from Hong Kong.

“It looks like I have to get back to work,” Sama says, as he stands up from his seat on the lounge chair.

“Hey, Khun-“

But he is gone, leaving Waree in a state of restlessness. She didn’t get to smoke, now she has this puzzle to figure out. When did they meet, if they’ve ever met at all?

(Golly, I do love all of their beautiful conversations and screen time! Khun Samaaaaa. I also like how Waree is not perfect, she has her vices and her flaws, which makes for a compelling watch.)

Ep 2.4-2.5: The storm’s brewing

Waree gets back to her room and sits on her bed with a huff, “Does he think that I’m a felon, so I am forbidden to go anywhere? And he took my camera- as if I brought only one. You don’t know me well enough.”

As she finds her other camera, she sees a shadow from behind the curtains.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 9.49.16 PM

“How did I forget to close the door?” she asks herself. Oh boy. And as she shuts the door, we see legs in denim pants.

The following morning Waree tries to strike a conversation with the housekeeper, who pretty much barely utters a word to her and is a little OCD. When Waree touches the frame, Lampang would go back and wipe her fingerprints, lol. Waree touches the next one.

“Those are Khun Sama’s books,” Lampang warns.

But it doesn’t deter Waree, she grabs another book and asks if this belonged to him too. Haha.

Soh arrives to the island and immediately asks for Khun Sama, she ignores Waree’s greeting.

“He’s talking about work with Khun Pipat,” Lampang answers.

“So diligent, working this AM. Did he have breakfast yet?” Soh asks.

“Not yet.”

“Then can you prepare the meal outside, I’d like to eat outside-“

“But Khun Sama has never taken his meals outside like that,” Lampang objects.

“Well he’ll have it today,” Soh spat. “Just do as I say, Lampang. Khun Sama has never denied me anything.”

Waree is witnessing this whole exchange and holds back a smile.

“What is so amusing?” Lampang questions. “Do you know who she came to see this early in the AM?”

“Probably not for me,” Waree replies.

“Not only are you the first person Khun Sama allows to interview him, you are the first guest here. And now that you know that, you ought to be more careful,” Lampang warns her.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 9.50.31 PM

They have breakfast outdoors, the way that Soh wants it, but she’s fuming over the fact that she doesn’t get to sit with Khun Sama alone.

“Khun Waree is my guest,” Sama politely reminds her.

Waree says to Soh, “Really I can eat anywhere. And I will probably have a better appetite if I can finally start my work.”

Sama smiles over his cup of coffee.

“You haven’t started your interview yet?” Soh questions, annoyed.

“You should probably ask Khun Sama yourself,” Waree retorts. “I don’t know why he’s stalling it.”

“You’ll get to do your work for sure,” Sama promises her, “it’s just a matter of timing. Do you know that things we get easily (in life) are meaningless? Right?” the second question is referred to Soh. Sama excuses himself to get a report on his workers.

Soh is left glaring at Waree with contempt. Lol, does she know that she’s the “easy” thing?

“Do you want to finish your work and go home?” Soh asks Waree.

“Of course, I still have a lot of work waiting for me. Who wants to be stuck on this island?” Waree asks rhetorically. Raises hand, I do!

“I can help you,” offers Soh.

“Is that so?” Waree says, skeptical.

“But at this time Sama won’t let you interview him, I don’t think you should sit here and waste your time. Why don’t you take pictures at Koh Praharm?” advises Soh. “Interested? I can arrange my people to take you there.”

Waree never backs away from an opportunity, “yes I’m interested! He wouldn’t take me there easily.”

“Good, while you’re taking the pictures, I can work on Sama. By the time you return, you’ll get to interview him. Tonight you can return to the mainland with me.”

Ah, too good to be true?

But Waree is stoked, “thank you!”

“Don’t mention it. I’m not all that happy that a young lady is staying on this island with him.”

Waree excuses herself to pack her things.

Soh releases an evil smile.

At the dock, Soh walks Waree to the boat and watches the woman walk into her laid out plan.

The man who had walked out of the boat prior wonders where Waree is going when the storm is about to brew.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 9.48.26 PM

Back at Khun Sama’s working quarters, Pipat tells him that it is a good thing he got the documents today, otherwise they would waste precious days waiting out the storm.

“Things are going according to our plans for the casino,” Sama says, reading the paperwork, pleased.

The man who had been wondering about Khun Waree immediately came to Sama with his concerns. “Khun Waree went with one of Khun Sopie’s people. And I don’t know where she’s going.”

Sama is concerned, “the storm is brewing, where is she going?”

“I’m guessing Koh Praharm as the likeliest choice,” Pipat says.

“She’s damn hasty,” Sama mutters as he rushes out of the living room.

“Prepare a boat and meet us at the beach,” Pipat orders the other man as he follows his boss.


“Will it be long before we reach Koh Praharm?” Waree asks the driver who tells her that he doesn’t know, that he’s a new employee. Waree then asks him if he’s going to take her to the right place, but the driver is confident that it is just straight ahead. They won’t be lost. Of course not, because the storm might catch them first.

Soh watches Khun Sama in frustration as he rushes to the dock.

“The storm is brewing, why the hell did you let her go?” Sama questions.

“Is the storm really coming? I didn’t know,” Soh pleads ignorance. “All I knew was that the reporter begged that she didn’t get any resources for the story and I figured the casino hasn’t been completely built yet so there won’t be any harm. So I let someone take her there.”

“Someone like you doesn’t know that a storm is brewing?” Sama asks, he doesn’t buy it, and Soh knows it too. “Did you conveniently forget that you’re a wealthy (Jao Sua) islander’s wife? What’s your household’s profession?” he asks rhetorically. “A person like you who grew up by the sea knows better than me when a storm is coming.”

Soh looks guiltily at him. Can’t get yourself out of this one, can you?

His men prepare the boat and Sama goes after Waree. Soh doesn’t think he’s gonna make it, hah.

The clouds are gathering, the air is intense. Waree peers at the dark clouds when the it starts to pour. They are in the middle of a brewing storm.

“If you can’t manage, you can backtrack,” Waree tells the driver.

“Can’t backtrack now m’ame, we must find shelter.”

“How are we going to find one? We’re in the middle of an ocean!”

“I don’t know either, I’ve never been in the midst of a storm before.” She’s going to be shit out of luck!

Meanwhile Sama has his eyes searching for her boat. Pipat advises that they turn back but Sama is stubborn, he’s not willing to let Waree be in danger because of him. Aw. So sweet! He probably knows Soh is out to get her, lol. Wise man.

He sees a small boat ahead of him and orders Pipat to steer them closer. Right then Waree steps away from the driver to reach for her bag and falls into the sea. She also doesn’t know how to swim. Frantically, Waree tries to call for help, but she gets pulled into the sea’s depth. As she loses grip, Sama emerges from the depth to rescue her.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 10.08.53 PM

The men pull them out of the water. Sama wipes Waree’s hair out of her face and concern washes over him. They make it back to his home as he carries her on his back.

“You can let me down now, I’m fine!” Waree exclaims, not used to the attention.

“Don’t pretend to be so tough,” Sama chastises her.

“What happened?” Soh asks innocently.

But Khun Sama isn’t buying it, “I’m going to have a talk with you.” He orders Lampang to prepare fresh clothes for Waree- and when Rampang orders her brother to help Sama- he tells him it’s not necessary. Hehe. Sama seems to like carrying Waree around. He gives Soh one last stare down before he takes Waree to her bedroom.

“Nothing is wrong with her, how could he carry her like that?” Soh wonders out loud.

Pipat answers for her, “you should be worried about yourself first,” hehe. She glares at him, “prepare a good answer for Khun Sama,” he advises.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 10.11.45 PM

“I really don’t know anything!” Soh admits some time later, when she is faced with a determined Sama. “My person went with her, if I knew there was a storm I wouldn’t let my own people risk that.”

“I’m not a teenager without any experience who falls for someone and lose all of his wits about him,” hah, you tell her Sama! I love that he’s such a strong, smart man. “Allow me to be straight with you, I am responsible for Waree’s safety. Therefore I won’t allow anyone to cause her harm.”

“How exciting that you’re so worried about her. Even when you barely know her,” Soh chastises.

“You misunderstand,” Sama says, “Sarawaree and I have known each other for a long time.” This shocks his two bodyguards, they look at each other.

“Even though it might not be as long as I’ve known you. But I know her better than you think.”

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 10.20.26 PM

“And when did you meet each other?” Soh spat.

“I don’t need to tell you that,” Sama replies, hehe. He stands up, “just know that Waree and I are old friends.” Ah, he just opened a world war on Waree now.

Soh realizes that Waree is a bigger threat than she anticipated. But I love how Sama always goes to bat for her!

Ep 2.6-2.7: Their History

In Waree’s bedroom, her clothes are strewn on the floor. The housekeeper brings her croissants and a glass of milk and cleans up after her. Perhaps our 3 Musketeers are slobs, lol. Waree turns in her bed, and the maid comments to Lampang that despite sleeping, Waree is still very beautiful. The comment irks Lampang as she glares at the sleeping woman.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 10.51.06 PM

In Bangkok, Mee is very concerned about Waree, she hasn’t been able to get a hold of her. She tells Mattana over the phone to try again since they are closer (she’s currently in Phuket.) The boss had warned Waree not to go to Sama’s island. Mee surmises that since everyone knows where Waree is at, Khun Sama wouldn’t dare harm her. But it doesn’t make the boss any more comfortable with the idea, since Sama is Jao Phor (owner of the island) he could just tell the cops that she got wrapped up in the storm. They wouldn’t fault him. This causes Mee to feel even worse.

Mee finds herself seeking Sahma’s (Waree’s twin sister) wisdom. Sahma feels that they don’t need to be anxious because Waree would contact them soon. Must be the twin connection. Sahma is confident that even though Waree is a troublemaker, she usually gets herself out of trouble. She further believes that if Waree dares to go to the island alone, then she is certain that she can help herself. Mee mentions that Sahma knows her sister so well. But the only thing Sahma is concerned with is Waree’s past that is still haunting her.

Sahma tells Mee a story of when they were little, their mother singing them a lullaby, a plead for the moon to help them. Little Waree asks her mother if she’s calling the moon for help so their dad would stop gambling. The wise Sahma tells their mom to stop singing to them so she can reserve her energy- Little Waree adds that when she gets well, she can sing to them again. Their mom holds them close and Sahma signals her sister for a chat outside.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 11.38.53 PM

“Mom’s out of medications. We’re out of money. She’s getting worse. I’m so scared,” Sahma admits to her younger sister.

Waree comes up with a solution to work harder so they can find the money to buy their mom’s medications. But Sahma says that their mom doesn’t want them to bother Panom again. This leaves only one solution, Waree volunteers to ask their father for money.

“Do you want him to hit you?” Sahma questions. Waree says it is worth it.

Across the country and by the sea, the older Waree peers at the bright lit moon. She thinks about the same occurrence, when as a child, she goes into the gambling house to seek her father’s help. She tells him that they need money to buy their mom medication. Her dad tells her that she can’t ask him while he’s playing, it’s bad luck. He pushes his daughter away. Desperate, Waree yanks the cash from her father’s hands and makes a run for it. The older man chases her and once caught, she is spanked in public.

Waree falls to the ground, holding her knees.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 10.51.45 PM

Sama, with longer hair (and supposedly younger face, lol) kneels down to tend to her. He gives her a stash of cash from his pocket.

“I didn’t ask you,” Waree says.

“I know, I’m giving them to you,” Sama replies. Is it creepy that he’s so much older? Hah, I like! No wonder he remembers her but she doesn’t remember him easily, lol.

“Thank you,” Waree says. “But mom teaches us not to accept anything for free. Where is your house? I can do housework for you.”

Sama smiles, “Don’t worry about it. Isn’t your mom sick? Go home and take care of her. And don’t come here again,” he tells her, “This is not a place for kids.”

As Sama tries to leave the gambling house, a man stops him, they don’t want him to stop gambling. Little Waree notices two men following him out.

Then it finally occurred to the grown Waree, “So he’s that man-“ hehehe she remembers! What’s even better, he has known all along that she is the little Waree that he knows.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 10.50.17 PM

Sama is being chased by the gambling hands. Waree decides to help Sama by finding an extra hand, a security guard that she knows. He broke up the fight and Little Waree tells Sama that they can run away now. Aw and Little Waree is so adorable I want to put her in my pocket!

“Thank you- and what is your name?” Sama asks.

“Sarawaree but you can call me Waree. Are you able to get up?” she asks. She helps him up.

“So it’s you,” the grown Waree says to herself, finally figuring out how she knew Khun Sama.

The sun rises the following morning and Sama is working diligently on his casino project. He hears a knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Waree.”

The voice alerts his attention, he smiles, “Come in.”

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 11.00.54 PM

Waree walks in with a pout and her arms across her chest.

“I’ve been so busy this morning, I apologize for not dining with you earlier,” Sama explains himself, thinking that she looks pissed because he didn’t have a meal with her. Lol.

She leans against his desk, looking closely at him.

“What’s the matter?” he asks, surprised at her attention.

“Is it because I saved your life?” she asks him. “That’s why you let me interview you?”

He smiles his beguiling smile. He needs to stop doing that! The heart can’t take it!

“So you finally remember me.”

“You haven’t answered me yet,” Waree insists.

“Well it’s true. But when you think about it my casino needs media coverage anyway and you happen to show up at the right time.”

Waree humph at it.

“Either way I owe you my life,” he says. “But if I were to repay you I could find other methods right? But the reason why I chose you and I’m willing to give you an interview is because I see that you and Siam Sarn does quality work.”

Waree smiles with confidence, “that makes me feel better.”

“And after that time, what did you do in order to be Jao Phor on this island?” Waree questions, curious.

“As a friend I can tell you about it. But if this is an interview, I’m passing.”

“I know- if you don’t want to tell me, then don’t,” Waree retorts.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 11.46.41 PM

Ah, but Khun Sama succumbs. They chat over coffee in a hut by the beach.

“After that I used the money I won from the gambling house to invest in various businesses. Some are good, some failed. It went like that for awhile until I’ve built myself to where I am at today.”

“All sorts of businesses,” she starts, “including.. gem digging?”

“You must have heard that from his mouth,” Sama surmises, a darkness crosses his face.

“So it is true?” she asks.

“Even if I tell you, it’ll sound like an excuse. Let’s just say that over time, you’ll hear the truth from many different people’s mouth.”

I like that.

But Waree wants to hear it from him too, and so he gives her an inch, “Daet invited me to dig for gems.”

“Khun Daet, Khun Dij’s brother?” Waree asks.

Sama nods his head in agreement, “and we were lucky because we found gems and sold them for several thousands of baht. Then I used that money to invest in the rest of my businesses.”

“So when Khun Daet was murdered, his brother thinks that it’s your doing? Is that why he competes with you?”

Sama is silent, but his eyes say so much.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 11.42.04 PM

“And what about you?” he changes the subject, “what happened to you after that day?”

That same day, Waree brought the medicine that she bought with his money to Sahma and their mom. But when she got back, it’s too late, her mom has stopped breathing and Sahma is crying. No matter how much she tries to wake her mom, her mom doesn’t move. Suddenly her father storms the house. Waree yells at her dad that he was responsible for her mom’s death.

“Uncle (his older security guard) tells me that you and your sister moved to Bangkok to stay with your grandma,” Sama comments, Waree is wiping away the tears that force their way into her eyes.

“Grandma pities me and Sahma,” she looks at him, “my older sister.”

“Sounds like my name,” he says.

“Mm, but different spelling,” and she spells for him.

“And then what happened next?” he prods her to continue, trying to move her past the teary moments.

“My uncle in law raised us well, he took care of us. When grandma passed away, we were kicked out of the house; it’s a good thing that grandma has the title and left the house for us.”

“Has your dad tried contacting you?” Sama asks.

“Not much longer after we moved to Bangkok, my father was killed at the gambling house.”

Ah, such a tragic life story. It is no wonder she hates the gambling house so much.

He seems to understand her better now, watching her with those perceptive eyes.

“My condolences,” he says. “Now that I know you hate the concept of gambling, I want to keep you here for awhile, so your prejudice against casinos can lessen.”

“That will be hard,” she says. Heeh, but didn’t he say that things that come easily to us are meaningless?

“I am curious about one thing,” Waree starts, “a person like you doesn’t seem to frequent a gambling house like that.” (She’s referring to the past.) “So why did you go?”

“To spite my life,” Sama laughs, not one of those real laughs mind you. “Once I figured it out (the gambling), I almost got killed. I shouldn’t be stupid and do that for a woman.”

“And who is that woman?” she questions.

“You know so much about my life now,” he says and walks away, ending their conversation there.

Waree wipes away the last of her tears.

Ep 2.8-2.9 Your safety is my responsibility

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 11.06.40 PM

Another day passes by and Soh shows up at the house again. She’s angry that she hasn’t seen Sama’s face yet. She thinks Lampang is out to stop her. Lampang explains to her that she’s not capable of doing such things since she’s a housekeeper, but could it be that Khun Sama is avoiding her? Heeh.

“Where is that reporter?” Soh asks.

“The last time I saw her, she was with Khun Sama.”

“And why didn’t you interrupt them? I’ve noticed that any female that surrounds herself with Sama, you’d always interfere! I know what you’re hoping for.”

But Lampang doesn’t answer.

“Sama would never be stupid enough to see someone like you-“

“I know that he’s not stupid,” Lampang replies, “otherwise he’d eat off leftovers from somebody else.” Ooh, catty. This housekeeper has claws! She’s referring to Sopie’s husband. Is he dead, alive? Who knows.

Waree searches the cabinet for food. As she shuts the fridge door, a man with a black mask appears and punches her in the stomach. He takes her away, she screams for help. But she’s feisty and he slaps her across the face. Luckily Lampang came in time to help her.

The bodyguards search the island for the culprit.

Waree ices her cheeks.

“If you listen to me and not wander alone you wouldn’t be hurt,” scolds Lampang.

“I was walking in the house.”

“And that’s it. People who have evil intentions for Khun Sama are always lurking around. And it hasn’t happened like this before, until a stranger showed up on our island,” Lampang says.

“Are you referring to Khun Sopie?”

“I could be referring to you too.”

“Who would dare send people to hurt their own people?”

“How should I know that?” Lampang gets up from the bed.

“Thank you for helping me, who knows what will happen to me without your help.”

“You’re skillfull, you’ll be able to get yourself out of trouble,” says Lampang, apparently doesn’t take compliments easily.

“I apologize for not liking you that much before,” Waree says.

“Don’t mention it, many people don’t like me.”

“Have they caught the culprit yet?” Waree asks.

“Don’t worry, the bodyguards are after him. Khun Sama won’t allow you to be hurt for nothing.”

Sama watches the video surveillance with Soh, his eyes are on her.

“Do you have anything to explain yourself?” he asks Soh, who cringes.

“Explain what?” she fawns innocence again.

“Don’t let me repeat myself, Soh. It’s that clear,” he points to the tv.

“It could be any man!” Soh replies, exasperated. “How can you blame me?”

“This is my private island, everyone who lives here are trustworthy. Waree just got here, and even if she has enemies, they wouldn’t dare come all the way here!”

“Why would I do this to her? Even if I hate her face, I wouldn’t dare do it!

“Why don’t you save your excuses for the cops?” he advises.

“What?! You’re calling the cops on me?”

A loud knock is heard on the door. Pipat enters and tells him that they couldn’t catch the culprit. He tells him he has searched the entire island.

“What about Soh’s people?”

“There weren’t any suspicious people,” Pipat replies.

“Did you hear that? Do you still want me to give my account to the cops?” Soh asks sarcastically.

Sama smiles cunningly, “That won’t be necessary, but tomorrow morning, all of your people must leave this island.”

“Are you kicking me out?!”

“This is my private island!” he reminds her, “I can let anyone stay or go whenever it pleases me. Most importantly I don’t welcome those who I don’t trust to be here.” I love you Khun Sama! Tell her how it is!

But this only causes Soh to be frustrated. Once in her room, she mutters why that man would interfere with the reporter.

The next morning Pipat is seen jogging on the beach and spots a black mask.

Sama is at the dining table when he tells Lampang to arrange only two sets of plates, Sopie is leaving today. Lampang asks when the reporter would leave too and Sama tells her that she doesn’t have a return date, hehe.

But Lampang isn’t happy to hear that.

Pipat reports the black mask to Khun Sama, who wonders who it could belong to.

Sopie locks herself in her room, refusing to leave. The bodyguards knock on her door, asking her to leave. Waree overhears the yelling and asks after her. She learns that Khun Sama gave Sopie and her men the boot. She thinks it’s a little much.

She approaches him at the dining table with a frown.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 10.58.49 PM

“What’s the matter now?” he asks.

“I understand that you’re worried about my safety,” she says, “but if I am the reason that you and your girlfriend are quarreling, it doesn’t make me happy.”

“My girlfriend?” he asks.

“That’s right. I think you should let me interview you so I can leave.”

“Take it easy,” he says, “I’m quarreling with my girlfriend? I’m confused.”

“It’s Khun Sopie,” Waree says, Sama laughs. “You’re suspicious that she’s jealous of me and sent someone to hurt me.”

“Khun Sopie is not Khun Sama’s girlfriend!” Lampang defends him. “Please have a correct understanding.”

Khun Sama motions for Lampang to stop.

“What I’ve done is to protect your safety, got it?” he says, standing up. “In the event that you are staying on Koh Yanok, your safety is my responsibility.”

“But wouldn’t it be easier if you would just let me interview you instead of kicking your girlfriend out-“

“I told you that it’s not the right time,” he reiterates. “You will get your interview, Waree. But only until I feel that you can write about my casino without any prejudice.”

“You are the worse client I have ever come across!” Waree exclaims.

“If you’re dissatisfied, you can quit your interview and leave today,” warns Pipat, everyone is protective of Sama, lol.

“Pipat-“ Sama mutters.

Waree stomps away and Sama tells Pipat to follow her. Lampang says that kids these days speak so impolitely.

“It’s my fault,” Sama says to his housekeeper.

“Yes, everything she does is correct in your eyes,” Lampang mutters.

Sama puts his head in his hands, what is he going to do with the sassy Waree? Hehe.

Waree walks towards the beach.

Pipat follows her, “I can guarantee that Khun Sama and Khun Soh are not an item.”

“Really? It looks like you’re overprotective of your boss,” Waree comments. “Don’t you worry, I won’t use it to write about your boss. He’s not a celeb, no one is interested about his love life. But it’s so strange huh, Khun Sopie is pretty and rich, how come he’s not interested?”

“We must remember after we’ve been hurt before,” Pipat replies.

“How so?”

“I’ve said to much already,” he tries to walk away but Waree asks if it’s a top secret or what.

“It’s not a secret,” he replies, “But it’s personal to Khun Sama. If you want to know, you should ask him for yourself- not find out from someone else. But I thought that you aren’t interested in his love life? Or are you secretly interested in him?”

“Why should I be interested?! The old Jao Phor, I’d rather let him wile away on this island. You ask too much,” then she walks away, haha. They gotta be, what, 10 years difference in age?

In Khun Soh’s room, she doesn’t answer the door when Sama knocks on it. It turns out she’s passed out on the floor. Aw come on! Totally her own doing.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 1.14.37 AM

Waree walks back into the house and almost runs into Lampang, who tells her to accompany Khun Sama.

Of course, Soh wakes up quickly and holds Khun Sama. She says she only pretends because she wants to know how much he still worries about her. She knows that he still loves her and she doesn’t want their situation to stand in the way of their love. Hm. Clearly she’s his ex who must have married a richer man. Waree walks in on Soh trying to come on to Sama. Waree immediately rushes out with a rapid apology.

Sama follows Waree out to explain.

“Wait up Khun Waree, you are misunderstanding us.”

“That’s your problem, I don’t care. I just felt that I was being rude so I left,” Waree says.

“Well I don’t want you to misunderstand me,” he explains.

“Next time lock the door, don’t forget that you have a reporter in your house.” Waree tries to walk away.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 12.49.44 AM

“I’m ready for your interview now,” Sama says. Haha, that’s a way to draw her attention. She can’t walk away now! She turns around to look at him.

“I’m ready now,” he repeats.

Waree beams with excitement.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 12.49.28 AM

Omg, they are so cute. I don’t know what other adjectives to describe them. Most importantly, I am so in love with Sama. He is definitely not the typical lakorn hero! So yay us! I appreciate their vast screen time, if only it means that I have to type so much! Episode two has continued to hold my interest, the pacing is fast, and the secrets are fast unraveling too.

Thanks again for your patience. I don’t typically break up the recaps (by doing one scene at a time) but I didn’t have a choice. I knew it will take me longer to complete it and wanted y’all to be able to read it as we go along.

Episode 3 aired today, but I won’t be able to recap until Friday. As it is already 1am my time and I’m gonna catch some shut eye 🙂 But see you tomorrowwww.