Mattana gets a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach, but she refuses to act on it, even to analyze it. The only other person in Phuket who knows that she is a reporter is Mr. Chane Cross. But the world isn’t that round right? He’s such a nice guy too, he couldn’t possibly be the same perpetrator, right?

“What’s the matter?” KhetTawan notices her creased brows.

“Nothing..” she says, “it’s strange though, if your friend sent those photos to me, why would he ambush me?”

“He must know that you and I have feelings for each other,” KhetTawan says with a shrug. As he turns away, he doesn’t notice the look on Mattana’s face: eyes wide open, a little surprised.

She thinks to herself, ‘what kinds of feelings is he referring to? Should I ask him? Better not.. if he says that I’m just a stranger that comes and goes in his life, I would be devastated.’

But he does notice her expression, “You look like you want to ask me something. Fire away.”

She decides against it and walks back into the house. But she’s clumsy and trips, and he catches her before she falls.


The mission that Matt set out from the onset of this lakorn has been realized: she finishes her story about KhetTawan. Unable to hold in her excitement, she forces Sittee to come along for the ride. Mattana reaches KhetTawan’s condo and wants him to be the first person to read the article in its entirety.

Sitting on the sofa across from KhetTawan, Mattana looks at him expectantly, “So do you like it?”

He peers at her, “You could have sent it via email, you didn’t have to come in person.”

“But I wanted to see your reaction for myself. I want to know whether you like it or not. I must admit,” she looks at Khun Ak too while she says this, “it’s my best interview yet.”

Khun Ak smiles, “so what say you, Ponn?”

KhetTawan pretends to scrunch his eyebrows. “I think,” he says with a smile, “that it is the best interview that I’ve ever read too.”

Mattana beams. “I’m so pleased. What kind of interviews do you prefer to read?” she questions.

This is a sensitive subject for KhetTawan, “Why would I read articles about people’s lives? They are all the same, sometimes people don’t even want to be interviewed but they are written about anyway. Those reporters fabricate the stories all the time. I refuse to read it- it wastes my time.”

Mattana looks forlornly at Khun Ak.

“He’s never read anyone’s work before. This is his first interview.”

She turns to KhetTawan, “But you said that it’s the best interview that you’ve ever read..” Lol.

“It is the best,” he assures her, “even if it’s the only one that I’ve read. There is no need to compare you to other reporters. I trust my own judgments.”

They smile at each other, Khun Ak and Sittee high five.

They watch KhetTawan move over to sit by Mattana, “thank you so much for your good intentions, and for doing this for me.”

She smiles shyly at him.

It is clear that the trio (3 musketeers) romantic stories are happening simultaneously, but we won’t get to see how it plays out until their own stories are revealed. But the boss of Siam Sarn has an inkling that his three reporters are slipping through his fingers. They may appear to be the same, but they are heading to three different directions. Such is life? He promises Mattana that she can move into the political column when she has trained the new entertainment writer, if she doesn’t decide to marry and quit her job. I love the boss! Sarcasm becomes you.

The three girls gather together at their favorite restaurants, and each can tell how their minds are drifting off to their significant others.

But Mattana’s good intentions towards KhetTawan made another man royally pissed. Chane Cross slams the magazine against the floor, furious that KhetTawan is seen in a good light. He immediately starts plotting his demise.

It’s good to feel important and liked again. KhetTawan is enjoying this positivity in his once negative media exposure, yet he declines any and all requests for further interviews, television appearance etc.


Mattana gets congratulated for a job well done, an impossible task really. Yet her glow doesn’t last long- her honest and hard work gets sabotaged. An article is released immediately accusing that Mattana is able to interview KhetTawan because she slept with him. Hurt and embarrassed, Mattana hides in the stairwell. She phones the fellow reporter who dared release the dirty news. “How could you do this to me? How could you damage my reputation like this- not only are you ruining me and Siam Sarn, but have you thought about my parents? They are professors!” but the other end of the line has already hung up.

Distraught, she gets called into her boss’ office. He tries to console her, that the other newspaper company wanted the interview for a long time now and that they are just bitter, so he advises her to stay strong and don’t take it to heart. He really is such a good boss. He also tells her that he would sue that company, at least to protect her reputation as a reporter. Before he could finish, the whole office erupts into shock and awe. KhetTawan is in da house. Literally.

Mattana runs towards the guest room with tears streaming down her face. She sees him waiting for her.

“My little lady, how are you holding up?” he asks. And that was her undoing. She runs into his arms and he embraces her.

“Cry it out, Nong Matt. Don’t care about their words. We know the truth. And as long as people you love understands, that should be enough.” He rubs her back and holds her close.

Sometime later Mattana calms down. They walk side by side down the office corridor. He tells her that the Abbott likes her article, and that he wants to thank her for writing the truth. Now the temple has many benefactors.

But Mattana is still concerned about how her parents would receive the news.

“I won’t bother you to pick me up and drop me off anymore,” she tells him.

“Are you annoyed by it?” he asks.

“No,” she replies, “I don’t want to inconvenience you.”

“I will tell you again, I’m doing everything because it makes me happy. Not because of what manners dictate or because I want anything out of it. So please don’t feel badly.”

She peers at him, “I don’t want the papers to continue talking about you.”

“I don’t care, what could they do to me?” he says nonchalantly. He tells her that he’s worried about her safety. “Do you remember the man who died in Phuket?” She nods her head.

KhetTawan tells her that he worked for Chate, he did the dirty work in selling the girls. Chate left the blame of missing pearls on the man and he ends up dead. The moral of the story is that KhetTawan wants her safe and he will see to it.

She smiles at him as they walk towards his car. The rest of the office workers are peering at them and taking pictures.

Before Mattana could leave the car, Khun Ak tells her that he gives her permission to spank KhetTawan should be become stubborn. Hehe.

As they reach her house gate, Mattana is anxious, nervous of how her parents would react from the news.

But she is just overthinking things, her whole family is reasonable and understanding. Her father tells her that he doesn’t believe the entertainment news. He thinks that they write about nonsensical things.

This causes Mattana to be a little offended, “are you trying to say that I write those things too?”

KhetTawan has dinner with her family, he is able to win over everyone in exception to her older sister, who is a nurse.


Some bad news surrounding Waree reaches Siam Sarn. Mattana’s boss assigns her to go to Trat to find out the developing news about Waree. Panicking, Mattana rushes home alone and packs quickly. As she finishes, KhetTawan appears before her, giving her a fright.

“How did you get here? You scared me!” she exclaims.

“You didn’t lock the front door and you didn’t answer my calls. I was worried,” he explains.

“I was in a rush.”

He notices her bags, “where are you going?”

“I have to go to Trat-“


“Khun Samah called and said that Waree got in an accident. There was an explosion and she’s real hurt right now. I couldn’t get a hold of P’Waree’s sister so I must go,” Mattana says.

“I’m going too then,” KhetTawan says.

“You have to work- and the fashion show will start soon.”

“Your problem is more important,” he says. “Besides, we’re extending the date of the show, some dresses went missing.. and identical designs are being copied. Someone betrayed us.. but everyone who knows are all trustworthy.”

“They say that the most trustworthy someone is the most dangerous.”

KhetTawan looks all serious, “It must be Ai’Ak!” he teases. Mattana laughs.

“I really think you should stay here,” she says in all seriousness, “your work is important, don’t waste time going with me.”

“I will go with you- staying here has no meaning to me,” he looks at her, “haven’t you heard that an artist needs his inspiration?” hehe. “I need it a lot right now.”

Mattana could only look at him with a shy smile.

But you know folks, we can’t find out what had transpired on that island until Mon Jantra starts! What a tease! But apparently it was real good, because when the two returned, they are eyeing each other for breakfast.

In the car, Mattana is asleep. KhetTawan pulls the car to a stop in front of her house.

“Did you sleep well?” he asks quietly, smiling at her.

Mattana wakes, “I wasn’t asleep. I was just closing my eyes.”

He can’t stop looking at her and smiling at her. Slowly he goes in for a kiss on the cheek. How lovely. Then he tries to go in for a real kiss when her older sister happens by to open the gate door for her. She is displeased that her sister seems very much in love with this KhetTawan fellow.

But the younger sister is super pleased with their development. Sittee rushes into Matt’s room, “Sooo how was it??”

“P’Waree is better now. She can eat and sit up now,” dang poor Waree. At least she has a handsome nurse to care for her, hehe.

“I’m not talking about P’Waree..” Sittee says, “How about you and P’Tawan? You guys stayed on the island for almost a week, something must have happened.”

Mattana is embarrassed, “I took care of P’Waree!”

“Did he kiss you on the cheek at least?” Sittee asks, heeh.

“Madness,” Mattana looks away from her sister, her cheeks flaming. “I still don’t know how he feels about me. He doesn’t say anything.”

“It’s not a novel where the pr’ek (leading guy) must spell it out to the n’ek (leading girl) that he loves her in order for her to understand. His eyes and actions aren’t enough?” Sittee questions.

“I don’t know, maybe I’m stupid?” LOL, that is the best line from her. I would concur, she’s more stupid than naïve when it comes to these feelings. “I can’t tell.”

“Can’t you tell how much he cares about you? He drops you off and picks you up every day etc.”

“He’s being responsible,” Mattana reasons.

“What responsibility, I’d like to know?! Next time you see him, please ask him if he is taking responsibility of my sister for the rest of her life?” Oh man, I love Sittee.

The older sister pops in some time later, warning Matt against KhetTawan. She reminds her of the patient from long ago- it just so happens that patient’s name is Cholabot (Bot.) Mattana is taken aback.

The next day Matt still feels badly that Khun Ak and KhetTawan has to see to her transportation. She tells Khun Ak that he didn’t have to continue to do this.

“We are worried about what Chate will do to you.”

“He’s quiet now, maybe he’s given up?”

“Never. It’s too quiet. That’s the problem- he’s probably plotting something,” Khun Ak says. “It’s the calm before the storm.”


When she reaches her office, the team sit down to go over their current assignments. Mee is working on a black pearl case and Mattana is finishing up her training with the newbie entertainment writer. She will also follow up with Tawan Brand’s upcoming fashion show. As they finish up with their meeting, Mee tells her little sister that she’d like to introduce someone to her. She’s all awkward and shy about it too. Mattana is suspicious.

That person happens to be the Officer that Mattana has heard so much about. “He’s so handsome,” she mutters under her breath.

“Nice to meet you,” she says, “I’ve heard your name for a long time now and I always thought to myself, what does this man look like to be able to win over her heart?”

The officer just gives his charming laugh. Mee is super embarrassed. “This is Mattana-“

“Oh, you’re KhetTawan’s girlfriend right?” the officer asks. Hehehe. Matt’s turn to be embarrassed. Apparently they are gossiping about each other to their significant others.

They head to lunch at their usual spot. The matron is fangirling over the handsome officer too.

“Don’t tell anyone that I’m a cop,” he tells her, “it’s a secret.”

Mee talks about her usual domestic violence and drug related cases. She’s already furious just thinking about it.

The officer peers at her, “there are still good men out there who are good husbands who offer love and respect,” he smiles at her.

Matt asks them if they’d like her to sit at a different table? Lol.

As they walk back to the office, Matt learns about the black pearl case. It belonged to a Japanese business man but got stolen. Now they aren’t sure whose hands it fell to. This gives Matt another bad feeling, but she buries it away. Mee asks her little sister if she heard of anything from Phuket since that is where the pearls were taken from.

Matt could only decline and tells them that she will leave them with their goodbyes. She tells the officer that she’s letting him pass the muster, which makes Mee really embarrassed.

“She let me pass, what say you?” he asks, leaning towards her. Man they are cute!


That afternoon Chane is doing some illegal business again. He spots Matt and excuses himself.

“You’ve been hard to find lately, that Tawan is always with you,” he tells her. “So what are you doing here?”

“To see KhetTawan,” she says uncomfortably.

“What is he doing here?”

“He has a problem with another hotel so they are moving the fashion show here,” why is she telling him that?

Bot sees them by the elevator and panics. If you noticed that Bot freaks out everytime that man is around, wouldn’t you be curious as to why? Nothing is a coincidence! But our girl, in her own words, is stupid.

Bot tries to warn her later not to hang out with that man, but Mattana still doesn’t want to do math (you know, add stuff up.)

Upon learning that KhetTawan is using the same hotel, Chane immediately switches meeting places. Khun Ak spots him in time, but he’s useless.

That night Matt learns the story behind why Bot was hospitalized. In this lakorn, I can’t help but wonder- when we see the repetitive, abusive scenes towards women- that TV Scene is trying to win the society award. They love to showcase how evil one man can be and the extent of abuses he inflicts on women. Sure, I get the message, but these tedious scenes are a complete turn off. It’s a lakorn people, give me some lessons, but also give me something to cry home about.

Tawan tells Matt that he thinks her older sister is wary of him, in which Matt agrees and explains why. Her sister says that every time Tawan leaves after his visitation with Bot (a long time ago), Bot would cry and go in a bad mental state. It’s so bad that they ask him not to come back for a visit. This allows Tawan to divulge the details of Bot: that Chane deceived her, he drugged her too and she became dependent on it. They took her to the hospital for alcohol rehab, but what he doesn’t understand is why she would cry hysterically like that.He also tells her to tell her sister that Bot is safe and sound now.

“But I can understand it,” Matt says, “The shame and looking badly in the eyes of the person you love hurts.”

He takes her hands, “you will never feel that way.” As if assuring her, I will never let you feel ashamed or feel badly.

He looks like he is about to say something else, and she is wishing to herself, ‘and? Please continue. Make it crystal clear to me so I can be sure.’

But he merely excuses himself.

The following morning Mattana receives a call at work. It is Bot trying to warn her, but ends up making Mattana even more confused.

“Stop messing with that man unless you want to go to hell. I’m calling because I have good intentions for you!” she muffles her voice so Matt doesn’t recognize it.

Mattana tries to ask questions but she hears the dial tone on the other end.

“Who was that?” Mee asks as she happens by.

Mattana tells Mee that the woman sounded familiar. Then she is able to conjure a face. Mee surmises that perhaps Bot is possessive of KhetTawan that is why she called to warn her off.

“Why would she be jealous of me?” Matt asks obliviously.

Some time later, Matt gets another call. Her coworker says it is Khun KhetTawan’s assistant. Matt could only roll her eyes and wonders what else is up.

Bot tells her, in a shaky voice that Khun Ponn is busy tonight and wouldn’t be able to pick her up. She tells her to go home on her own. Even Khun Ak is busy- which if I were Mattana- I would be suspicious. KhetTawan has been adamant that he is worried about her, so why would he be too busy? He would at least arrange someone else to pick her up. It’s not like Tawan couldn’t call her to let her know personally. But Matt just lets it go. It turns out, Chane Cross is behind this. He made Bot call Matt and then proceeds to beat the crap out of her. Yoh the maid watches from afar and is horrified. Her boss Risa appears from the corner and reminds her not to be too nosy.

Mattana and Mee receive a big news from the boss. They are in his office when they both read the letter, slackjawed.

“That can’t be true, I don’t believe it!” Matt says, still shocked.

“If Waree is quitting, she would talk to us first,” Mee adds.

“She probably thinks you both will stop her. Khun Samah helped her take care of it,” the boss mentions. Now I really want to know what’s happening on the island!

“Will you allow her to quit?” Mee asks.

But the boss may have seen this coming, “I’ll wait until she heals before talking to her. I have a hunch,” he says, “that I will be signing the resignation letter three times.” He looks at the two girls. He’s onto something.


At Matt’s desk, her phone rings and the boss immediately picks it up. Before he could say hello, a voice proceeds to say how he’s been trying to get a hold of her. He wants to have dinner with her. The boss hands the phone slowly over to Matt, a look of concern crossing his face.

Matt agrees to go to dinner with Chane. As she hangs up, the boss asks her who had called.

“He’s my friend, he’s picking me up for dinner.”

“His voice is familiar. What’s his name?”

“Chane Cross,” she answers.

“I don’t make mistakes with voices. It is the same voice that had called to report about KhetTawan. You know my ears- they are dog ears.” Lol.

There are many signs that point to Chane being Chate, so Matt starts to question it.

“Am I getting deceived right now?” she asks herself, but starts to shake her head with denial.

“Maybe the boss is mistaken.”

Wait, no!

“Are you really Khun Ponn’s enemy?” she asks herself again.

Matt begins to get goose bumps.

Then she sees Chane, and he’s getting creepier. Slowly she follows him to the car, unsure of what she should do, the signs are all there but she’s frozen, unable to do anything.

The officer watches her get into the car with the man and his men. His guard is immediately up. He phones Mee, “Do you know who Matt went out with?”

“It’s Chane, her friend from Phuket,” Mee answers, happy that the officer is waiting for her in the lobby.

“I have a bad hunch about this,” he says, which scares her. “Where is she now?”

He waits a beat. “Do you have KhetTawan’s number?”

Mee confirms.

“Call him now,” he orders.

Smart man.

The drive is awkward and uneasy.

Matt decides to ask, “Where are we going?”

“To your house.”

“Why are we going to my house?” she questions.

“I need my pearls back.”

“It’s real, isn’t it?” she questions again, unease.

“I’m please to hear that you still have brains,” Lol. Even the bad guy thinks our girl is not so savvy.

Immediately Matt tries to get out of the car. That’s when his pretenses fly out of the window.

“Stay still if you don’t wanna get hurt,” he threatens.

She doesn’t, so he punches her in the stomach. She topples over.

He takes out his gun, “Give me your cellphone.”

Mattana pulls it out of her pocket and stares at him in fright.

Let’s close this lakorn next week! The finale to air on Wednesday- and Mon Jantra will premier on Thursday. Who’s excited?

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