Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.56.51 AM

Things are looking up for Mattana from the previous episode, she is able to get on KhetTawan’s good side by saving Jod and they had a brief moment by the stairs the previous night. Her research into KhetTawan’s life (the brief few days that she has been working for him) has led her to this point in time where she gained a key factor to his resignation from the entertainment industry.

A designer is waiting for her meeting with KhetTawan when her drawing for the charity fashion show goes flying into the air. Where did the wind gust come from? One of the sheet, displaying the finale dress lands into Mattana’s hand, she had been walking Jem. She immediately gets her two musketeers on the phone and shares her suspicions with them. She surmises that KheTtawan is the real Jintara, this female name was only created as a front, a cover up. Mattana’s gut as well as the evidences that she came across the last couple of days are pointing to the fact that KhetTawan is indeed the designer. This was his ticket out of the entertainment industry- he built a library along with a design workshop where he creates his masterpieces. She was sure he had several designers’ help in brainstorming, but he is the real brain behind it all.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.57.28 AM

Waree is excited on her behalf, she was sure that this bit of news will earn her a spot on the politics column- her dream would finally come true. Mee is rational and asks Mattana why she was so sure about her suspicions.

While Mattana is ecstatic over this bit of news, the team of Tawan’s Design brainstorms about their next fashion show. The guest designer had lost her last sheet that featured the finale dress but she advises that they should do something unpredictable, as oppose to designing another sexy dress. Risa doesn’t agree because she likes wearing flashy, sexy dresses, and because she is a huge part in marketing their designs, Tawan doesn’t want to deter her too much. However, he supports the idea that perhaps Tawan’s Design needs to market to the junior population too. Everyone threw in the idea that they can have two finale dresses, one worn by Risa and the other, a junior model.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.56.10 AM

When Bot and Khun Ak are alone on the deck, Bot came up with the idea that perhaps they need a fresh face junior model, like Mattana. The idea grew on Khun Ak and he runs it by KhetTawan, who ultimately leaves it to his friend, but they won’t decide until after the fashion show.

Meanwhile back in BKK, the boss of Siam Sarn overhears the girls’ jubilation and demands to receive an update. The girls shared with him about Matt’s suspicions, and the boss assigns Waree to break the news, just to stir interest. Waree is concerned that she’s poaching on Matt’s project, but the boss assures her that they are merely perking the interest. The girls question the boss if this will earn Matt a spot on the politics reporting team. They partner up to support Matt so the boss could only agree with them that Matt could come home now.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.57.08 AM

During the fashion show, the news about Jintara and KhetTawan spread. A conference is called and Akachai has to do some PR. He assures the media that Jintara and KhetTawan are different people- but that he has a share with the company. The media questions whether they are “close.” But Khun Ak lets them come up with their own conclusions.

After the interview, KhetTawan doesn’t appear disturbed by the news. He says that it only gave them great exposure, now the entire country is aware of Tawan Brand. But that the culprit who leaked the news must still be dealt with.

That culprit has been given the news from her fellow musketeers that she needs to find a way out of her situation, and that she needs to come home. Mattana is happy to hear that she is finally a political reporter now. Yet her smile doesn’t reach her eyes.

Her goal of becoming a political columnist has come to fruition. So now that the goal has been realized where do we go from here? Well, Matt has to remove herself from KhetTawan’s employment seamlessly and without getting caught because this could jeopardize her entire career, not to mention her company.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.55.20 AM

Mattana stands before the household of KhetTawan’s, they are glaring at her as if she is a rat for the reporters. Mattana feels that perhaps this is the perfect time to leave.

“Confess now!” Risa spat.

“I don’t know any reporters! How could I?” Mattana lies.

KhetTawan observes her reaction quietly.

“Fine, since everyone is going to be wary of me, I won’t be happy here anyway. I’ll resign.”

Risa snickers, “you heard it now, everyone. Pack your clothes and leave.”

KhetTawan’s eyes are on her and he finally says, “I am not allowing you to leave yet.”

Everyone looks at KhetTawan, “If she is really a spy, then it would be too easy to let her go.”

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.55.10 AM

He walks up to Mattana with a stare down, “I will keep you here to work at my house. And only until I’m sure that you have nothing to do with the leak, then I will let you go.”

Mattana doesn’t wait a beat, “thank you for giving me a chance!” She turns it around, and smiles at him, as if she is glad he is giving her a chance to prove herself.

KhetTawan could only look at her intensely, hehe.

Pretending to be someone else on your birthday is just another day in the life of a reporter. Mattana’s family sings her a birthday song over the phone and she is listening to them at the beach, nostalgic.

Little details don’t surpass Shane Cross as he notices a box that marked “Happy Birthday” to Mattana, being delivered to her room. He smiles knowingly and decides to pay her a visit at her place of employment.

Methinks this Mr. Cross is having more of a romantic time with Mattana than our pr’ek. Notice that I don’t talk much about Mr. Cross? Because I know his true colors and I’ve become indifferent to Num Sornram. Meh.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.53.39 AM

The fact that a “man” is visiting Mattana at work irks KhetTawan as he is showing her how to wash his dogs. He tells her that he prefers his privacy and warns her not to have other guests around. Mattana nods her head and goes out to see who had asked for her.

It is her “dream” man of course. He gives her a birthday present and tells her to ask for permission to have dinner with him tonight.

The maid sneaks a picture of the two talking but she doesn’t get a good snapshot of his face. As she shows it to Risa, Risa brings it up to KhetTawan. Unfortunately they aren’t able to see his face either on their security cameras.

Mattana feels badly for having a guest and now for having to ask for permission to leave.

“You haven’t finished talking then?” KhetTawan questions, wondering why one meeting isn’t sufficient, hah.

Mattana explains that it is her birthday, which Tawan purposefully ignores, and tells her to ask Khun Ak for permission instead.

Exhausted from being a maid at KhetTawan’s household, Mattana falls in a slump on her bed, wishing to sleep forever- instead she gives her musketeer a call, Mee that is, and thanks her for the present. Waree had arranged a nice dress for Mattana on her date with Shane.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.53.20 AM

But KhetTawan doesn’t trust Mattana completely so he assigns Risa to go to a fancy restaurant and see if Mattana is there with her date. He is correct but Mattana evades in time. Then it just gets awkward from there. Shane confesses that he likes her and that he has never felt this way about anyone before. Mattana doesn’t know how to react and faints. (So clichéd. Come on, people don’t just pass out like that. If this is a medical drama, something is wrong with her! Hurry, get the doctor!)

Mattana is fine though, and she tells Shane that she appreciates his good feelings, but that she’s not ready for these things. She’s still enjoying her work. Shane doesn’t give up though, he tells her that he wants her to promise that he would be the first person she would give a chance to (once she’s ready.)

Matt is saved by the chiming of the clock and tells him that this Cinderella must go back before she turns into a pumpkin.

Waree is overjoyed at the fairytale story and asks the younger woman if she gave him her promise. Hah, I love personality snippets that we get from the other two musketeers, they seem so much more interesting than our girl. Waree may appear like a tomboy, but she is a romantic.

“If I find the right man,” Waree says, “I will quit my job and become a housewife!”

Mattana laughs and wonders if that would be true for her older friend. Back in her room, she opens the gift from Shane and it is a practical stereo/voice recording apparatus.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.54.00 AM

She receives additional awkward news the next morning. First a love proposition and now a new job? Khun Ak approaches her and wishes her a belated happy birthday- then he shares a birthday present- that she will be the new model for Tawan jr collection. If she passes muster, then her life will be changed forever.

Well, if you look that good, I suppose you’ll get love and career propositions left and right. Mattana doesn’t know how to feel about it, but finding it even harder to remove herself from KhetTawan’s premises. Why doesn’t she try to leave when she has the chance and pursue her “dream” of being a political columnist?

Because the more she prolongs her exit, the riskier the circumstances. And finally the truth blows up in her face.

As KhetTawan takes her to try on the dresses at a hotel, paparazzi’s are swarming the hotel as well for a celebrity that is currently residing there. A fellow reporter recognizes Mattana and makes a beeline for her. As they sneak to a corner to talk, Khun Ak is able to take her away in time. But this leaves the other reporter in a state of confusion. She hires a motorcycle taxi to follow KhetTawan’s car. Mattana however, stays in town and sees if she could meet with that reporter privately.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.52.25 AM

As the car drives back to KhetTawan’s home, the reporter follows and starts taking pictures. KhetTawan orders his guards to apprehend her. She tries to make an excuse that he is a public figure, but KhetTawan wasn’t having any of it. He is adamant that there needs to be a respect for his privacy, especially when he’s in his premises.

Khun Ak erases the reporter’s memory card which angers the reporter. “Oh I see, you must have accepted money from Siam Sarn!” And she blows Mattana’s cover.

Mattana receives a call from that same fellow reporter and she immediately asks where she is at. What she doesn’t know is that the reporter has her on speakerphone and Mattana has just confirmed everything to KhetTawan.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.50.29 AM

The man is livid. “How long have you known her?”

“Some months now,” the reporter replies, “she’s a fellow entertainment writer.”

Oh shit.

Risa is vindicated, she knew all along that Mattana isn’t trustworthy.

KhetTawan looks like he eats nails for breakfast. “Fire her and kick her out. Do not pay her for anything. I will not allow her to come back here again.”

But nonchalant Mattana doesn’t know yet and she’s coming back to the house. The security guard tries to hint that she shouldn’t enter but the maid brought her bags out for her.

“What is this?” Mattana questions.

Bot comes storming out of the house. “Everyone knows that you’re a spy!”

Mattana pales, she didn’t think she would go out this way. But what exactly is she hoping for? That she continues to work there, prolong this and hopefully one day she can write an article about him?

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.51.16 AM

Finally the moment of truth. KhetTawan wants a word with her before she leaves.

Mattana walks slowly around the premises of the library, looking trite but not regretful.

Tawan is furious.

“How dare you do this,” he spat. “Do you realize that I can sue your company?”

She starts to beg him not to otherwise she will be fired- and that Siam Sarn had nothing to do with it. She tells him that she needed to write this article before she could be a political columnist. As if he cares..

“Why didn’t you ask me for an interview nicely?”

“Would you let me?” Mattana retorts.

He’s spitting mad.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.51.36 AM

“I don’t intend to write anything bad at all. The fanclubs just want to know what you’ve been up to..” she pauses for a bit and asks, “since we are here, can I interview you?”

Are they trying to be funny? I’m not laughing.

“Shameless!” Tawan yells.

“So it’s a no?” Mattana asks again.

“And that news about Jintara, that was your doing right?”

“It was a coincidence-“

He glares at her.

“Yes,” she admits.

Khun Ak tries to step in and help.

“Give me all of your data,” KhetTawan orders.

She tells him it’s all in her head right now. “Are you trying to irritate me?!” he questions rhetorically. “Get out of my house! And if you write anything about me, I will sue your company.”

“I wouldn’t dare,” she says.

Does she not realize the gravity of the situation? It doesn’t seem genuine at all.

She jokingly calls Khun Ak “Nok Kaew” which means peacock because he wears bright colors like peacocks.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.49.37 AM

When Mattana left the premises, KhetTawan and Khun Ak rummage her room, making sure she didn’t leave any recordings. They found her notebook though, which features all of her notes on him. Her hardwork.

Crestfallen, Mattana walks into the hotel with her belongings. Shane Cross sees her from across the hall and she tells him that she got busted.

He asks her if she is afraid of Khun KhetTawan.

“I’m not afraid (of him),” she replies, “I’m afraid I’ll fall out of my job.”

“What are you going to do?” Shane asks.

With a determined look she says, “I will go back to his house and I must interview him. I’ll beg until he weakens.” And why didn’t she just do that from the beginning? Gosh, this plot is so headshaking worthy. So different from the original, in a very bad way!

Khun Ak tries to convince his friend that Mattana means no harm. He tells her that she has written only good things that no one has written about before.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.49.59 AM

“Why are you defending her?” KhetTawan questions, anger still simmering. “Do you secretly like her that’s why you keep defending her?”

Khun Ak saddens, “I can’t feel that way about anyone anymore.”

“I’m sorry,” Tawan says.

“She only writes about good things,” his friend reiterated, going back to the topic at hand.

“But I won’t allow it to be on the papers. Especially when “these good things” started from lies and someone taking advantage of me! I hate that.”

“I get it,” Khun Ak finally relents.

Tawan tears her journal apart. “Don’t let me see her again.”

As Tawan leaves, Khun Ak picks up the pieces and hopes that she has another copy, haha.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.48.12 AM

Mattana goes in for another round. This time, from a fangirl’s perspective, hoping to make her appear genuine.

She shows up at KhetTawan’s premises and begs to see him. When she sees Khun Ak, she begs to see Tawan because she has just the thing to weaken his resolve. Khun Ak is disinclined to believe so, because he thinks she doesn’t know Tawan well enough.

And he is right.

Mattana is able to go inside to see KhetTawan again, who is sitting on the couch like a dark, ominous cloud.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.47.29 AM

She reveals the contents of her bag, they are all self-made albums of his fame. Pictures, clippings, articles pertaining to his stardom.

“I have proof that I am your fanclub,” she says. But KhetTawan retorts that her company could have compiled those things for her.

She shows him more albums- as if she is showing him the secret that was in her heart- the hidden feelings that she has suppressed for two years.

But KhetTawan leans down and looks at her straight in the face, “So what if you’re my real fanclub. Should that allow you to interview me?” Hah.

And she is back to square one. Methinks she should have started off with honesty, to build trust, instead of lying and now having to back pedal. If KhetTawan dislikes anything, that is dishonesty.

The new portrayal of Mattana leaves me scratching my head. I can understand that they must cater the storyline /character to match the actress, but the fact that Yaya is so beautiful, the character loses the humor aspect of the original Mattana who is hilarious because she’s so clumsy and lacks self-esteem, and as a result, when the new Mattana tries to be funny, it falls short and inappropriate. Not to mention the wishy washiness of Mattana’s decision making that leaves me baffled, and ultimately that blame goes to the writer/producer. They really missed the nail in this episode.

But gee whiz Aum is doing a good job, he just doesn’t have someone to banter with him word for word. I’m still missing the spark.