Mattana’s determination to write a column on the former celebrity KhetTawan, after his two years resignation from the entertainment industry, marks her own desire to exit the entertainment columns so she could pursue her dream of writing about politics. It is the chance to prove herself worthy of such serious endeavor. The motive behind her method of madness is clear, take whatever means necessary.

You have to wonder about reporter’s intentions. They want to divulge insider information to sell the news, even with a former celebrity like KhetTawan, his news still sells because fans are still curious about him, but is there an imaginary line at all though that reporters don’t cross? Despite not appearing like the typical papparazzis’, Mattana is proving to be as resourceful, conniving and bothersome- not to mention lying through her teeth.

She explains her responsibilities to her career to the Abbott at the temple- her additional research into KhetTawan’s murky past- a diversion to her current task while she figures out a way to get back into Tawan’s home. Mattana folds her legs and inquires the Abbott about KhetTawan. She tries to convince the older man that she needed as much research materials before she interviews the man himself.

“Why is it that reporters still want news on him, when he is no longer the case (to be written about,)” the Abbot wonders.

“There are still people who love and support him. From the moment he made movies, he should accept the fact that he’s a public figure. He is like a relative to the public who love him and want to know everything about him- even if he’s a former actor,” Mattana explains.

Which begs the Abbot to paraphrase, “A public figure-since it is the path he chose, he is so whether he likes it or not?”

“Yes,” Mattana confirms, “And I’m a reporter. I have the responsibility to report on what people want to know. Even though it appears as if I’m selling the news, I still consider myself as a fellow public figure as well and (I accept the responsibility) since it is the path that I’ve chosen.”

The Abbott feels that she answers it well, “Your character is worthy of being a reporter. And you, what would you like to know?”

The path is clear, she begins her inquiries, yet receiving very little. After much reflection, the Abbott still reiterates that if Khun KhetTawan gives her permission to learn about his past- where he came from, who his parents are and how he became involved with the temple- then the Abbott is willing to share such details.

The Abbott as well as the gardener at the temple are very closed lipped about KhetTawan. Even the scene where three pretty girls enter his office makes the viewers feel suspicious of KhetTawan’s intentions, because the models end up leaving the premises much later looking worn out.


Mattana’s natural beauty is a threat to Risa, who is KhetTawan (or Khun Ponn’s) lover. Upon learning that Mattana is the new maid, she immediately fires her. Mattana tries to sneak in later but gets caught.

“Why do you want to work at my house so badly?” Tawan questions as he fiercely glares at her. “Are you sending information to someone?!” Always the pessimistic.

Mattana tries to find an excuse, “I’m your fan! I’ve seen your movies, I’ve really missed you and want to serve you! Please let me take care of you!” she pleads and wraps her arms around his waist.

Risa is furious and steps in to pull Mattana away from her man. “So you’re a groupie!”

Mattana turns to Tawan, “Please don’t be mad at me! Please let me serve you until I’ve stopped missing you,” haha. Tawan tries to turn away but Mattana latches on to his leg.

Apparently hearing that she’s his fangirl softens him, he squats down to her eye level. “Listen, you should go away now. Don’t do this again. I’m not anyone’s superstar. It’s all in the past now. There’s no longer KhetTawan in this world.”

Jealous of his niceties towards a person she deemed as being a groupie, Risa pulls Tawan away.


But the more you say no to Mattana, the harder she will try.

After researching at the temple with the Abbott and gardener, Mattana goes for a swim. Things are great for her, swimming pretty far from the shore, until she encounters something large and white and she butts her head right into it. It knocks her out. That large white thing happens to be KhetTawan’s jetski and he jumps into the water to rescue Mattana.

He carries her to the shore and she sputters out water. They get a good look at each other.

“Hey it’s you!” KhetTawan exclaims. She tells him that she was just swimming when something large and white hit her. Tawan examines her forehead, “it doesn’t look like a big deal, you can feel better now.”

As he leaves Mattana fakes a headache, “were you thinking about killing me? This beach doesn’t belong to you!”

“Well who goes out swimming that far?” he questions.

She’s frustrated he won’t take responsibilities for his actions and calls him out on it.

“Are you trying to blackmail me?”

She disregards him and tries to get up but her legs are wobbly. KhetTawan takes her in his arms and urges her to see the doctor, “I’ll take you to the doctor but I won’t pay a dime more than the cost of your wound.” Hah.


Being a pessimistic, he tells his friend Ak that he doesn’t think it is a coincidence, that she planned on the incident.

“Well she’s your fanclub, don’t blame her,” Ak advises.

With that in mind, KhetTawan tries to eliminate the problem. But offering to pay her off wasn’t a good idea.

Angry, Mattana banters back and forth with him. In theory it should be a scene where the chemistry between the pr’ek and n’ek is sizzling, since the bantering is pretty good, but I can only imagine a younger sister bantering with her older brother.

“Fine, I’ll admit that I was wrong,” he finally concedes, “but I’ve already paid for the expenses and you didn’t want anything else in return so we’re even.”

“No it’s not over yet,” Mattana says, she tells him that she will sue him in case something turns up later, like amnesia or stuff like that and then he’ll be responsible for her for the rest of her life.

His friend tells him to stop her.

“What is it that you want?” KhetTawan says with a resignation.

“I want to work at your house. If you agree then I promise not to sue you.”

Ak agrees on his friend’s behalf.

Couldn’t resist himself, seeing that he is cornered and must take her in, KhetTawan gives his last word, “I can see right through you- you’re just a fangirl waiting to please a celeb. You’re trying to get close to me to make your dreams come true- of climbing into my bed!”

Mattana hissed and pulled her fist back, it lands squarely on his eyes.

After KhetTawan is seen by the doctor, he asks his friend Ak to investigate Mattana’s background prior to her start date, he wants to have a peace of mind. Luckily for Mattana, she is able to overhear him and contrives a way to convince him that she is indeed poor and desperate for work.

This is when Chane comes in handy. He’s resourceful, seems to be too good to be true and Mattana trusts him wholeheartedly. Not once did she question why this man is so nice to her. He helps her find fake relatives to lie to Ak, he gives her a necklace and he’s taking her out to meals. In Mattana’s eyes, he’s a gentlemen and her knight in shining armor.


She confesses what she is doing to her two musketeers. Mee doesn’t agree with it, tells her to stop because she is risking not only her career but the station’s reputation. Waree condones Mattana, only because she feels sorry for her, and questions Mee on why she masquerades as others when she’s reporting on criminals. Mee explains that her circumstances is necessary to look the part- that the criminals needed to be caught, but KhetTawan is a celeb, an innocent party and Mattana is crossing the line by sneaking into his home to dig up dirt. I would have to agree with Mee, a sensible reporter for once! Which shows the differences in her credibility and maturity versus Mattana.

KhetTawan is not pleased with the method by which she is trying to work for him. She did it in an underhanded way- even if she is as poor and desperate as she speaks- so KhetTawan approaches her on her first day of work at his house.

“When you heal then you can leave my house,” he orders.

“You’re breaking your promise!”

“I didn’t say how long you could work here-“

“You’re a cheater!”

“Who? I’m keeping my words to someone who blackmailed me- that is nice enough,” he spat.

“And you will change your mind,” Mattana promises him, “I will be a good worker and you will ask me to stay longer.”


We shall see about that. Her stay is not going to be easy. Risa will find all avenues to kick her out of the house. But Risa herself has her own nemesis- Bot (KhetTawan’s assistant), who secretly pines after her boss. She insinuates and pesters. We get these two girls sneaking barbs at each other.

Mattana starts learning interesting things about Khun KhetTawan on her first day. Her responsibility is to clean the library and take care of the two dogs. In the library, she notices that all of the books are about clothing- designing clothing. Then as she is snooping around, she eavesdrops on KhetTawan and hears that he is assistant to Jintara, the renown designer. Shocked, Mattana doesn’t realize she’s in the same room and must escape. As she tries to leave, she gets caught.

“Stop right there!” he hollers.

“What are you doing here?” he questions as he hangs up from the conversation he had over the phone.

“I- I was cleaning and I saw you so I tried to leave- I’m sorry!” she explains.

KhetTawan narrows his eyes at her. “The doctor says you’re fine. I hope you will leave soon- if you’re really my fangirl, you wouldn’t want me to feel uncomfortable.”

“But don’t you feel sorry for me? I can’t lose this job- I’m poor” blah blah blah.

“But your methods make me sick. I hope you get a new job soon,” and he dismisses her, “close the door on your way out.”

Not a good day for Mattana, and it gets worse. Risa has a maid rummaging through her things. Then on the dog walk, Jod became sick. Without a moment’s thought, Mattana rushes it into the car and to the pet hospital. Everyone is surprised that she could drive so she pretends to drive into a garbage can, to lesson the suspicion. But despite her lying through her teeth, KhetTawan is happy enough that she did what she could to save his dog. At the end of the day, that’s what matters.


Risa tries to use this opportunity to kick Mattana out of the house, but KhetTawan says that he’ll let Ak decide whether to keep her or not.

That night he takes the opportunity to thank her properly for saving Jod- as they sit on the stairs with Jem (the other dog) in between them.

“Thank you for saving Jod,” he pets Jem, “these two are very pitiful.”

Bot the assistant watches them from the doorway.

“Their parents left them,” KhetTawan says, “then the owner abandoned them at the temple. While I did some blessings at the temple, I saw them and decided to adopt.”

“No wonder you love them so much,” Mattana comments.

“They’re not kids but they are like my kids,” he admits fondly.

“They are lucky to have met a good person like you,” she says.

“And you too.”

They exchange smiles.


“If it weren’t for you, Jod would have died.” He tries to lighten it up, “No one is crazy as you and luckily there isn’t a car accident, otherwise both human and dog will die.”

She teases him back, “otherwise people can’t tell which is dog and which is human.”

“That’s too much,” he concedes. “Thanks again and you can go to bed.”

Mattana asks for Jem to sleep with her since he is lonely without his buddy Jod.

As Mattana walks away with the dog, KhetTawan looks at her with a smile.

Bot sees this and uses it to irritate Risa. Risa models for Tawan Brand but she thinks it is inferior to other international designers. She hides the dresses that are not Tawan Brand from KhetTawan so he doesn’t see it. Upon learning that Tawan is chumming up with the new maid, she rushes into his office to accuse him.

“Nothing would be wrong with it if she’s not a kid or pretty,” Risa says.

“You think I would do something with a maid (kid)?!”

“I will fire her today then!” Risa exclaims.

“Do you want me to break my words? If you do that, then how do you expect me to maintain control?” KhetTawan is furious. Even Bot wonders why he is so blinded by her follies.

I do like that KhetTawan is so reasonable and doesn’t take crap from people, even his lover. He is wary of reporters based on the bad experience he had from them- and the method by which Mattana uses to work for him, doesn’t help her case either.

Credibility requires trustworthiness and expertise. This is something that Mattana, as a budding reporter, needs to learn. I have serious concerns on whether Mattana is cut out for this.

What is missing in this drama for me is the chemistry. I am not getting it from Aum and Yaya. Aum still trumps Yaya when it comes to acting, and I’m just getting a little bored with the pacing. Coming up next is her last measure of trying to extract more information regarding KhetTawan (he’ll be tending to her sickness) so I hope this will give us opportunity for some chemistry with close quarters? Perfect pairing makes all the difference. I fear this one might not be it though, huhu. But I’m still optimistic- still holding out hope!

Because this looks like there’s potential:


*pic courtesy of NYFamilyPantip