He was the big man on campus, the alpha male that drew females to him like bees to honey. Naturally Kemmick, an ugly duckling, found herself falling head over heels for him, P’Suea (Tiger), a man with a ridiculous mane and swagger. So Kemmick was attending a frat party- and she has low tolerance for alcohol- but upon seeing P’Suea’s cameo, she downed a glass (for courage) and immediately got drunk. When she passed out, P’Suea carried her heavy body to his room (out of the kindness of his heart?) and settled her in his bed.

P’Suea and Pooklook

Kemmick aka Pooklook, a pet name that P’Suea gave her when she refused to tell him her name, woke up in the middle of his bed, naked. As he walked out of the restroom, she questioned him on why he would do such a thing to her, and before he could explain himself, she misunderstood that they had been intimate together the night prior. In tears, she wrapped herself in the comforter, and stormed out of the frat house. But unfortunately, it was early the next day and everyone, I mean everyone from the night before was congregating in the halls and they leered at her. The group surmised that P’Suea’s taste in women had downgraded to the likes of Kemmick. Humiliated, Kemmick rushed out of the frat house, trying to forget the pain that has scarred her forever.

Kemmick discovering that Pisang = P’Suea from 5 yrs ago

However fast forward five years, Kemmick discovers that the man whom she is paid to make him fall in love with her, “Operation Break-up”, Mr. Pisang, turns out to be P’Suea himself. Now Kemmick must continue her charade and pray that she doesn’t lose her heart to him again- when in actuality- it has been his from the beginning. As for Mr. Pisang, he has no idea that Kemmick is “Pooklook” and that the misunderstanding from that fateful night still haunts her to this day. Little did she know that the events of that night changed him too- reformed him from being a rake and made him hold out for true love. How will he react once he learns the truth? What truth you ask? That she’s lying to him all along, that she’s working for his mother, that she’s playing with his emotions.. and that she’s indeed Pooklook, the girl he named his pet pig after! Hah. And the girl he’s been waiting for all this time..

Kemmick pretending to fall asleep (and enjoying herself over much) when Pisang tends to her.

Despite the simple backstory and silly (but cute) banters, the chemistry between Kemmick and Mr. Pisang remains infectious. Perhaps I had envisioned the backstory to be something more dramatic. Like perhaps she thought they were in love.. and were actually intimate (hey it’s the 21st century) but gets shafted by him- now that would be very interesting- and then he realizes how much she has taught him about love, and turns over a new leaf. Now that would be a past for her to cry over about. However, our lakorn pr’eks must always, always be a good guy.

At any rate, I’m still looking forward to discovering what’s in store for us next week! And keeping my expectations at a minimum, because I know that if anything, I will get laughter, cute banters and light heartedness from this lakorn. Sometimes, that is good enough.