The curtains have drawn in Love Scheme Evil Scheme. The evil scheme had a good run, Payia orchestrated her lies, killed off anyone who knows or suspects the truth, and was able to luckily get away until her evilness was punished by death in the finale. Besides showing us that evil people have bad endings, we also can see that from the writer’s perspective, one little girl can really wreak some havoc, as unbelievable as it sounds.

But at the end of the day, good people win. There are a lot of “good” characters on this show, pretty much everyone is kind and forgiving in exception to Payia, Nop and Sukkuna. Which is why I am disinclined to believe that one singular character can do so much damage, but despite it’s predictable, myriad of clichéd subplots, there is a saving grace in this lakorn: the pairing.

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And as far as I’m concerned, when there is a pairing that makes me spazz as if there is no tomorrow, I can pretty much forgive the plot. Which is why I find this lakorn so worthwhile in the end, I am glad I stuck around. Besides, with 15 episodes and its fast pace, you’re not investing too much like other channel 5 dramas that end with 30+ episodes, but only to have the rug pulled from under you. In addition, this particular lakorn introduces Toomtam as a newly minted pr’ek to the roster of pr’ek’s who are hot hot hot.

Can’t complain.

So let’s see how this drama ties up nicely in a bow.

In the pre-finale episode Nop was shot dead by the police while Payia goes on the run. Khun Id follows up with the police at Nop’s hiding place to see if there are any remaining evidences. They discover a cd taped to the couch, which turns out to prove (to Khun Id at least) that Sukkuna is Nop’s accomplice and has been cheating on his dad.


Khun Id reveals this to his father, who doesn’t believe it at first, until he sees the video playing before his eyes. His dad kicks his mistress out of the house. Khun Id consoles his father and the two finally see eye to eye. Aw.


Meanwhile Payia takes up with an elderly couple at a farm. The news hasn’t spread to that part of town yet, so the elderly couple pity Payia, who lied that she was raped by a relative and was running away. They allow her to stay with them. But her luck doesn’t last forever, as the couple reads the newspaper, and sees an article condemning Payia. So Payia runs away again, but becomes more bitter as she places the blame on Korya, for the hole apparently she had dug. She is determined to get even with Korya. The question remains, how did she not run out of bullets? Apparently, her gun refills by itself.


Taeng stands at the hospital patio replaying the scene with Korya and Chisanupong. She thinks they came to an understanding. Which is partly true, but of a different kind. Chisanu approaches her from his wheelchair. He tells her that Korya has a boyfriend now and he is only a friend. No matter how much they “love” each other, how can one friend take care of the other friend everyday? Taeng perks at the news and questions why things don’t work out the way they should when he loves Korya so much? He explains that true love is unconditional, that one is willing to do anything for the person they love. Taeng says that she will help him find his unconditional love, a woman who will love him, but should that person cannot be found, she is willing to be the one to take care of him. Hah, but Chisanu tells her that he’d rather die alone. He’s only joking guys.


Khun Dara summons a household meeting and explains the turning in events to the servants. She also shared good news that Korya is actually her real long lost daughter. The entire household is overjoyed that their new boss isn’t an evil lady.


Gramps funeral proceeds. Khun Dara is tearful and feels that she is responsible for all of their deaths. Korya tells her to forget about the past and that gramps is watching them from above. Khun Id attends the funeral and brings his father along. The older man is hesitant about entering because he feels guilty for being so mean to Korya before. But Korya is a sweet, forgiving girl so she told the older man that she understands why he did what he did. Khun Id’s father compliments him for his talent of seeing a diamond in the rough.


Meanwhile Khun Id is restless. He advises Khun Dara to request security at the funeral. He doesn’t trust the fact that Payia is still on the loose. And his gut instinct would be correct, because Payia gives herself a makeover (as if anyone wouldn’t be able to recognize her) and enters the funeral premises. She is spotted by Id’s father who was going to the restroom. She beats him up with her purse and he passes out- again I’m digressing, but what the heck? That man is twice her size! Anyway, she ties him up and locks him in a room.


Korya has another chat with Chisanupong who came to see her before he travels abroad. It will be a few years until they get to see each other again and they promise to call every day. They even place a wager that whoever bails, loses. As they shake hands, Khun Id appears from the corner and wants to know what they were “agreeing” to. Chisanu teases Khun Id by not releasing Korya’s hand (while Korya is whispering under her breath to let her go.) Khun Id peels their hands away as Chisanu gives her a kiss on her hand. Khun Id asks them again what they were agreeing to, but the two doesn’t humor him.

During the funeral, Khun Id notices that his dad has been gone too long so he searches for him- while Korya decides to go to the car to fetch a forgotten item for her mom (despite the danger of Payia being “around.”) Korya doesn’t think Payia has the guts to show up- but she doesn’t realize how crazy Payia is and is willing to risk anything to get even. Let’s not reason with a mad woman.


So Payia pushes Korya into the van and they wrestle for the gun. Korya is able to get away as she runs from Payia, but Payia gets a hold of the gun and fires. Luckily Khun Id came to Korya’s rescue and blocks her, getting shot in the arm. Chisanu and Khun Dara hear the shot and rushes to the scene. Hah, amidst all of this, Chisanu seems to be the person who’s most worried about Khun Id’s condition!

Payia blames Korya for all of her downfalls. Chisanu tells her that she did it to herself. The smart Khun Id creeps around the van and tries to stop her from behind. They wrestle for the gun- and suddenly the cops appear- just as Payia pulls away from Id and shoots him squarely on the chest. He goes out immediately- and again, Chisanu comes to his side. Korya is too shocked to do anything. The police open fire at Payia and she crumples to the ground, dead.

They cart Khun Id to the emergency room and operate on him. Korya prays that he will be ok, her last prayer was so cute, “Don’t let anything happen to my bad, but very cute man.” Aw.

And the rest of the finale is oh, so cute and sweet.


She visits him in the hospital ward, he appears to still be unconscious, with his shirt wide open (haha, why not?)

Korya approaches his bed, “Overconfident,” she chides him. “You said you would protect me. Why are you sleeping weakly like this? Fight with me. Get up and fight with me.” She thinks maybe if she’s yelling at him, he’d wake up. “You like to argue. You like to be in command, right? Why are you so still?”

She pokes at his face. “Do you hear me, you crazy man! I told you to wake up and fight me.”

Then she pinches his cheeks. “You’re still quiet. It’s probably good that you don’t feel anything right now, so you don’t have to hear what I have to say.”

Khun Id’s body rests quietly. She takes his hand.

“Do you know when I saw you getting shot, I was scared to death. I prayed for you, I prayed for you to be safe.”

She leans down and confesses to him, “Do you know that I love you, Khun Id?”

As she finishes her declaration, Khun Id does a sneak attack and seals his lips to hers. They kiss with Korya’s eyes wide open. (Spazz!!!)

He falls back against the pillow, as if it required a lot of effort.

“You pretended to sleep?!” she accuses as she touches her lips.

“No,” he replies. “I was asleep but some idiot girl told me that she loves me, it bothered my ears.”

Pouting, Korya says, “If it bothered your ears then you didn’t need to listen. Next time I won’t say it.” She tries to walk away.

He stops her, and she pushes at his chest.

Khun Id feigns pain, “I got shot, not fall down. You hurt me.”

She softens and tucks him in. As she tells him that she will grab a doctor for him, Khun Id pulls her against his chest, holding her still.


Haha he’s always taking advantage of her .

She gets up and smacks him lightly on the arm.

“I miss you,” he tells her, “or you don’ t miss me?”

“No reason to miss you,” she replies. But she cracks a beautiful smile at him. They look at each other as he holds her hand. Aw.

The following day Korya and Khun Dara visits Payia’s grave to say farewell.

Khun Dara pities Payia, she says that if Payia came along with Korya from the beginning, she would have taken her under her wings. But Korya surmises that Payia wouldn’t believe that anyone was genuine to her.

Khun Dara summarizes the theme to this lakorn, that if you start anything with love, it will bring you good things. However, if you start on the wrong foot, only thinking about evilness, then you will end up like this. She means like Payia, buried in a grave. But Khun Dara forgives Payia and wishes that she reincarnated into a good person in her next life.


As if a mass has been lifted from their shoulders, Korya and Khun Dara arrive back home. Khun Dara tells her daughter that they have a celebration today. She takes the confused girl to the backyard and they see the little orphans that Korya had been working with at the nunnery. They sing her a song to celebrate with her.

They tell her that they have a present for her. Korya looks towards the big bear as it waves to her, then it moves. Khun Id appears from behind with a large bouquet of lilies and roses.

He approaches her with a smile, then he looks at Khun Dara. “Auntie, I know that it may seem too soon, and that the timing is not suitable, but I just want to express my honest intentions with Korya. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, it could be good or bad, but no matter what happens, I’d like to ask for your permission to be a part of her life. I want you to trust me, I will take care of her, protect her- with my life.”


Khun Dara smiles warmly at him, “I do believe that. I believe everything you say. But these kinds of things have to be determined by her. You’d have to ask her yourself.”

Khun Id looks at Korya with a smile, all cocky, “What do you say..Will you marry me?”

The kids chant, marry him marry him.

She smiles shyly and nods her head, “Yes.”

He beams.

Korya continues, “I believe you, as I believe my own heart.”

A kid hands Khun Id a ring box, where a sparkling diamond greets him.

He gets down on one knee and takes her hand, sliding the ring onto her ring finger. He kisses her hand.

I beam, everyone else cheers.

Khun Id glances at Khun Dara again and says, “May I ask for permission?”

She nods and starts to walk away.

Korya is confused, so Khun Id goes in quickly for a searing kiss on the cheek.

She pushes him gently away with embarrassment.

“We are getting married, it’s nothing (to be embarrassed about.)”

As the story wraps up, Khun Id looks at his soon to be bride and asks her to sing for him.

She plays the same piano chord that we heard when we first met Korya.

But this time around, she knows exactly who she is. And has a fruitful and happily ever after with her bad, but ever so endearing man, Khun Id.

Can he sing for us?

Wah, so cute.

Id-Korya forever! Haha.

It’s been a wild journey (albeit 15 shorter episodes) with Id and Korya (as well as the rest of the cast.) All of the members did an outstanding job, I dislike Payia to the point where I can’t imagine her as a nang’ek. There are flaws and plot holes, but the hot pairing of Toomtam-Charebelle keeps me coming back for more! It has been fun spazzing with everyone and thanks for joining me on this fun ride!


*pic credit to ToomtamFC