Yawn. Not due to the lack of sleep mind you, but due to the boredom of being shelled out more of the same things from Love Scheme Evil Scheme. We’re not getting any closer to the goal of gaining Korya’s memory back, nor any closer to the revelation (among the rest of the cast members) that she’s the real daughter. Anyone comes any closer to the truth gets axed, and then the director continues to regurgitate how bad Payia can be by killing off Mae Cheun. She’s capable of real evil, no surprise there. Haven’t you seen the first scene where she beat the crap out of Korya? Besides, I don’t anticipate her turning over a new leaf at all, so I am expecting her eventual karma in death or madness. Either one will be fine by me, I am not vindictive at all, so long as she doesn’t escape and live happily ever after.

It is an action packed episode, filled with guns and people wrestling for something they’re after. I’ll make this quick, and you can enjoy the final scene with Id-Korya.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 2.49.05 PM

First we have Chisanu and Korya trailing after Nop, who jumps out of his friend’s truck because his friend doesn’t want to get involved, smart guy. Nop tries to inconspicuously take the next bus to Chiang Mai but Chisanu apprehends him on time. Chisanu wants to play cops and robbers and tries to take the man down himself. Come on dude, you’re a hi-so tutu, not a detective! Korya tries to help but gets in the way, so Nop grabs her by the neck and pulls out a gun. She notices a wrench in the corner and thinks she can use it to free herself and hurt the perpetrator. Yet she ends up getting shot on the arm- well, grazed, but you get the point. Useless.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 2.59.41 PM

The next useless thing happened. Khun Id is very concerned about Korya, the fact that she’s on her business run with another man. Even by the end of the funeral, she had not returned. On his way to bid goodbye to the host, Khun Dara and Payia are also standing there, Khun Id tells them that he has something important to give to Korya but that he will come back tomorrow. His pain in the ass assistant, who thinks he knows the answers to everything, pulls his boss back to the hostesses and makes him give up the ring that is encased in a fabric pouch. Khun Dara schools him that if he trusts her, then she will give the pouch to Korya herself. Khun Id doesn’t want to be rude so he hands it over, while Payia stares at it as if a hungry wolf staring at a cute puppy.

This scene is a little frustrating because Khun Id knows that the ring is important to Korya- well he probably deems it not so important since she’s not there to receive it- but regardless, he wants to ensure that she keeps her end of the bargain (of moving in with him) so why won’t he just wait to give it to her tomorrow no matter who pressures him to otherwise? It’s like they’re creating drama for the sake of creating drama.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 2.49.13 PM

Payia is after that pouch, she just seems to know that anything that exchanges hands or meant for Korya needs to be hers. She sneaks into her mom’s purse and steals the pouch, then nonchalantly tells them that she’s heading home to nurse her headache. Perfect opportunity to escape because Chisanu storms the temple and tells Khun Dara and Grandpa that Korya got shot and is in the hospital.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 2.49.21 PM

Mae Cheun knows what’s what. Payia is acting suspicious again so she follows her home. Curiosity kills the cat, apparently. We get a very long scene of Payia and Mae Cheun wrestling for the star shaped ring. We have Payia in complete disrespect of her elder- more like anyone who’s standing in her way- and she chases her. Mae Cheun hides for a bit, trying to make an outbound call. Payia is such a little girl, why are people so afraid of her? Mae Cheun could easily beat her ass, and so can Korya. But you can guess the end of Mae Cheun right? After she slaps Payia across the face (which was delicious), Payia smacks her over the head with a lamp. That didn’t kill her, but Mae Cheun fell onto the desk and cracked her head against it, ending her life instantly. Another one bites the dust. Maybe she should have shared some of her secrets to other people, that way the rest of the cast won’t have to start over. It gets real taxing watching them try to figure out who the culprit is over and over again.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 2.49.29 PM

Korya’s wound is wrapped and they head back to Whang Siwalai. Grandpa tells her that Khun Id was really concerned about her and if he finds out what happened to her, he’ll be very angry.

“Khun Id is mad at me about everything. No matter what I do, he’ll be mad at me.” Hm, she has a lot of confidence in him.

Khun Dara remembers the pouch when she hears Id’s name and tells Korya that she has something for her. But of course she couldn’t find it in her purse. Korya mumbles “the ring” under her breath, but alas, it is not meant to be.

Payia tries to dispose of Mae Cheun’s body and having a hell of a time. She doesn’t appear to be remorse or regret anything. Nop happens to come by the house to pay homage to Payia since he thinks that Payia is trying to double cross him. But he soon learns that she’s dug herself another hole and killed another person. It is beyond me why he’s helping her again- does he really think anything good is going to come of this? He disposes of Mae Cheun’s body in the middle of the lake.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 2.49.37 PM

The next morning the household searches for Mae Cheun. Khun Dara tells her father that she has something to confess. They are in his library when she tells him that she thinks Mae Cheun ran away due to some unkind words that Khun Dara said to her. She tells her father the story Payia fabricates for her. Grandpa is livid- Payia is eavesdropping at the door- she seems to be at the right time and place for everything.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 2.49.43 PM

Korya begins to get a fear in the pit of her stomach, that Mae Cheun’s disappearance must be related to Grand Aunt’s death. She spots Payia listening at the door and decides to ask her a question about the item that Khun Id left for her. Payia gives herself away by saying that the ring is not important to her. Korya gets into a wrestling match with Payia (well not exactly,) but they keep pulling at each other. Payia starts choking her and wins again, as she flaps her hair and walks tauntingly away.

Khun Dara begs for her father to let Payia go. She said that the cops already know who the perpetrator is. Grandpa is furious that she knew who the culprit is all along but she doesn’t utter a word. Khun Dara explains that Payia was threatened and she was embarrassed and scared. Grandpa questioned his daughter on whether she can gauge Payia is telling the truth? They settle on calling cops to search for Mae Cheun.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 2.49.51 PM

Finally, Khun Id pays a visit to Korya. They meet at the pergola outside of the sunroom, and finally, my face takes on a smile. I need some Id and Korya scenes, and I guess I’ll take what I can get!

She is like a breath of fresh air to him (and vice versa, Korya doesn’t want to admit that seeing him made her happy.)

“So what’ll it be lady? Last night I waited to hear from you until I fell asleep!” Oh, poor baby. God forbid anyone keeps you waiting.

He spots the wrap on her arm. “And what the heck happened to you?” He gets closer to inspect but Korya pulls him towards the sun room.

“If you want me to tell you, you must promise that you won’t explode,” haha she knows him too well. “I have a lot of things on my mind, if you explode, so will my head, got it?”

He’s frustrated but finally agrees. “Fine, I promise. Fire away.”

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 2.31.01 PM

Korya looks at him, “I was shot.”

“What?! Shot?!” he shouts.

She covers her hand over his loud mouth. He peels her fingers away and lowers his voice, “how did you get shot. Where, when and who did this?!”

She takes a seat on the couch in the sunroom.

“I’m serious Korya, you need to leave this place. Danger is always around you. It goes to show that no one in this palace is capable of protecting you.” Ditto.

“I was just grazed by the bullet,” she admonishes.

“But what about next time? You won’t be so lucky. What are you going to do (should that happen)?” he questions her, and then he kneels to reach her eye level. “Korya, I returned the ring to you already, now you must hold your end of the bargain.”

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 2.31.57 PM

She looks saddened.

“You can move into the condo with me,” he continues.

Korya gets up off the couch. “I really can’t go. Until..”

“Listen to me,” Khun Id looks at her, “you don’t need to investigate anymore. No matter who you are and where you’re from, I don’t care! Let’s forget the past, let’s start fresh. Wouldn’t that be better?”

It is comforting to know that Khun Id loves her to the point where he doesn’t care about her past. But he also needs to understand her perspective. And Korya tries to explain this to him.

“I can forget the past, but others cannot. That is why they are after me, and killing everyone around me. I do want to be happy (the way you’ve told me),” so she wants to ride into the sunset with him? Yes please! “But how can I go to bed at night knowing someone is out to kill me?”

This is a perfect opportunity to be the hero, Khun Id! Help her! Speak her language!

Hah, but our nutty Khun Id merely states the obvious, “How will you know your past when you can’t remember?”

“And that’s it,” she says, “At first I thought the ring would resolve everything, but now it’s missing.”

“What?” Khun Id starts, “I gave it to Khun Dara to give to you.”

“It’s gone now,” Korya says sadly. “I suspected that Payia stole it, but she doesn’t admit to it.”

“If she did take it, why would she admit to it?” touché Khun Id.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 2.35.02 PM

“She sounded pretty certain that she doesn’t have it,” oh Korya. You are smart, but you’re so naive. “Now Mae Cheun is missing- she told me that ring is very important and that I must find it. Aside from Aunt Dara, Payia and Mae Cheun, no one else knows about the ring. Now I really don’t know who stole my ring and why.”

And we are back to square one.

My interest in the storyline is really waning. I’ll just enjoy the eye candy of Id and Korya, hah, there is a silver lining after all.

[Ep 11 Preview:]
Taeng is able to bring pictures back from her research into Korya’s past in Chiang Mai. Korya is ecstatic, there is a photo of her and the head nun. There is also a photo revealing her star shaped ring- Korya: this is the ring everyone’s been searching for!
Chisanu: it’s a star shaped ring- you’ve always worn it with you at all times.
Taeng sees Payia at the mall with the culprit.
Grandpa summons the cops over and gathers everyone in his library. (Maybe he finally saw the blood stain on the rug!)