For a while Tanyong was getting comfortable being in Nong May’s body. The idea of returning to her real body had always been a desire, a wish, but a far-fetched idea. Uncle Wee was a great distraction, he gave her his utmost attention and she was starting to settle into this little world of Nong May’s. The monk used to advise that she should do the best that she can, in the situation that she’s in, and let the merits and fate take its course. So she follows this advice, patching up the marriage between Khun Pat and Khun Metee, and learning what it takes to be a grown up. Just when everything looks like they are going down the right path, she realizes her feelings for Uncle Wee and things just get all too uncomfortable for her. Hurt and insecure with his attention to another, and misunderstanding about his feelings, Tanyong finally decides that she wants out.

Episode 11 changes the tone of the lakorn into one of sad and seriousness.

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Staring at the couple (Dr. Pathawee and Dr. Neung) before her, Tanyong presses her hand to her heart, “that hurts,” she says. Having feelings for someone one sided is a hard thing to swallow.

But that knowledge soon changes.

Kru Bie has been noticing that Dr. Neung is hanging on to Dr. Pathawee too much so she asks Nawin if they were dating.

“Dr. Neung likes Dr. Wee for sure,” Nawin says, “but it’s difficult for Dr. Wee. He hasn’t forgotten that woman.”

“Which woman?” Kru Bie asks.

“You really couldn’t tell?” he questions, thinking that the whole world should know already. “It’s your friend Tanyong of course.” Wow, that’s about time.

Kru Bie nearly jumps out of her chair, “don’t you mess with me! That’s not funny.”

“I’m telling the truth!” he exclaims and proceeds to swear that he is telling the truth.

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Kru Bie immediately dashes away, wanting to tell her best friend.

She finds Tanyong in the hotel room, “Dr. Wee has a crush on someone!”

Tanyong says she already knows.

“You do?” Kru Bie asks, confused.

“I saw it with my own two eyes, it’s Dr. Neung,” Tanyong replies.

“It’s not Dr. Neung! He has a crush on Tanyong.”

Tanyong could only look at her friend in shock too.

Ah, but she encounters more disappointment. As she came to see her uncle, she finds Dr. Neung saying good night to him with a kiss. Although that made her jealous, Tanyong is more concerned about his reaction to her lies. She is afraid he woud be angry at her when he finds out that she has been fooling him.

That same night Dr. Wee thinks about the goodnight kiss from Dr. Neung, but what actually stuck to his mind was his niece’s recent behaviors, her sulky face and very adult like reactions. Win teases him that a woman came to see him all the way at the beach and all he can think about is his niece? He asks his friend point blank, “you haven’t forgotten about Khun Tanyong right?”

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Dr. Wee doesn’t answer.

“Even if you don’t answer, I already know. There are certain things that you can’t win over fate.” Nawin must be referring to her coma.

This comment seems to take it all depressing from there. Everyone is pushing Dr. Neung and Dr. Wee together, cheering them on, while Nong May/Tanyong watches on with irritation. Dr. Neung sprains her ankle, causing Dr. Wee to tend to her wounds, then ultimately decides to drive her home.

The breakfast before they leave for home, Win tells Kru Bie to forget about what he said earlier. People can change their minds. Oh, can they?

Tanyong seems to agree as well. Feeling disappointed and discouraged, she eventually tells her best friend that perhaps Dr. Wee used to like her, but his feelings now have changed.

You couldn’t blame her for thinking that, since Dr. Wee is having dinner with Dr. Neung and even kisses her forehead at the end of the night (although she was expecting it since she leaned in.) Dr. Wee may be the nicest guy, but he’s certainly leading her on. I get that maybe he’s leaving his options open, since well, since he crushes on a sleeping beauty, who is currently engaged with another man, and perhaps, he feels that they aren’t meant to be. Ah, but the heart can surely break at watching the emotional turmoil that Tanyong is going through.

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“I don’t want to be here anymore,” Tanyong cries to herself, in her quiet bedroom. “I want to be with my family. I need to get back to the real Tanyong.”

Even the whole house is depressed. Prang discovers that her husband has another family, betraying her. Her life is falling apart. Khun Pat is unable to eat normally, she’s tired and sick all of the time now (which we all know why..)

That night Tanyong waits up for Uncle Wee, at the same spot by the pool.

“Nong May, it’s good you’re not asleep yet,” he says, and makes his way towards her.

“You’re home late.”

“Were you waiting up for me?” he asks.

“Yes,” Tanyong replies.

“Can I sit with you?”

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 2.10.38 AM

She nods and gives him an uncertain look.

“If I did anything wrong, will you forgive me?” she questions.

He doesn’t say anything right away but finally, “you’ve brought his up with me a few times now..”

“It’s nothing,” she excuses, she doesn’t know how to open the conversation about her predicament. “I was just asking. It’s late now, I should go to bed.”

As she walks away, his voice makes her pause, “If you feel that you’ve done something wrong, you need to come clean with the truth. Do not lie or cover it up, got it?”

She turns her head towards him, “Yes, I got it now Uncle Wee.” She tears up and walks away.

On her bed she cries, “I’m sorry.. I don’t know what to do.”

But she finally does something. This recent turning of events propels her to decide that she will see her body once and for all. Her job is done as Nong May (her parents are in love and are expecting another child!) and she is ready to see the real Tanyong. Sad, but definitely a huge progression!

Behind the scenes of her turmoil, Dr. Pathawee has been doing a lot of thinking and researching. There are certain gnawing suspicions that he cannot ignore. He knows something strange has happened to his niece, and even researched the bizarre topic of another spirit residing in a body when the medical rationale doesn’t suffice . Also, Dr. Neung approaches him with a conversation she had with Piram- who wanted to try a different method, preferably sending Tanyong’s body to another hospital abroad. Dr. Neung advises him to talk to Tanyong’s parents, who would then need to take it up with Dr. Wee, since he’s running the hospital. Dr. Neung as a final note, had told Piram that Dr. Wee has been gathering data for an alternate method to help Tanyong. This recent discussion got Dr. Wee wondering why the sudden hastiness from Piram and Dr. Neung. Which also, propels him to take a little action on his suspicions.

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 2.10.47 AM

Tanyong finds an excuse to go to the hospital with Kru Bie. Upon entering the room, she sees her parents again, we are taken to a poignant scene where Nong May cries and hugs her parents. It is strange in the parents’ eyes, but they felt a connection with her.

And the moment of truth, Tanyong, in the form of Nong May, finally sees her sleeping body. She tries touching her hands to see if she could return. Then she tries calling out to Nong May’s soul to leave her body so she can enter. Nothing works.

Dr. Wee learns that Nong May is visiting the hospital. He wonders why she didn’t come to see him yet. He decides to pay his normal visit to Tanyong’s room, to give her the single orchid. Yet when he reaches her room, he finds his niece there, looking guilty.

Putting his test into action, he tells his assistant that he cannot be interrupted. Nong May sits on the couch watching her uncle work. He seems preoccupied and busy.

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 2.10.54 AM

“Can I go see Kru Bie?” she asks.

“Why, didn’t you come to see me?” Dr. Wee questions, his eyes still consumed in his pile of documents.

“But you’re busy and you don’t have time to talk to me.”

“What do you want to talk about?”

He peers at her and they have a stare off.

The secretary enters and asks what they’d like to drink. Dr. Wee asks Nong May if she prefers coffee or tea. OMG, does he know?

She wants tea, but the secretary recommends that cocoa might be better suited for her.

Then Dr. Wee asks Nong May if she would like to help him while he works? He asks her to do a quick research for his patient and save the document to a memory card for him. Something a 6 year old should not know how to do with efficiency. But she does and it just confirms things even more for him.

He allows her to go see Kru Bie, but she doesn’t know that he’s following her. He watches her kick Piram out of the room, leaving Dr. Wee with a cold, cold feeling.

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 2.11.05 AM

They are both quiet on their way home, both have other things on their minds. Tanyong is thinking about her conversation with her best friend. She still cannot offer Piram forgiveness and refuses to listen. Kru Bie ultimately says that she will respect the decision that Tanyong makes.

Dr. Wee and Tanyong’s relationship changes that day on. He doesn’t have dinner with the family, which makes her wonder if he’s avoiding her now. The story is turning sad, depressing and so, so serious. What I wouldn’t do to have more easy going banter, but we all know that this is necessary to take us to the next level. After all, Dr .Wee’s suspicions are coming to fruition, so how can he treat his niece, who is not his niece, the same anymore?

Ah, so sad. Yet, so compelling.