HSL just keeps getting better! Action packed, angsty and uber exciting. What an excellent ride through Monday’s episode.

Episode 10 Recap

Nay is irritated with her two new bodyguards. Not because they follow her everywhere or stand like statues, but they were simply not her bodyguard. Namely Rabin. She’s still fuming and muttering to herself that once she gets a hold of him, she will fire him. Aor kindly reminds her that Rabin had already quit, hah, which leaves Nay frowning once again. She ponders desperately to herself: where are you, Rabin?

She misses him.

Rabin could not stay too far away. He’s shacking up with Wichate, who is becoming the voice of reason. He tells Rabin that if he is unhappy about the whole ordeal (withdrawing himself from protecting her) why did he do it? Rabin is surprised that Wichate could read his mind, Wichate tells him it is time to move on. In which Rabin relents that it is the wrong feeling and he was raised, trained to be the ultimate soldier and gentleman. (Sacrificing hero?) Wichate mentions that he is not the type to give up so easily and asks him whether Nay knows the reason why he left.

Even Rabin doesn’t know why. He merely wanted to leave without doing further damage to his heart and her relationship. Rabin gets a flashback of their sweet scenes and the way it made him feel.

“Some feelings are better left in the dark,” he says.

Nay and Don visit their parents’ burial and decide to take their ashes with them. Nay feels that it is only right to keep it close. As they made their way to the tombstone, they notice their pictures plastered on the walls. Don’s father freaks out and says that the bad guys know who they are now. (He means they know that Don is Nay’s brother now.)

Her bodyguards are killed (unskilled idiots) so the group is on their own and they run to their car. But their tires are slashed. Don’s dad advises that they split up and meet up at the house later. But things are not looking good, Don and Nay hop into a cab but it looks like the cab driver is one of the bad guys. Ha, even in the midst of danger, Nay couldn’t help but play a video of Rabin on her phone. He was wearing an apron, cooking for her. They are so cute. Don catches her watching the video (and her drift) so he says that she should have someone to protect her at all times.

“Who, Don? Who will protect me now?” as she says this, she glances at her phone.

Don peers at it as well, but doesn’t say anything.

Meanwhile at the PM’s office, Tamrong scolds his son. He says that they could guess who is behind the latest debacle. If Rabin was around, this would not have happened. I couldn’t agree with you more, Tamrong! But no, Siwat is more concerned about his girlfriend falling for her bodyguard than her safety.

They receive a visit from Ponglert.

Something is up.

Don notices that the cab driver’s face doesn’t match his license on the dashboard. They tell him to pull over, but he doesn’t heed their orders and took them to a secluded building. Ittiharn and his minions are waiting for them there. He has plans to hold them hostage, while Ponglert negotiates with Siwat and Tamrong.

Luckily, Nay has a handgun with her.

Siwat refuses to negotiate. Tamrong reports the attempt to Officer Wichate.

Ponglert is taking his anger out on Chulongorn, telling her that her charms are withering. She talks back but gets manhandled and threatened. Maybe she will realize that she’s with the wrong group after all?

Back at the abandoned building, Nay is becoming a badass. The bad guys are chasing her with gunfire abound, but she tells Don that someone once told her that under pressure, she needs to remain calm. (I wonder who told her that..) So she turns the video app on her phone and uses it to see where the bad guys are. Once she locates him, she shoots and doesn’t miss. Don is impressed.

The game of cat chasing mouse continues. But Don is being a little reckless as he throws himself in there and fights the villains. It doesn’t look good for Don, I mean, he’s brave but is getting his face seriously pummeled.

In the final moment, Nay remembers her training with Rabin and his word of advice. With one bullet left, she aims and shoots. But the fear hits her and in tears, she wonders where Rabin is at. Does he know that she is afraid? She fears she may not survive, but most importantly, she fears that she will never see him again.

Rabin is always with her during her darkest hours. And he doesn’t disappoint this time around.

Entering with his black leather jacket, speed racing motorcycle, Rabin saves Don and tells him to take off first while he finds Nay. Hot!

Nay hears a roving motorcycle and gunshots, with the villains falling by the wayside one by one.

When she sees the man with the helmet still on, she recognizes his voice.

“Is that you, Rabin? Are you really here? Have you come to save me? You really wouldn’t allow me to die alone?”

He takes off his helmet.

It is the face she’s been thinking about since his disappearance.

Before he could finish saying “I’ve promised to protect you—“

She runs into his arms and held on for dear life.


Crying, Nay mutters thank you.

And together, they team up to shoot the bad guys.

When they were safe and he drops her off with Wichate, he speeds away with his hot motorcycle. Nay is left shouting hopelessly after him.

“Why did you have to leave me?” she mutters in disbelief.

Ah, Rabin is such a sucker for her. He’s now standing on the balcony, replying to her earlier question of ‘why did you have to leave me..’ he says, “I can’t tell you, because if I did-“

Wise Wichate finishes his sentence, “you would be hurt, am I right?”

Wichate asks him how many more times he would do this to himself. Following her and making sure she is safe without her knowing it. Wichate adds that if he continues on this way, he would waste so much of his time and life. Unless.. he loves her so deeply, he doesn’t want to forget.

Nay is feeling the same way. Wasting her time walking through his old room, thinking about him because it is so hard to forget.

Kwan decides to give Nay a brief word of advice. Is she drinking the same Kool-Aid as Wichate? Heeh. Wisely, she tells Nay that Rabin has changed their lives so much. She acknowledges that Rabin is a good person, kind, and a gentleman. She asks how Nay feels about Rabin.

Nay ponders this question outside. Digging deep within her heart. She recalls the times where she treats Rabin like he is more than a bodyguard to her: feeding him water, how much he has taken care of her outside of his job responsibilities. Clearly she knows that he has brightened everything up for her and for the people around her. Before she could ponder further, Siwat pays her a visit.

He tries to hold her hands, but she steps away. (Muahahaha.)

He tells her that he was worried about her- but she disregard it with- oh you had to work. Siwat skips over her comment and says that it’s a good thing someone came to help. Nay chimed in and gave credit to Rabin.

“Where is he, I’d like to thank him..”

“He quit. You did know that, didn’t you?” she continues, “it must be a coincidence, him helping me..” No it wasn’t! He was stalking you because he worries about you.

They are standing distance apart, looking at each other with solemn expression. Siwat is regretful, but Nay is not having it anymore. She tells him that she understands everything now, his responsibilities etc. The gap stretches even wider in their relationship.

I love this scene, because even though Nay doesn’t admit to how she feels about Rabin, but her actions towards her boyfriend speaks for itself. In her darkest hours, in any of her hardships, Siwat has never been there for her.

Siwat catches this drift. When he made it home, he tells his father that Nay is not the same anymore. She has changed. His father told him to do nothing; he has so many other choices ahead of him. But Siwat says that he can never stray from Nay. Tamrong advises Siwat to follow the path he created for him, he would be less disappointed.

Ponglert is scolding his son yet again about his recent debacle. But Ponglert is determined to show them and take his power back. He would rather die than to sit in jail.. so I guess we can already foresee his demise?

Really, Nay could not stay away. She made her bodyguard take her to Wichate’s house, where Rabin is currently staying at. She barges into the home to find Rabin, calling his name and searching for him. Wichate looks all nervous, obviously guilty.

“Please tell me, where is Rabin?” Nay asks Wichate.

But Wichate can only tell her that when Rabin goes anywhere, he doesn’t let anyone know. Admonishing that she won’t find him there, Nay decides to go to her brother’s condo.

Wichate finds Rabin sitting outside the house, under a pergola. He asks Rabin how much more he needs to lie to Nay. “Clearly her being here should tell you how she feels about you.” Ditto, Wichate.

But Rabin is still playing his noble card. He thinks he is doing the right thing by staying away. Even though it’s killing them both.

At Don’s condo, the gang packed their bags to go with Nay. It’s going to be extra cozy at Kwan’s house!

Nay has it pretty bad for her bodyguard. She’s hearing his voice singing to her, thinking about him all the time.

Even her younger brother thought to offer a word of advice about love and Rabin.

“I know what your eyes are telling me,” Don says.

“Am I so wrong?” Nay asks him.

He tells her that he once read a book that said a person’s heart can endure any conditions in life (hot and cold) but the person who owns that heart, doesn’t understand its true feelings.

“That could be true. Because I don’t even know when I became like this.” She pauses, “I’ve already agreed to marry P’Siwat.”

“But you haven’t married him yet,” Don says. He then indicates that she still has time because she hasn’t committed a union between the body and mind yet. (Hm.. ok, I’m not going to make a comment on that.) Don advises that when it comes to matters of the heart, she needed to follow her heart.

Rabin made his way back to his farm home, reminiscing how it was created, the onset ideals and how much things have changed since then. And we are reminded of the subplot of Gong’s disappearance, that has yet to be unveiled.

In the capital, it’s awkward between Nay and Siwat. She doesn’t seem to mind at all anymore that Tee is overtly taking over. Siwat stops her by the door and asks what she has been asking his father. Before she could respond however, Tamrong answers for her, he told Siwat that Nay wanted Rabin’s home address. Nay becomes slightly indignant but Tamrong felt it is something Siwat ought to know – even though we know full well Tamrong is trying to break them up.

Angry, Siwat says to Nay, “it’s not necessary to search for him to this extent. He’s just an employee!”

“But he has saved my life many times, and I’ve never considered him as a mere employee.”

“Not a mere employee? Then what do you see him as?”

Nay couldn’t answer the question.

Meanwhile, Aor is getting more work through Ittiharn’s firm. She told Don that she must work outside of the city for a bit to do some modeling. Don objects but Aor is persistent and was able to convince him that she could go alone. Golly, only bad things could come of this!

Rabin is cleaning his farm house, preparing his move in, it is where he has decided to start his new life.

There are some shifting responsibilities within the party. Ponglert has been rescinded from his position due to multiple cases against him. Ponglert is furious and Chulongorn is afraid she might go to jail. They all cannot flee the country. Ittiharn is mistreating Chulongorn and she finally realizes that Ponglert will not be on her side anymore. He tells her that they are on their own.

Nay is found sitting at her desk at work, scribing a letter. She recalls a moment ago where she asks Tamrong and the former PM about Rabin’s home address. Nay is determined to find him, no matter what it takes. Even if she’s lying to Tamrong that she wants to know the true reason why Rabin left- we all know that she’s following her heart- she wants to know that he left because he loves her. Well, that’s what I think anyway! The former PM says that he will have one of his employees track Rabin for her. It’s Phetburi, how hard could it be?

Nay receives a packaged delivery.. but we won’t know the contents of it until the next episode! Do stay tune!


I like how Nay is the one chasing after Rabin- and that no matter how much he tries to stay away, he can’t help but be there for her when she needs him. Their chemistry is so en pointe and Rabin is so hot in a motorcycle.

Siwat knows that Nay is slipping through his fingers, but besides being underhanded, he is still not tough enough to change her mind or fight for her. He will do whatever his daddy tells him. This episode served to show how Nay has changed and discovering where her heart lies.

I find it funny that everyone is giving her advice about following her heart, even her younger brother! The bad guys are the usual cardboard box villains, they are crazy about power and will do everything to regain it or revenge for it. Nothing to cry home about (plot wise) but I am satisfied with the unfolding of the love story (s).

One other character I adore is Wichate. He knows exactly what he wants and he goes after it. He’s not the conflicted hero type or the weak passive aggressive type, but he’s the “I have my eyes set on you and you will be mine! It’s just a matter of time and I am patient!” He sets his cap on Kwan and pursues her with integrity and heart. Kwan is attracted not only to his badge, but his steely, calm personality. Their affection and bond is believable. He’s not threatened by the fact that Rabin was the force that brought Kwan out of her shell (unlike some man we know) but he recognizes that it is a team effort to bring someone out of a living nightmare. I want more of their scenes together. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s tall. I love tall men too, but I digress.