I love this episode for many reasons, but most importantly, it is a step in the right direction, moving us progressively towards the climax. We have character arches for three of our romantic stories and most fascinatingly, Rabin and Nay’s relationship. Rabin finally accepts that his feelings for Nay are more than how a bodyguard feels for his boss. It’s exactly what I was hoping for! Not to mention, Nay is finally confronting Ponglert about his illegal work and this will force the bad guys to do something, and quick before their past bites them in the ass.

Ep 8 Recap

Kwan and Wichate stand in the garden shade, and Kwan tells the officer that ever since Rabin came to live with them, things are slowly changing for the better. Wichate says that she would also brighten up even more if she enters into the society. Although Kwan aspires to do so, she is afraid. She is terrified of what could happen to her family again. Wichate promises to protect and be there for her family, if she would allow him. Kwan shyly agrees as she turns away.

Night falls and in Don’s condo, he is still hurting from the last run in with the bad guys. This is affecting his many part time jobs so he fears they will struggle to pay for his education. Especially now that their dad is here, he couldn’t work so openly. Aor chimes in that she could help and he could distract their father, but Don adamantly declines her help, he feels bad enough as it is when he allowed her to work last time, he had promised their father that he would take care of her. Sexist much? [I find it interesting that Aor (representing females) finds a job where she is using her beauty for money. Is this indicative of the best way a girl can earn a living without an education in Thailand?]

Anyway, as they chatter, Siwat and Tee appears on the television where the media asks them of their relationship status. Siwat answers the way any celebrity would: I want to focus on my work. While Tee tells everyone that she’s a female, she “couldn’t” possibly reply to the question, but instead, she would shamelessly hang on to his arm and let her action speak for itself.

Kwan is braver by the minute as she tells Nay that she didn’t like the way Tee is openly seizing Siwat. Nay says that she’s thinking too much, it couldn’t be possible. I don’t know if Nay is trying to comfort her friend or lie to herself, because we know Tee is coming on to her man. Nay gets a call from Siwat and is comforted that he cared enough about her sensibilities to call and explain the news. He says that the match is merely a promotional stunt and that he wants to marry Nay. Just as he finishes his sentence, he gets a phone call from Tee on his other phone. He fibs that it is just a friend calling and he could call him back. Should have told her the truth buddy, because Tee decides to call Nay instead and told her that Siwat wouldn’t pick up her calls. So Nay turns around and calls Siwat to talk to Tee!

With tears swimming in her eyes, Nay hangs up. Rabin peers from the corner and asks her if he could help her unload any hardships. He hands her a cup of hot tea (this man knows the way to a woman’s heart!)

“You can read my mind,” Nay says after a sip of the hot tea.

“(I’m) at your service,” Rabin replies.

“You must have heard my phone call with P’Siwat.”

Rabin puts his hands in his pocket and says, “Before two people are able to marry, they tend to encounter many obstacles.”

Nay’s tears are threatening to fall.

“And after they marry, there will be other problems,” he continues.

“No need to console me, P’Siwat lied to me.”

“Nobody wants to lie to the person they love,” Rabin said, “but there are times it is necessary, in order to make the person happy.”

“Do you think P’Siwat feels this way?” Nay asked.

“I would be the wrong person to ask, I’m not Khun Siwat’s girlfriend.”

A flashback of Siwat and Nay’s moments together in Europe appears before our eyes with Rabin’s voice in the background.

“You are the one, actually, who loves Khun Siwat. You know the true essence of Khun Siwat.”

Ah, so sweet. Siwat and Nay are so compatible as their sweet scenes show how much they are or used to be in love with each other.

Another shot of Nay and Siwat sitting on a bench in Paris. Nay sees an older couple walking by and asks Siwat that if they get to that age, would they present a concerned-about-each-other image like that? He grasps her hand and kisses her knuckles. He tells her that he will love her until his last breath. But that doesn’t seem to give her true confidence, she says to him that he is a guy who has everything so it is only natural that other girls would want him. Especially when they return to Thailand and he’s the Prime Minister, how could she trust him? Siwat consoles her with, “I’ve chosen my mate. No matter if I encounter other women, they would only be acquaintances, not my lover, like you. I promise that we will be very happy together.”

Sometimes she just needed a reminder that she is loved. But how strong can a memory of a promise hold up against a reality that is slapping you in the face?

Nay tells Rabin that she needs to be stronger than this, as the tears roll down her face. Rabin agrees because there are many more obstacles she will face with Siwat to reach that old age. He looks away but Nay keeps her eyes on him.

“What is it? Why are you looking at me?”

Her face crumbles as she tries to control herself, “if I don’t have you, at this rate, I don’t know what my life would be like.”

She turns away so he doesn’t see her sobbing.

Rabin is torn, he feels badly about her situation. He steps closer and touches her shoulder. Nay turns at his touch and wraps her arms around him, because more than anything, she needed a shoulder to cry on.

What a sweet scene.

The next morning Siwat brings Nay to a meeting with his father. Nay is reluctant but Siwat tells her it is time that he fulfills his end of the bargain. Rabin will wait for them outside and wishes them the best of luck.

In Tamrong’s office, he doesn’t agree to make their relationship known to the public yet. He reminds Nay of their biggest goal and that they are not yet there. Since they are half way there, he is still striving for the public to see the strength and validity of their party. Siwat objects and is frustrated by Tee’s involvement in this. Tamrong says that she is only helping their efforts because she’s related to the former Prime Minister who supports their party. Siwat asks if he and Nay could legalize their marriage quietly. His father tells him that he is being watched like a hawk, that will definitely not go unnoticed. Tamrong tells Nay to hold on a bit longer. Nay steels herself and agrees.

In the hallway, Chulongorn came to see Tamrong and notices Rabin waiting outside. She comes on to him but Rabin declines her and that he couldn’t possibly offer any benefits to her, lol. Chulongorn is still working on Tamrong, but it doesn’t work this time as he declines Ponglert’s offer, which pissed Ponglert off and he is determined to show Tamrong!

Aor is able to convince Don to let her work an event at Central World by means of being calm, cute and rational. She tells him that one of them needed to find funds to pay for his finals and since he couldn’t work, she needed to help out. Don relents but isn’t happy with it. Which in this case, his concern is a good thing because Ittiharn happens to notice her and remembers her face. He decides to keep his eyes on her because she will take him to someone he’s been looking for.

Meanwhile Siwat is doing the all-important role of being a Prime Minister. But staying away from Tee is deeming nearly impossible because she’s sneaking into his office (and just because she’s related to the former PM, that doesn’t mean she has the clearance and right to hide in his office!) Craziness. I liked it how he seems so annoyed by her, at least he’s not succumbing to her “charms.” But unfortunately, he can’t seem to say no to her.

And the small dinner party commences! Nay had invited her brother and his family to join them for dinner. In which, I’d like to borrow the recipe book that Rabin is using. Even following a recipe to the tee, I can’t seem to conjure such yummy meals the way he did! Skills indeed! Rabin apparently made the whole dinner himself.

After dinner, everyone sat around to sip on tea and to reminisce about the bad time, and that soon, they will see the light. Wichate walks in just in time to see Kwan crying, he didn’t like to see her tears. I find that so cute!

Nay and Don are outside and Don tells his sister that Kwan’s family has experienced a worst fate than their family. He feels badly for them and wonders what they could do next. Nay says that the best way is to create a happier and better future for them. She is certain that their parents are watching over them and are helping them overcome this together.

Wichate helps Kwan with the dishes. Before she leaves he stops her to wipe a smudge off her face. Hah, so many love interests abound!

Next we have Don and Aor- where their brother-sister affection is steering into something much deeper.

Aor had been staying up to wait for Don- he was chatting with his sister. Nay tried to give him money and fulfill her older sister role by providing for him. But Don has grown up now and can find his own money, so he declines her help. This frustrates her to no end because she feels bad enough as it is that he grew up with little means. As Aor and Don stand at the balcony, with the stars twinkling above, Aor tells Don that she gets Nay. It is because Nay worries about him, the way she worries about him. Don turns to look at her as she continues, “I hope you won’t decline my concern for you,” and she hands him her money. Lol, Don has girls offering him money left and right. He let’s out her name mixed with frustration and a growl, “Aor…” But Aor doesn’t take no for an answer, she said that they’ve made an agreement already. It’s cute how he succumbs to her than his older sister. Before she leaves him to himself, Aor says that she loves him and is concerned about him.

Back to our main couple, who is getting cuter and cuter by the minute. In a coffeeshop, Rabin tries to cheer Nay up with some cold beverages. He thinks she is still fuming about Don’s rejection of her money. Rabin tells her that Don has survived without her for so long, he’s grown up now, she can’t treat him like a bird in a cage. Nay says that she is not mad at Don, she is mad at him!

“You’re my people, why are you on Don’s side?!” Lol how cute.

Rabin tells her to quiet down, everyone would hear them.

But she repeats it again, saying that he’s her people and that he needed to be on her side. This causes Rabin to generalize that all woman are like this when they’re angry: they get pouty and emotional. Especially for her, he added, she is like the witch in a folktale, unforgiven. This pisses Nay off and she smacks his arm. This shows us that she is comfortable around Rabin and can show him all sorts of emotions: playful, teasing, happy, angry. Which is entirely different when she is around Siwat, she dared not show him the angry side of her. So essentially, she cannot be herself around him. Rabin makes note of this quickly, “have you ever hit Khun Siwat like this before?” Pouty, she walks to the window with her arms folded across her chest.

She does exactly what he had said earlier so he takes his cell phone out and prepares to send the image to Siwat. She warns him if he’s quick witted like that, she will smack him again, lol. He brings out the bad side of her!

But the fun part is soon over when they get into their car and someone throws a bag of blood against their windshield. Rabin instructs for her to stay in the car as he chased after the culprit. Gunfire is exchanged, but they were able to get away. Nay knows exactly who is responsible for that. Handy to have one enemy!

With Uncle Gan’s compilation of Ponglert’s many discrepancies, Nay takes all of the paperwork and evidences to Tamrong. They use this to confront Ponglert, who says that he will prove his innocence. Siwat is afraid of her safety. Ponglert gives Siwat a frightening call, warning him of his naiveté. Siwat says that he loves his country and will stop anyone who will do it harm. Ponglert tells him that he will soon change his mind when he sees the results of his “good” intentions. Finally we get a turning point, the war is on!

Nay asks Rabin for his motivation and support for the trials that they will face. Rabin assures her that he is here to protect her, little did he know that he is already in too deep. When she invites him to lunch with her and Siwat, and even though he finally agrees after she cajoles him, he couldn’t shake his somber feeling. While they were eating, Nay notices his serious face and asks if everything is alright. If I were Siwat, I would be concerned, heeh, this employer is taking notice of every one of her bodyguard’s nuances! He tells her that he feels like a third hand, because he wanted Siwat and Nay to have some alone time. Siwat says that even if he let Rabin sit at a different table, Nay wouldn’t allow it.

The boys have a moment alone and Siwat tells Rabin that he loves Nay very much. Rabin couldn’t help but compliment Nay too, he said that she’s smart, capable and has a good heart. And he can’t stop smiling when he talks about her! Siwat adds that anyone who is around her, couldn’t help but love her. Rabin disagrees, he says that even if that is so, Nay wouldn’t return the feeling because he feels that Nay could not love anyone else besides Siwat. It makes me wonder if Rabin realizes how he feels about Nay or if he just doesn’t let himself feel anymore? The funny thing about feelings.. they cannot be controlled!

Anyway, Nay and Siwat part because Siwat needed to attend an event with Tee. It is funny how Nay is totally alright with it, she keeps telling him that she understands. Siwat is feeling a bit put out that she’s so understanding. Hah. Siwat tries to hold her hand but they were in public, he tells her that he will be with her on her birthday. Nay is happy enough that he remembers.

Back to Aor and Don, they are so cute. She was picking up her paycheck from the last event and Don was waiting. He teases her that he has been waiting for so long. She apologizes but realizes that he was only teasing her. Don tells her that the day he doesn’t want to wait for her, is the day he no longer loves her. Aor blushes at his words. Ittiharn was spying on them but is waiting for a better opportunity to get even with them.

Rabin takes Nay to her happy place, a quiet park where she is able to collect her thoughts. Nay presents him with a new phone, she notices that his old one could no longer take pictures. Isn’t it interesting how she notices everything about him and vice versa?! How romantic! Rabin is excited about the phone so he immediately went to work in opening the box. Nay comes up behind him and just as she leans down to ask him and he turns to respond, they come to about an inch of each other’s lips! Wah! Allow me to fangirl!

Nay pulls away awkwardly. We see Nay taking a picture of Rabin with the new phone and Rabin’s voice narrating: is it too much if I feel such good feelings towards you?

Then we hear Nay’s voice narrating: thank you Rabin, for making me smile. It’s strange that when I am around you, I feel so happy and I can’t explain why.

Awe! Gosh they just make me smile every time they’re together! And a step to the perfect direction, they both are realizing that they have feelings for each other.

That same night, Rabin is browsing through the pictures they took that day. He’s smiling from ear to ear but then the smile fades when he sees a picture of his late girlfriend. He recalls an older memory of her, a time where he asks her to live with him in his home and grow old with him. It was a time he too was very happy and does that make him guilty for having that same feeling with someone else? It’s a natural conflict, he told her that he loves only her and that will never change. Even in his flashback, we see Aim telling him that there are no guarantees in life. And that she would understand and be happy with any decision he makes because she wants to see him happy. He tells her that there is nothing that can change the way he feels about her. Aim begs to differ; she says that death can do that.

Alas that is true as we see Rabin in present time, aching for the loss and perhaps realizing that it is ok to move on. He smiles and admits it out loud, “Aim, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

And that my friends, is the most realistic, poignant part of this episode. Por you got me there!!

The bad guys are pressuring each other and turning on each other. Ponglert says to his lover, Chulongorn to not face him when her duty isn’t done- she needed to sway Tamrong with her bedroom finesse. Ittiharn appears and bitches at her in front of his father, insulting her. He tells her that she can’t backstab them because they are tough tigers. Ponglert makes her continue her charade with Tamrong, while Chulongorn stared daggers at Ittiharn.

And that my friends, is the end of episode 8!

I adore the analogies in this episode and especially, the feelings that have been slowly simmering between the boss and his bodyguard. For a while now, we see what they don’t see: the chemistry. But they start to notice each other more, even know too much about what the other thinks/wants, to the point of expressing their feelings for each other: teasing, hitting, pouting. They go on like this until a moment where they reach a point of no return. Rabin realizes that he can love another and apologizes to his dead girlfriend. Nay soon realizes that she is way too comfortable and can be her true self with her bodyguard- she couldn’t do the same when she is with her fiancé!

The pairing of Wichate and Kwan is also moving along, Kwan is noticing odd feelings for the cop and the cop hates seeing her cry. As for Aor and Don, well, they are always too cute, but finally admitting that they deeply cared and loved each other.

Fast paced and filled with good stuff!