Sometimes it doesn’t require one to watch an entire drama before enjoying aspects of it. I’m not following Buang, and I’m not sure if you are, but I was perusing Youtube and noticed some Khun Nu and Pat cuts in Buang and couldn’t resist pressing play. Heck, since I don’t have to spend hours watching Buang, why not watch clips of the secondary characters? They seem to be much more interesting anyway.

You may be familiar with Pope Thanawat from Tawan Duerd where he stole the hearts of many female fans as the rough around the edges but sweet Nai Singh, or from Game Rai Game Rak as Dr. Wattana, the relentlessly hopeless romantic. In Buang however, he plays the “playboy” and cunning character, Khun Nu. At least we cannot say that Pope attempts the same characters over and over again (much to chagrin of many actors who do.) Someone once said- this may have came from the context of many historical romance novels I read as a young adolescent- playboys (or rakes for that matter) make the best husbands. Do you agree?

Whatever the case may be, Khun Nu is indeed the flirt but he falls for a lesser attractive of the types he typically goes after. At first he couldn’t believe he would find someone who is old fashioned in every way shape or form attractive, so he teases her and taunts her- maybe to convince himself that the feelings weren’t true. Yet as they work closer together, he finds her inconveniently appealing. She (Pat) on the other hand despises playboys. But you know, you gotta be careful with who you hate, because there’s an old saying that you tend to stumble upon them. And such is the case with Pat.

Here is one of my favorite scenes of them, where Khun Nu tells his secretary that Pat is his girlfriend. Pat gets flustered and angry so she rushes out of the building. Khun Nu follows her outside and tries to stop her from leaving.

He asked her what is the matter with her since they were speaking on good terms earlier. Pat immediately gets riled up and told him that he was mean, full of himself and that he toys with female’s feelings (meaning hers!) So Nu assumes that she was mad because he said she was his girlfriend. He then proceeds to explain to her that his comment was true.. she is his girlfriend. Pat shook her head and brought up Umpah (the main girl) then catches herself from getting jealous (as she sees Nu smiling) and tells him that she must quit her job (she was working for him.) Pat then lashes at him that he’s cunning, selfish etc and tries to walk away.

Khun Nu stops her and asks if he was the only person who could make her lose it like that (how cute!)

She turns around, “Yes! In fact lately I’ve gone through a lot of mood swings- first I’m in a good mood, then I’m angry, then I’m crying.”

“There were tears too?” Khun Nu asked as he leans down to look her in the eyes. “When, where, and were there a lot?” He smiles.

She gets angrier, “you crazy man! I don’t want to see your face again. Goodbye,” and she turns around and walks away.

Khun Nu stops her in her tracks and pulls her into his arms.

He tells her, “the one thing in this world that can make a person go from being in a good mood to being angry to crying.. is love. The one person whom we cannot go without seeing.. that is the person whom we love.”

“Let me go,” she said softly.

“I want to see a serious and proper person like you lose your composure. Because it is something that no one has ever done to you. But I’ve done that. That means that I’m important to you, right?”

She looks away from him.

“From now on, whether you are in a good mood, or angry or crying because of me, you’ve already done that before.”

She looked at him, confused. “What are you trying to tell me?”

“I’m telling you that me and Khun Pah are not an item. What you saw was a misunderstanding.”

“What? Ok, you can let me go now.”

“If you want me to let you go, do you believe me now?”

Pat nods her head.

They look into each other’s eyes, and you can’t help but appreciate Pope’s very adorable smile.

I especially love when he confesses to her that “awhile back I tried to convince myself that you weren’t pretty, that you weren’t good enough.. but the person who is not good enough isn’t you, it’s me. I’m the one who is not good enough for you. I’ve done it all, been to parties, be with girls.. now that I’ve met such a good woman who is sweet and kind, it makes me want to stop (being bad.) It makes me want to be a better person, a good person for you.” And he seals it with a kiss.

Being a sweet, tender fellow really suits him. Makes me feel sad that he’s not going to be the main (sweet) guy to Janie T. in Raeng Ngao. Although I don’t know what the pair of Pope-Janie would look like, but I do fathom that Pope would portray a better tender pra’ek than Ken Phupoom. Ah well, at least it will free up Pope’s time to play non remake lakorns, heeh.

If you are not currently following Buang, I would recommend at least watching the two clips below!