Have you ever dreamed of being born a swan? In Thailand, being born a swan means having security, wealth, the grand surname and large white castles- very much akin to being a princess. It is something that cannot be given to you.

Behind the large metal rod gates of “Kerd Pen Hong,” our nang’ek and royal blood Ying Krittiya (Kwan Usamanee) prepares for her engagement ceremony as her maid clips a swan pin to her lapels.

In the grand living room, her family and the groom’s party awaits for her entry. As she descends the stairs, everyone stares in awe at the innocent, pink beauty before them.

Yet unbeknownst to Ying, it will be the last time she can claim to be truly ignorant of her stature.

Because her father is in serious financial straits. He can’t piece a penny together to save his life. During the engagement ceremony, as she slides the ring onto her groom’s ring finger, a man’s voice forced her to stop.

It was her father’s rich business partner who was here to ruin everything.

The engagement between her and her fiancé was a love match. She was happy to be his future wife, even if his mother gave them the blessing due to her royal blood. Unfortunately when she learned that Ying’s family was destitute, the older woman pulled back and pronounced that their engagement was over.

Shocked, hurt.. Ying felt the events happening before her as a surreal dream.

What’s the most important thing to a swan? Her honor. She will not allow someone to disrespect her family. And so she rescinds the engagement herself. Amidst all of this, her fiancé did not fight for her; he could not go against his mother’s wishes.

Meanwhile, Tiow (Tle Tanapal) enters the scene at a sugarcane factory. He is part owner but receives no respect from the workers as they side with the “big boss,” the person with the most shareholding.

There was a case of foul play with the latest production of sugarcane and Tiow was determined to deliver the new batches himself. The other workers however, despised him and claimed he had no say. A fight ensues as Tiow and his one cohort goes against four workers.

Tiow kicked some butts and was finally able to obtain the keys to the sugarcane truck but the evil worker pulls out a gun and cocks it.

Before he was able to shoot, the Big Boss appears and apologizes to Tiow on his workers behalf. Tiow does not look convinced but relents and prepares to drive the sugarcane truck.

Little did Tiow know that they will not allow him to deliver the goods on time.

Distraught from her failed nuptials, Ying cries silently alone. Her parents on the other hand, fought over how they were going to fix things. Her father was determined to sell the castle yet her mother refused. We soon find out that she had taken a large loan (potentially risking the castle and their honor) due to her gambling ways. We also soon learned that their marriage was not what it’s claimed to be, her father loved the children and hides how he really feels about his wife from them.

Ying decides that she needed to clear her head and takes a drive around. In her red-tagged white convertible BMW, she cruises through the deserted roads without paying attention to the road.

Tiow was currently driving the sugarcane truck to deliver the goods when he had to come to a screeching halt because some dumb-dumb wasn’t watching where she was going. And she dared to flee the scene.

He notices a large truck pursuing him and quickly steps on the accelerator. It wasn’t a friendly pursuant, they were out for blood. As his truck slams to a break almost hitting a motorcycle, he decided to take the motorcycle and pursue them.

Chasing their tail, he comes to a stop and aims his gun at the truck. Unfortunately that same white BMW comes into his vision and forced him to lose their tail.

Damn it all, it was the same dumb-dumb.

He runs towards her car to make sure she wasn’t dead. When she sees standing before her door however, she screamed bloody murder and thought he intended to rape her. He did have a gun.

Ignoring her outlandish accusations, he made his way back to his motorcycle.

Ying was alone on the dirt road with a broken car. As much as the crazy mad man scares her, he might be able to help her. After pleading with him however, he heartlessly drove away.

Much to her surprise however, her former fiancé shows up and tells her that he still cares about her, that he still loves her. He was also holding her close too. She breaks away and tells him that since they were no longer an item, they could not act this way.

It wasn’t soon enough before Tiow decided he wasn’t a bad guy after all and comes to her rescue. Before he could play hero however, he finds her in the arms of another man.

Ying tells her former fiancé that they needed to get back to the castle. Once there, he tries to wo0 her back but Ying tells him that she doesn’t want people to think that she married him for his money. He on the other hand, promised her that he will go against his mother’s wishes. Yeah right…

When Tiow returns to the factory, he gets taunted by the workers. They were trying to provoke him into selling his portion of the company to the big boss. Tiow wasn’t having any of it though. He gets a flash back about the time the customer discovered that the sugarcane were in poor quality. The big boss and his minions blamed it on him. From now on, he was determined to create only quality products.

We soon learn however that there were more bad blood between Tiow and the big boss than mere sugarcane quality. Apparently the big boss was after the company (trying to take sole ownership) to the extent of marrying his sisters. Now he only had Tiow’s additional shares in order to fully rule the company. Tiow believes that the big boss was responsible for his parents’ death.

Things for Tiow is only about to get worst.

When he got home his girlfriend was waiting for him, and pouting that he is taking his sweet time to ask for her hand in marriage. Tiow coaxed her that he will talk to her family tomorrow.

Unfortunately when tomorrow came, he discovered that his girlfriend had been sleeping with the big boss. She has signed up to be his third wife (although the big boss did promise that she will be number one..)

Devastated, Tiow vacates the premises but couldn’t stop thinking about their sweet moments together. This fueled Tiow to promise that he will reveal the big boss’ true colors. He wanted everyone to know what this man was capable of.

The following day, Ying’s father will be flying to England to ask for his friend’s help. He hopes that this will fix their financial woes. In the meantime, her mom has put together a birthday party for Ying as a means to find her a new potential groom- although Ying doesn’t know this. Why she is throwing a party and wasting money while they are struggling is beyond me. Even her older brother was against it. But they are all still moving forward with it.

So she says goodbye to her father as he makes his way to the airport.

What’s even more outrageous is that the big boss also wants to sign up to be her potential groom. Apparently three “wives” were not enough. He wanted them to serve him while Ying can be his real wife, due to her status and name. I swear, this man is relentlessly disgusting, especially his 80’s porn mustache.

His older sister feels bad for his actions and that she has to keep making up for them, she invites Tiow to the party too. She thinks he should start looking for a soul mate again. (Even though he just got dumped by his slutty girlfriend!)

He declines the invite as he recognized the face of the birthday girl. Yet the big boss’ sister said that she will see him at the party.

So will he go? What will Ying do to protect her family’s honor? The second episode preview indicated that her father will die, that she ends up in the midst of the antagonism between the big boss and Tiow. We also have some forced kisses! Will you tune in?

As for me, I’m not sure if this is my cup of tea. The pr’ek looks like he eats nails for breakfast, and I don’t fault his disposition because you know, he keeps getting screwed by the big boss. I’ve never seen Tle’s lakorn before, and to be honest, I’m not too crazy about him in this lakorn. I thought Kwan was lovely but that her character probably needs to be warmed up to. She appears proud and strong now but down the road, what will a princess do to keep her castle? I hope the answer is not anything as I would hate to see her agreeing to marry the nasty big boss.

Yeah, so I’m not sure if I will continue to recap or watch this. If anything I just want to see how the love story between Tiow and Ying unfolds, seems to be a lot of slap and kisses. Maybe you can keep me posted?

Dung Duang Haruthai on the other hand, is extremely interesting and currently inspiring dreams and thoughts of medieval times. The wardrobe is fabulous, Weir is just dreamy and Kwan is breathtaking. I think I’m going to keep watching DDH!

** screen shots from Asianfuse (it really does saves a lot of time when I don’t have to take screenshots!)