In between the corny and awful sound effects, the lame, useless undercover cops and the uninspiring characters, Meur Prap Por Look Orn is a migraine inducing lakorn in the making. From what I’ve gathered, in 48 minutes time, Num plays a failed undercover cop and he runs headlong into a conflict with our heroine who raises three of her niece/nephew. You can read LG’s heads up for a better idea of the plot, as I’m too annoyed by yet another lame lakorn to delve deeply into it. Aside from that, Vicky is gorgeous, Num is alright, and the rest of the cast is just bleh.

Therefore I’m just going to stick to MLP for the time being, if a lakorn appears corny at first glance, it usually always is. So has anyone else seen this lakorn yet? Thoughts?